delicious soup with meatballs When you come home from work in the evening and needprepare a hot hearty supper, but there is not much time, you can make soup with meatballs and rice. This dish is very tasty, looks nice and appetizing, it's useful, so it's not strange that such a soup is very popular. Such a light and delicious soup like adults and children, you can cook it yourself. There are a lot of recipes for preparing such soup, and everyone can find exactly the cooking option that he likes. In such soups, calories are few, so they can be safely eaten by those who adhere to the diet, however you can feed the whole family with such soup without doubting the satiety of the dish. soup recipes with meatballs

Classic soup with meatballs with rice

In order to prepare this soup, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • minced meat (you can take pork forcemeat or beef - to taste);
  • onion;
  • carrot;
  • potato;
  • rice;
  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • fresh greens.

It is necessary to pour water into the pan, put it onstrong fire. While it boils, you should clean the onion, finely chop it. Then the carrot is peeled and rubbed on a large grater, the potatoes must be peeled and cut into small cubes. Meanwhile, the water boiled, you need to drop the chopped onions and carrots, the fire should be reduced so that the water in the pan slightly boiled. Now you can start making meatballs. To do this, the onions are finely chopped, mixed with minced meat, salt and pepper are added, everything is properly mixed, and the meatballs are made in the form of small, neat balls. They should be placed neatly on a plate and put in the refrigerator. Then you need to take the rice and rinse it well (it is recommended to do this in 3 waters: the rice is considered well washed when the water draining from the cup with it becomes transparent). The rice is lowered into a pan, with onions and carrots, then there is immediately added chopped potatoes. All this should be cooked on a slow fire for another half hour, when this time passes, salt and pepper should be put in the pan. If there is a desire, then instead of them you can put a couple of bouillon cubes, then the soup will look more beautiful. Then you need to add there meatballs, cook it for another 5 minutes, after which this wonderful, nutritious and delicious dish can be poured on plates. On top of this soup sprinkles with herbs (you can use dill, coriander, green onions), and you can not doubt that from this soup all family members and guests will be delighted. There is nothing difficult to prepare this first dish, even a person who does not have culinary skills will cope with it. simple soup with meatballs and noodles

Tomato soup with meatballs and rice

For most people, soup with rice and meatballsa sign from childhood, most often it is associated with vermicelli and potatoes. Nevertheless, you can cook soup according to the original recipe, it does not look anything like a dish that is familiar from childhood. Potatoes and pasta in this soup is not that does not detract from its merits: there are a lot of vegetables in it, especially delicious velvet, surprisingly tender tomato broth. Bribes such a tomato soup with meatballs its richest flavor and taste, it is served with crispy croutons. In order to prepare such a dish, you will need the following products:

  • vegetable oil (2 tablespoons);
  • 2 onions;
  • a pair of garlic cloves;
  • carrot (2 pieces);
  • 1 can of tomato;
  • ground beef (400-500 g);
  • rice (100 g);
  • egg;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper;
  • freshly frozen green beans (200 g);
  • freshly frozen green peas (200 g);
  • fresh greens (coriander and parsley).

You need to take a deep saucepan and warm it upoil, while it is heated, it is necessary to clean the onions and garlic, then cut them into small cubes. They are put in a saucepan and fried in oil until soft, until the taste softens. Carrots need to be cleaned and cut into strips, then add it to the pan. All this for about 10 minutes should be fried over low heat, you should remember to stir the vegetables. They should not burn. You need to get the tomatoes from the jar, cut them and add them to the pan. It is allowed to use not canned, but fresh tomatoes, only you need to peel them from the skin and seeds. On tomatoes you need to make thin incisions, for 2 minutes put them into boiling water, after which they are dipped in cold water (this is done in order to easily peel off). As for the seeds, they can be easily removed with a small spoon. Tomatoes need to be put out with a carrot and onion on low heat. In the pan, water is poured, brought to a boil, then there must be added one tablespoon of salt. While all this is boiling, you can start making meatballs. For this, rice, salt, pepper and 1 egg are added to the stuffing - all this is well mixed. You should get a homogeneous mass that does not fall apart. Roll small balls that need to be carefully lowered into boiling soup, while you should take into account that water should not boil strongly, otherwise meatballs may fall apart. Soup should not boil, boil it all for about 30 minutes: it is important that the meatballs cooked rice. In order to be sure of readiness, 1 meatball can be taken out, broken and tasted. Then add the frozen beans, and the soup is brought to a boil. After the soup boils, there is added green peas, it is not necessary to defrost it. The soup should be salted, peppered, boiled for another 5 minutes, after which the fire turns off, the pan is covered with a lid, and the dish should be infused for 15 minutes. The soup can be poured on plates, sprinkled with fresh herbs and enjoyed a terrific taste.

Recipe for cheese soup with meatballs and rice

There is another recipe for soup, which has a delicate creamy taste. To please such people with their dishes, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • minced meat (350 g);
  • processed cheese (200 g);
  • rice (3-4 tablespoons);
  • bulb;
  • carrot;
  • pepper, salt, bay leaf.

Minced meat should be seasoned with pepper and salt, afterthat you can start the formation of meatballs (so that minced meat does not stick, hands must be wet). The formed balls are dipped in boiling water, then the thoroughly washed rice is poured into it, it is cooked for about 7 minutes. Then there must be added carrot-onion roast, after 5 minutes you need to put the cream cheese. All this is salted, peppered, spices of various kinds are added. It is necessary to cook all this for 5 minutes, then sprinkle with fresh herbs and remove from heat. Soup is poured on plates, it should be served with croutons.