gift to your beloved On the eve of holidays, stores thrive! Because people, rushing headlong from the store to the store and buying everything from what can be presented as a gift. We are looking for, choosing and buying gifts for parents and children, friends and colleagues and, of course, for loved ones. Well, if you are financially independent and wealthy lady and you can give a man an expensive or not very expensive, but a long-cherished thing for him. And if you and your beloved are still studying and do not have a decent income of your own? And if you belong to a large army of honeymooners, the lion's share of their money for a rented apartment, or for young parents whose finances are magically transformed into packages of diapers, and cans and boxes with baby food? Then you have a decent and cost-effective way out - to make a present to your beloved. However, even if your wallet does not become poor from the purchase of a gift, it's worth making an original gift to a man with your own hands. Any man is sentimental and vain, regardless of age and social status. And an exclusive gift, made personally for him, will be accepted with gratitude and sincere admiration. So make your beloved happy, giving him the opportunity to feel unique and worthy of a personal gift. And what exactly can be done as a gift to a man with our own hands, we will try to find out.

We sew and knit

So, you know how and love to knit or sew. Well, you and the cards in hand. First about knitting. If your mastery in this kind of needlework has reached known tops, then swing a full-fledged pullover, cardigan, sweater or at least a waistcoat. Patterns and schemes of these fashionable items of the men's wardrobe are now abundantly represented not only in special magazines, but also in the network. But keep in mind that looking such a thing should be flawless. If such creations are not yet on your shoulder, then tie gauntlets, gloves or socks. And the simplest is a scarf. Scarf (classic or original) is a win-win option, besides any master can cope with it. With sewing, of course, it is more complicated: shirts, trousers and izhe with them are easier to buy than sewn by yourself. But there are things that can still be sewn as a gift to a man. That's for sure, your loved one loves after a busy day's work to occupy the sofa and selflessly indulge in communication with the TV. In this case, sew a pillow - exclusive, personal and original. You can make a full pillow or just a pillowcase or even an old sofa cushion to change beyond recognition. Use for this purpose the popular patchwork technique or embroider its name on the pillow - and here is the original and heartfelt gift ready. And you can sew leather case for phone, silk muffler, massage (croup filled) cushion on the seat in the car - fantasize. gift to your beloved ones

Master of paper

It would seem that it is difficult to call a paper suitablematerial for making gifts. However, here you can think of something. Have you been giving your favorite cards for a long time? Even if not so long ago, another holiday is a wonderful occasion to give a postcard made by oneself. The paper is a grateful material, and if you know the techniques of paper-plastic and are familiar with card-making, you can make your man an original gift in the form of a greeting card. In addition, no matter how beautiful the appearance of the postcard, the main thing is what magic words are written inside it. Another non-trivial idea of ​​using paper for a gift to a loved one is the technique of facing. Namely - topiary-suspension from the category of jewelry for the car interior. There are few drivers who would not have tried for glory in the design of the interior of their own car. And the most common decoration - suspension on the mirror at the windshield. Using the technique of cutting, you can make a paper ball-fuzzy in the form of a flower bouquet or a soccer ball, a heart pendant or any three-dimensional shape. The figure can be cut out of the cardboard, but the volume is given to it with the help of the mentioned technique.


Materials for miniature sculpture is not soa lot of. The most common salted dough, cold porcelain and plastic. The first two masses for modeling are made by the craftsmen on their own, but plastic is purchased in the goods stores for needlework. But what can you dazzle a beloved man? He's not a red girl, and from bracelets and kulonchikov in delight will not come. Although, how to say ... Many men are happy to wear pendant charms on laces and chains, and if your man is one of those, then the flag is your hands - sculpt. And also as a jewelery made by hand, a hairpin for a tie or cufflinks can appear. Just take these new or old accessories, carefully remove them from factory decorations and replace them with your own creations. From plastic (very strong material), you can fashion an original keychain, focusing on the hobby or profession of your loved one. To make of a mass for molding it is possible and the same suspension bracket for the car interior, and separate elements of a decor of more difficult gifts executed in the combined technics.


You own a magical graphic editor forthe name of Photoshop? Then there is nothing to think for a long time - your gift is almost ready. Take a photo of your loved one and make an artistic or funny photo montage, and then this new photo - into the frame! Better yet, make a finished image, and then print a calendar with him or order an exclusive mug or t-shirt. A great gift for a man is a personal or even a registered bottle of alcohol. Here you will also need computer graphics. Do in the editor a label for cognac, vodka, whiskey, wine or even beer, print and paste on the bottle. If a simple printer does not suit you, then make a printout in a photo salon or a specialized department of souvenirs. And one more possibility to use your skills in computer graphics is to process a photo in the style of a picturesque portrait and print it on canvas. Then it will only be necessary to make or buy a baguette - and your loved one will be subdued by such an extraordinary gift. By the way, for such gifts you can use not only the photos of the most beloved, but also your joint photos, as well as, for example, a photo of his favorite dog, car or landscapes of memorable places for him. gifts to your beloved hands


It's not necessary to make a gift at allexclusively bound, stapled or cut out of paper. You can combine materials and use various handmade techniques to make a gift. For example, a frame for photos. That's where there is unfold fantasy and skill of the needlewoman! Get the usual, simplest frame made of wood or plastic and decorate it at your discretion: the same salt dough or plastic, paper lace in quilling technique or decoupage. And the frame can be covered with a cloth or felt, tied with a crochet or weave a frame-macrame. Decoupage is a technique used in combination with other types of needlework. In this technique, you can decorate the cover for a passport, a box-banknote, wall clocks and even furniture. Bouquet of sweets. If your loved one is not exactly breathing to sweets, then give him such a bouquet. You can make both a traditional floral option, and a sailboat, and a car (in the form of a sweet bouquet, of course). And even easier - bake him a personal cake! In a word, no matter how skillful you are, no matter what the dock, these skills are sure to be useful to you, if you are planning to make a gift for your loved one with your own hands. Men, as we have already said, are sentimental, despite all their masculinity and brutality. A personal gift, made by your hands, will certainly deliver the man joy and amuse his pride. So fantasize, dare, create, and you will succeed! We advise you to read: