ingrown nail Our modern women, especially loversnarrow model shoes, can face such an unpleasant disease as an ingrown nail. Yes, it is a nail disease, and quite painful. Mostly, the thumbs of the toes suffer. The nail plate grows into the edge of the thumb. The inflammation of the thumb begins, and the ingrowing nail thickens and bends downwards. Perhaps the emergence of this infection with an inflammatory process.

We find out the reason

The ingrown nail is a frequent and common phenomenon. And there are many reasons for the appearance of such an unpleasant and painful problem:

  • Improper nail cutting
  • Presence of fungal diseases
  • Constant wearing of narrow shoes with high heels
  • Heredity
  • Congenital or acquired deformity of the toes (flat feet, clubfoot, etc.)
  • The presence of disturbances in the circulation of the legs (venous diseases)
  • Severe finger injury
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • How is this manifested?

    If there is an ingrown nail, the finger turns red andswelling, walking is getting harder because of unceasing pain. There may be pus and bleeding. Sometimes people try to solve the problem themselves and cut an ingrown nail. This can not be done! You can make an additional infection. This condition is very dangerous, especially in people with diabetes, atherosclerosis and problems with the veins on their legs. Untreated ingrown nails can lead to the appearance and appearance of gangrene of the toe. A finger with a damaged fingernail after a while acquires a blue-red hue, suppurates even more and, due to puffiness, can increase in size by a factor of two. The painful sensations of ingrown nails now haunt you not only when walking, but also at rest.

    Prevention of nails at home

    Our self-assured women sometimes believe thatthis problem can be solved at home. We assure you that it is impossible to cure such a disease at home and with folk remedies. At home, you can somewhat reduce pain. At the very beginning of the disease, you can take some preventive measures to improve the overall condition of ingrown nails. First of all, replace the shoes with a more spacious and comfortable one. At home it is better to walk barefoot or in slippers with open fingers. Do not forget that the ingrown nail is a zone of pathological changes in tissue growth. And you can not act properly on the sick part of the foot. Postpone all your affairs and pay a visit to the traumatologist. The sooner you find yourself with a doctor, the faster you can put on your favorite shoes. Having an ingrown toenail on the leg, treatment at home can reduce pain and reduce inflammation a little, daily make warm baths with salt water. Add a solution of furacilin or manganese. Then lay a small lump of cotton wool under the damaged nail to slightly raise it.

    We go to the doctor

    In medical practice, there are several ways to remove an ingrown nail:

    • Surgical removal

    In mild cases, it is surgically removedpart of the altered finger cushion or part of the nail. As a result, inflammatory processes are significantly reduced, and a few months after removal of the ingrown nail, the nail plate is fully restored. In case of neglected form or presence of purulent discharge, the ingrown nail is removed completely. Unfortunately, the growing nail may have a wrong shape in the future, since the growth zone is damaged in the operation. Surgical removal has many drawbacks:

  • Long term postoperative recovery
  • Painful period after surgery
  • Deformed growth of the future nail
  • It does not guarantee complete disposal of ingrown nails (the situation may recur)
    • Laser nail removal

    In modern medicine in the case of increasing frequencyuse laser correction as the most gentle method of treatment. Not the entire ingrown nail is removed, but only the damaged part evaporates under the influence of the laser and the inflammatory foci are neutralized. After such removal of the nail, the re-ingrown nail appears very rarely. The use of a laser in the presence of fungal disease, and simultaneous cleaning of the nail area from the presence of fungal spores occurs. Laser correction also has its drawbacks:

  • There is a side effect in the form of a burn of surrounding tissues
  • As a consequence, slow healing of wounds
  • Long recovery period
    • Radio wave treatment

    The ingrown nail is removed in the most gentle way. This procedure takes only 5 minutes for any kind and complexity. The probability of re-ingrowth is completely excluded. Complete healing occurs after a week. This method attracts by the absence of various complications in the postoperative period (edema, inflammation, pain). The radio wave electrode, which is used in the operation of ingrown nails, has sterilization and antiseptic properties. Our beloved women. No matter how busy you are with your work, career, home or shops - your health, and even more so, the health of your feet should be in the first place! Ingrown nail treatment at home - do not take chances! In this case, a visit to the doctor is strictly obligatory. And the pedicure will bring you more pleasure if you make it with the help of a professional master. Take care of your own health, because the ingrown nail testifies to the weakening of immunity. Choose comfortable shoes to not only look gorgeous, but also gorgeous feel. We advise you to read: