Choose an outfit for the club What to put on a girl in a nightclub? As a rule, this question arises in each of us when it comes to visiting this institution. What can I put on a disco to look fashionable and attractive? Modern fashion is very capricious and changeable, so going to a party, the question: what is better to wear to the club, should not so much excite female representatives. However, most women prefer to have a new outfit for every celebration, or, at least, many like it very much.

What to wear to the party: photos from the world's catwalks

The image from the podium The party is a wonderful occasionhave fun, celebrate an event, or just relax from everyday worries in the circle of your friends. Regardless of the venue and the reason for which you decided to get together with your friends, every woman always has a question: what to wear to the party - the photos of the most actual outfits that fashion designers and stylists offer for us today will help in choosing. Designer clothes Before choosing an outfit for the upcomingcelebration, you must first find out what party is going to be. What is better to wear in the club: the main motto of the outfit is lightness, convenience, not restraining movements of clothes. And, of course, the chosen things should emphasize the brightness, sexuality and individuality of their mistress, they will profitably distinguish it from the general crowd and make an indelible impression on others.

What to wear in a nightclub girl: the theme of the party

Dresses for the club Night clubs are very often held todaythemed parties. Therefore, what to wear to a girl's night club depends largely on the level of officiality and solemnity, as well as on the general theme of the upcoming evening. So, what you can wear in the club girl: photos of the most relevant options will help in choosing. As for the style, there are no strict limitations. Everything depends on your personal taste and preferences. To go to the club, you can use both classic dress and light, flowing in juicy colors, made of airy fabric. Supplement it with the appropriate accessories, suitable for the style of the party, and your outfit is ready! Although the cocktail dress is still one of the most suitable options for any party, for friendly gatherings, incendiary discos and dancing evenings in a nightclub, you do not need to wear a dress. Stylists advise to give preference to feminine and sexy things ladies' wardrobe. To visit this type of establishment, a popular multilayer skirt, combined with a bright knitted blouse or a fashionable beautiful blouse, will perfectly suit this season. Also, a short skirt or jeans combined with an embroidered t-shirt or top is also relevant, and they will perfectly complement the outfit of high-heeled shoes or boots-boots. However, it should be understood that if you are invited to a business dinner, these things are out of place here. This clothing is intended only for informal parties and trips to nightclubs. In the event that you are at a loss to answer the question yourself what to wear to a disco: photos of celebrities are an excellent example for imitation.

The choice of clothes: what to wear for a retro party

A pleasant evening is planned, and you still do notdecided what to wear on a retro party to please yourself and others? Today, retro clothing is very relevant. Therefore, for sure in your wardrobe there is a couple of things to make an interesting outfit that will be interesting to look at if you pick everything right. To more accurately match the chosen period, look in the old fashion magazines and see the photos of grandmothers. What to wear in the club: photos of celebrities of the past era - an excellent example for imitation. Retro-wardrobe for the upcoming party can be prepared from the old things found in the grandmother's closet. Grandmother's skirts, blouses, hats and handbags of the middle of the last century will be very handy. You can think that you are very lucky, you will only have to put them in order and your vintage retro wardrobe is almost completely ready. What to wear for a retro party? After all, you want to look stylish and creative. The best option - evening outfits in the style of the 20-ies of the last century. Guipure and lace skirts and dresses, silk corsets and tops, fur boas and shortened jackets, and this is not the whole list of what to wear for a party: photos of all these vintage items can be seen in fashion magazines of that time. At the party of the chosen period, the beading, feathers or velvet decoration will come in handy. Beige, blue, black and lavender color prevail. Fashionable, sexy and vintage image for the upcoming party is ready. What to dress in a club girl: a photo of the catwalks of the 40-ies is perfect for those who want something more pompous. Create a retro-image of the fashionable things of that time will not be difficult. After all, the fashion of the forties was very rich and diverse. This is an incredible number of a variety of hats, gloves and handbags, skirts to the knee with insert wedges, blouses with long sleeves, flashlights, as well as very beautiful fur collars and manto, high-heeled shoes and strict simple hairstyles. Therefore, what can be put on a disco in retro style - the choice is very, very big. But be sure, dressed in that fashion, you will not remain unnoticed. In order not to be very pathetic to look in the circle of your friends, give preference to pantyhose with a modern design. Completion of the created retro-image will give the tastefully selected fashion accessories and jewelry.

The choice of clothes: what to wear to an Hawaiian party

Hawaiian party What can be more fun than a holiday in style?Hawaiian party? Recently Hawaiian theme for the organization of parties, unquestionably, is one of the most popular topics. The famous Hawaiian parties that have come to us all over the world have become very popular due to their bright costumes, colorful interior, as well as a cheerful and incendiary atmosphere. If you were lucky enough to be invited to such a holiday, the solution to the question: what to wear for an Hawaiian party, you can not escape. What to wear in a club: photos of topical women's clothes better than words will tell you about what you can safely go to a birthday, wedding or any other celebration organized in this style. And so, that you can put a girl in a club, photos of clothes from such holidays are very similar to beach clothes. Therefore, going to a holiday, especially if it is planned in nature, a better outfit than a bathing suit and you can not think of. It is better if it will be bright, colorful shades. You can also wear a short top instead. Perfectly complement the outfit will help the hula skirt, which is used in Hawaii as an integral part of the costume for the eponymous dance. The skirt can be made either from grass or from artificial materials of bright colors. What to wear on an Hawaiian party besides a skirt and a bathing suit? The main addition to such along, of course, will be the flower bracelets and the garland. It all depends on your taste and preferences. If desired, you can also make a bandage on your head and decorate the top of your swimsuit or top beads from shells. As for shoes, it's best for a Hawaiian party fit bright beach slippers or sandals. Since originally Hawaiian parties were held in beach cafes, then the issue, judging by the photo, what to wear to the disco, no one has ever arisen. Fantasize, experiment and remember that the image created by you should reflect the fun and carefree beach vacation. In the event that the party was a surprise for you, what to wear in a nightclub: the photo of the stars will come to your rescue. As a rule, in the wardrobe of any woman there are things that can be used for all occasions. Certainly among your things there are open tops made of satin, guipure, silk or satin, decorated with sequins, rhinestones or beads. Complete the top with tight-fitting satin pants or jeans on the figure. Also suitable for a guipure or knitted mini skirt or a tulip skirt. Pick up bright accessories and jewelry in the form of a beautiful necklace or colorful beads, a massive brooch and a pair of large earrings. Now you can safely go to an Hawaiian party.

What is better to wear in the club: general rules

  • Since color is of great importance, stylists recommend choosing clothes to give preference to clothes with glitter or flicker. This will allow you to not merge with the general crowd.
  • Using fashion accessories will helpto emphasize not only your individuality, but also the features of the figure. For example, the original costume jewelry accentuates attention to the beautiful neck, and the fashionable belt will emphasize the elegant waistline.
  • Leave jealous jeans for country walks and picnics. Instead, put on the club leggings or trendy skirt with tights.
  • As for shoes, then to visit the nightclub it should be both beautiful and comfortable. It does not matter, it will be on high heels, on a wedge or it will be lovely ballet flats. It is also recommended to give preference to either shimmering golden or black shoes.
  • Usually in places of entertainment, even in winter, it is very hot, so do not recommend going to a party in clothes made of dense fabric and long sleeves.
  • Do not forget that properly selected clothes will allow you to rest carelessly and have a good time.

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