1 Sometimes, during pregnancy,unplanned autopsy of the fetal bladder or pregnancy-induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia, cessation of fetal growth, etc., there is a need for stimulation of labor. In this case, it is possible first to try to start birth on your own and only if you fail or do not have time to use these techniques, you should resort to medical methods of artificial delivery of childbirth. After consulting with a doctor, you can try the following methods of stimulation:


Pressing the thumb or index finger oncertain points sometimes causes or intensifies fights. One of these points (splenic 6) is located four fingers above the internal ankle joint. You press the shin at different angles. This is a painful point. Try to press three times for 10-15 seconds with an interval of several seconds. Practice in finding the point can be on your partner or non-pregnant girlfriend. It is also possible to soften the cervix or stimulate contractions by stimulating certain acupuncture points with electrical impulses. Points are used: the splenic 6 located above the inner ankle, and the hepatic 3 located on the upper side of the foot (exact positions should be determined by the doctor).

Stimulation of the intestine

With the reduction and emptying of the intestinethe production of prostaglandins increases, which causes softening of the cervix. Contractions can cause an enema, creating enough uterine contractions of the intestine. Clefts with a large volume of fluid are more effective (but also more unpleasant) than a small volume, designed for home use. Castor oil causes powerful contractions of the intestine and has been used with certain success for many years to artificially induce labor. Contractions can occur as soon after taking, and after a few hours. Castor oil can cause painful intestinal cramps and aggravate hemorrhoids. It is sometimes used in combination with an enema. Your doctor should choose the method of stimulation with you.

Stimulation of the clitoris

Sexual arousal, especially orgasm,causes contractions of the uterus, while excreted prostaglandins affect the cervix. Manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris, even without orgasm, can also be effective for the onset of labor. Manual or oral-genital stimulation can be performed while the fetal bladder is intact and if these methods suit you and your partner. If the bladder is opened, only the clitoris stimulation is possible, since nothing should fall into the vagina. The ingress of air into the vagina is dangerous and should not take place. If you choose these methods, try to make them give you maximum pleasure.

Stimulation of nipples

Stimulation of the nipples promotes neck softeningthe uterus and causes contractions. In some cases, it is recommended to stimulate the nipples several times a day. But at the same time you should always contact your doctor or midwife. Sometimes stimulation of the nipples causes too long (more than 60 seconds) or too strong (painful) contractions and the child may not tolerate them well. To protect against these potential problems, it is the first time to perform stimulation of the nipples in a clinical setting with electronic monitoring of the fetus. It is in this way that the fetal condition is tested (stress test for contractions). Then, if it's okay, you can go home and continue stimulating the nipples. Another way to protect yourself from too long and violent struggles is to detect the time of uterine contraction caused by the stimulation of the nipples. If the contractions are painful and last more than one minute, reduce the stimulation (from both breasts to one, from continuous to short-term). To perform stimulation, tap or pat one nipple with fingertips or a towel, or squeeze it with your fingers. Start with one nipple. In a few minutes you will probably feel a contraction of the uterus. If not, stimulate both nipples. Since the contractions can stop right after the stimulation ceases, you will have to continue this activity for hours if you are about to begin birth. If your goal is to soften the cervix and you are not in a hurry to start deliveries right now (for example, an artificial birth of babies is planned in a few days), you can stimulate or lightly massage your breast with a warm wet towel three hours a day. Sometimes a breast pump is used for stimulation, which is applied for 10-20 minutes per breast. If your close friend has a three-to-twelve-week-old baby, you can try stimulating the nipples by applying the baby to your chest. It is necessary to conduct this procedure very carefully. The child should not sleep and be not too hungry; A sleepy child will not suck, but the hungry will be upset. The most suitable time is when the child woke up and ate and he just wants to suck his breast. "Feed" for 10 minutes each breast can be sufficient. Sit on the oilcloth, because the water can drain. In this case, you should avoid infection and follow the rules of hygiene. To stimulate the onset of labor in clinical settings, various methods are used: separation of the fetal membrane, artificial opening of the fetal bladder, prostaglandin gel, oxytocin intravenously, etc. The choice of method depends on the state of the cervix and the approaches taken in this clinic to the problem. If you are going to artificially induce birth, ask what method will be used to know what to expect.

Fetal membrane separation

Relatively conservative procedure, but rarely leads to success. The doctor can try it, if the cervix is ​​soft enough and opened, so that the finger of the doctor passes through it.

Artificial opening of the bladder

Rarely leads to success if the cervix is ​​dense(unripe), unmolded and directed backwards. Artificial opening of the fetal bladder is sometimes performed prior to injection of oxytocin or together with it if the position of the cervix "favors" this procedure, that is, it is ripe, forward, partially smoothed and uncovered.

Prostaglandin Gel

Less invasive and more effective means than an artificial opening of the fetal bladder, when the position of the cervix "is not favorable."

Injection of oxytocin

Is the most common wayartificial summoning of childbirth. Since the probability of success is small, if the cervix is ​​not smoothed and directed backward, a combined method using the prostaglandin gel with subsequent injection of oxytocin becomes more popular. In this method, the gel is applied several times to the cavity and around the cervix for a day or two, injections of oxytocin are made. We advise you to read: