sweet peas One of the favorite and most beautiful curlyplants, of course, can be called sweet peas. Modern housewives grow it not only in the garden areas, but also used for landscaping and decorating terraces, arbors and even balconies in an ordinary city apartment. This colorful and fragrant plant is both annual and perennial. Annuals are very common, and they can be found on almost every summer residence, in a city park or a garden. A sweet pea perennial appeared recently, but already managed to win the hearts of many florists. Its popularity was due to the unsurpassed aroma, the unusual structure of the inflorescences and, of course, the rather long and abundant flowering. And the spectrum of color of perennial fragrant peas amazes with the many-sided nature. This is a pure white color, and all shades of red and blue, and cherry, bard, purple, orange colors. And if you want to decorate your balcony, give it the look of a spring colorful garden, then it is the sweet pea that can help you in this endeavor.

Where to begin

Reproduction of sweet pea perennialoccurs by seeds. You can start acting in the middle of April, when our unstable spring will return to normal, and the air will more or less warm up. In order for the seeds to sprout faster, they must be soaked in hot water for about two hours. At room temperature, shoots will appear after 3-5 days. Seeds of perennial fragrant peas must be sown in the holes - 2-3 seeds with a distance of 21-26 cm. Such plants bloom, namely, sown from seeds, by the end of July or by the beginning of August, but will continue to bloom until the first frost. perennial sweet pea

Features of care

Wondering how to grow sweet-smellingpeas on the balcony, it should be remembered that in the open ground (in our case in boxes on the balcony) the seedlings are planted in the first ten days of May, as the plant is not afraid of short-term temperature drops (to -5 ° C). Perennial sweet peas do not tolerate the transplant, especially damage to the root system, so for more successful growth, the seedlings must be carefully removed from the pots, trying not to damage the soil. Place for planting must be prepared in advance, using a seedling pot as a form, you can neither deepen, nor overestimate the planting. Grooming peas, as with other seedlings, you need regularly. Weeding, loosening, abundant watering - these are the facts that are key in growing. Do not forget to remove dead leaves and buds that have already faded. This is necessary for the plant to last longer and more abundantly with flowers. If you plant tall varieties, take care of the support - you can use a net or twine. As sprouting sprouts gently guide to the desired position and tie. Do not forget that this plant is very fond of sunlight, so if your balcony is in the shade of trees, then the peas may not bloom. Many-year-old sweet peas are classified as fast-growing plants. When it extracts the amount of nutrients necessary for growth, its root penetrates deep into the soil. You will help the plant if you stimulate the growth of accessory roots. This can be achieved by a simple operation - padding the fertile substrate and hilling the base of young plants. In the cultivation of flowers have their secrets. But the most important thing to remember is treating plants as living people, talk to them, help them in time. And then on your balcony there will be a real paradise garden!