Cheese cream soup with toasts What can you imagine more gentle, refined andat the same time with a piquant spice, flavor, able to please even the intractable gourmet, bringing him to full delight? The recipe is simple - of course, it's a cream cheese soup, and you can not argue with that. Easily assimilated, rich, all-season, colorful - no doubt it can be called a favorite in any restaurant menu, not to mention the home kitchen. Cheese, being a delicacy, is simply irreplaceable, after all it is a source of beauty and health, and the maintenance in it of a plenty of microcells and vitamins once again proves, that its advantage is invaluable.

All about the taste and benefits of cheese

With all the diversity of exceptionalthe composition of the constituent ingredients of the recipe is united by the tenderness and creamy consistency, which is achieved by a long grinding of all the components of the soup with the addition of milk or cream. The main ingredients and spices for cream soup The main ingredients in this soup are vegetables, perhaps adding legumes, mushrooms, pasta, greens, smoked products or seafood. The soup recipe is also unprincipled, and here it is possible to experiment endlessly. This is chicken broth, and broth on vegetable broth, with meat, mushrooms, fish or plain water. In this case, various types of cheeses are recommended in various recipes, up to melted cheese and soft cheeses with mold. Here, when choosing cheese, you need only consider personal taste preferences. For true connoisseurs of cheese, perhaps the main advantage over other soups is the cheese taste. It is dominant in this dish, and it is not worth saving on this product (this applies not only to the cost of cheese, but also to its quantity), but the rest of the ingredients only shade and complement it. The quality of the cheese should be acceptable, so that the density of the soup was worthy of the name soup cream. Another, the most spicy highlight is spices. The best here are: nutmeg, garlic salt, black and white ground pepper, thyme, basil, turmeric, almonds, ginger. cream soup with croutons

The main recipe for preparing the first dish based on cheese

Among all soups of this category there is a smalllist of explicit leaders, one of them is a cream cheese soup with mushrooms and chicken. The main recipe for this food is not complicated and includes: 2 potatoes, medium onion, 1 carrot, 150 gr. grated cheese (preferably hard varieties, for example "Parmesan"), 300 gr. melted cheese, 1 glass of cream (preferably 33%), a couple of parsley sprigs, a celery stalk, white ground pepper and, of course, salt. Without a doubt, the most appetizing soup is soup cooked on broth, so you need to take a small pot, pre-cook 0.5 liters of your favorite broth, add chopped potatoes, put on a plate and, without wasting time, do the passivation of onions and carrots. First put a bow in a frying pan, and a little later - carrots. Carrots are better cut in small cubes, and then again a little trick. It is after a small roast that the carrot gets a very unusual and pleasant aroma, and useful vitamins (in particular carotene) fall into the soup. To carrots and onions, you can add and finely chopped celery, when everything is ready, add them to the broth. Now it's cream time. You need to boil the soup for another 10 minutes. and you can start whipping. It is desirable to whip all blender and only then add chopped pieces or, if possible, frayed on a grater processed cheese. Cook everything, slowly stirring, until the cheese is completely dissolved. Add seasonings and salt, all according to taste preferences. That's ready for a fabulous cheese cream soup on the main recipe. Before you treat the guests, it will be appropriate to decorate the resulting dish with grated cheese and parsley. Taking as a basis this recipe, you can add mushrooms and chicken, the mistress of the hostess simply does not have a limit, and this is quite natural, since you always want to see something unusual, very tasty and beautiful on your table. delicious cheese cream soup

Little tricks and little tricks

You should always look for options andexperiment, but you should not forget about the compatibility of products. And here is a small secret recipe, which will certainly be useful in the preparation of your favorite soup. In order to make the soup thicker, it is necessary to add the previously roasted flour to the recipe, this will give soup and densities, and a beautiful caramel color. If soup is preferred light color, then the flour is fried in butter. Finally, when serving, if you need to make soup more nutritious, it adds pieces of fried meat or fish, depending on the composition of the recipe. Pre-made small croutons from fresh bread can also be called a cunning, thanks to which the first dish will become even more delicious.

Variety of cheeses and how to cook

But all the cheeses are different, we all like everything differently, andwhen, at what time and what cheese to put in the soup, this has not been mentioned yet. So, if you look into the recipes of cooks, it turns out that for the melted cheeses this time - the actual preparation itself, when the cheese should be carefully added to the broth and to achieve its complete dissolution. Soft cheese with mold is first dissolved in a small amount of cream and then added to the soup. Solid cheeses are added at the very end of cooking and, as a possible option, when the dish is already on the table. The main thing is not to allow the cheese to curdle or exfoliate, as this will surely spoil the appearance of the soup. But that guests and relatives always admire the prepared dish, cheese cream soup should not be reheated before serving. Do not cook it for a couple of days, as the cheese wrapping film just remains slices and can once again spoil the external impression from the one served for dinner. Recipe - an unusual and every time a peculiar creation, the more you try, the brighter and more appetizing the result will be.