Strawberry dressing recipe Sour-sweet berry dressings and gravyThey are served mainly for dessert: they are used as a supplement to pancakes, fritters, sour cream, added to cocktails, soufflé, etc. Such a sweet sauce goes well with porridges, especially with manna. Children are more eager to eat porridge, sprinkled with sweet dressing. But the berry sauce perfectly matches the taste and with such products as cheese, salads, fish, poultry, meat, adding to their taste qualities a unique piquancy and sophistication. Usually cranberries, cherry plums, raspberries, plums, etc. are used for this purpose. The most fragrant is a gravy of strawberries.

Recipes of strawberry sauce served on meat

Recipes of strawberry dressings a lot, and cookStrawberry sauce is not at all difficult. For this, not only fresh, but also frozen strawberries are suitable. Before you start preparing the gravy, you should read the whole recipe to the end. Then you need to prepare all the necessary ingredients specified in the recipe, measure out the right amount and put it all on yourself on the table. The main component of all the above recipes is strawberries. The recipes differ from each other in the basis on which the gravy is prepared. This can be meat broth, sour cream, cream, etc. According to one recipe, red wine, cognac or rum are added to the sauce, on others - no, only spices are enough. The list of used products is not limited. cooking strawberry sauce

Sauce that does not require temperature treatment

The simplest recipe for strawberry sauce does not requireeven cooking. To prepare it, you need to prepare the following products: 200 g strawberries, lemon and orange for 1 piece, sugar 3-4 tablespoons. spoon, rum or liqueur 2 tbsp. spoon, melted cinnamon 1 teaspoon and a glass of quality sour cream. Strawberries should be thoroughly washed, peeled off and dried (let drain to water). Orange and lemon wash, scald with boiling water and grater to remove all the zest from them, and after squeezing out the juice from them and add to the wiped strawberries. In this mixture, pour rum or liqueur, add sugar, zest and cinnamon. All stir and combine with sour cream. For fans of spicy dishes, you can add ground pepper, a grated chive of garlic and a few pinch of ginger powder. The resulting hot sauce should be infused in the refrigerator. They serve it to cold meat, a bird, and fill it with salads. Hot strawberry sauce

Strawberry hot sauces

  • Another simple way of preparing gravy fromstrawberries. Depending on the amount of sugar and the presence of pepper and salt, it can be used either as an additive to pancakes with fritters, or as a seasoning for meat dishes. Strawberries in the amount of 200 g thoroughly washed from sand and earth, dried and immersed in a blender. If the strawberry itself is sweet, then add 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar. If the strawberry is sour, then sugar can be added more, up to 4 tbsp. spoons. To the meat dishes of sugar it is better to add less. The crushed strawberry with sugar is poured into a saucepan and put on fire. While strawberry syrup boils, you need to take 1 or 2 tablespoons. spoons of potato starch (depends on what kind of consistency of the gravy you want to get) and stir it in a small amount of cold water (about 1/3 cup). In a boiling syrup with a thin trickle, stirring constantly, dilute starch is poured. In the thickened seasoning for meat add red ground pepper, a little salt. Strawberry sauces are always served cold, and meat products must be hot.
  • With this recipe you will have to stand a little nearplates. For 4 servings, you need to prepare 1 cup of strawberry juice (a cup of 240 ml), as much red wine, dry. In a small saucepan, the wine is evaporated to a very low heat to reduce its volume by half. Add juice to the wine and again continue to boil with a weak boil until the total mass is reduced by half. At the end of the cooking, add sugar (80 g, less to taste) and lemon juice (60 ml). The gravy based on red wine with strawberries is well suited to any meat dishes: pork, veal, poultry, baked in the oven or fried in a frying pan.
  • The taste of a strawberry sauce with a mint tinge is verypleasant, and it is prepared quite simply. All the previously prepared ingredients are placed in a saucepan and cooked on low heat for 10-15 minutes until the gravy slightly thickens. It will take 1,5 cups of fresh strawberries cut into pieces (a cup of 240 ml), ground basil leaves and mint leaves for 1 tbsp. spoon, half a tablespoon of olive oil, 2 tbsp. spoons of orange juice. To taste add salt with pepper
  • Hot strawberry sauce Meat, friedportioned pieces, put on a dish, and in the remaining liquid in a frying pan, a strawberry seasoning is prepared. You can even use frozen strawberries. Cut into pieces, it is lightly fried in the remaining meat juice and fat until soft. Then add the cream to the strawberry, you can milk. Stirring, cook until the mass is thicker. Salt and pepper add carefully, because. at first in the frying pan meat products with onion, salt and pepper were roasted. To add more spice and spice to the strawberry sauce, you can add 1 piece of cloves. Strawberry seasoning has a pleasant aroma, it improves the taste of meat dishes, making it thinner and brighter. The beautiful color of the strawberry gravy causes appetite, and the sauce itself improves digestion.