diet with cystitis Inflammation of the bladder, t.e cystitis is a serious and dangerous disease that requires immediate treatment. And it consists not only of droppers, anti-inflammatory drugs and injections, but also from a special diet. And this is not surprising, because it is on how the lady during this period will eat, the speed of her recovery depends. But disregarding the advice of a doctor, the fairer sex risk their own health. After all, some dishes and foods only strengthen the symptoms and provoke the development of the disease.

What not to eat and drink with cystitis

It is fair to say that dietCystitis is not so strict. You do not have to sit only on breadcrumbs and water, while dreaming of meat and sweets. Without products that you will need to exclude, you can perfectly live, not only during treatment, but also after it. But, before you take a notebook and pen to write down the health-hazardous ingredients, consult a doctor. We remind that the organism of each person is individual. In addition to the foods listed below, you may have to exclude others, to which you are really accustomed. Here is a list of those that, according to scientists, can even provoke the appearance of cystitis.

  • Citrus

About oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemonsrepresentatives of the fair sex will have to forget for a long time. Also you can not use juices, fresh and other drinks, in which citrus fruits are present. Even after tea or a salad with lime, you can become very ill.

  • Caffeine

Coffee, tea, cola and other drinks in which there iscaffeine, it is better not to drink. In extreme cases, use decoctions of herbs. They are also quite invigorating, improve their well-being, reduce inflammation and other symptoms. But do not forget to consult a doctor beforehand.

  • Saccharin

All that contains saccharin, we put on the farregiment, discard or feed to friends, a young man or children. This applies to vitamins, and food, and beverages. By the way, drugs, which also indicated this ingredient, also do not accept.

  • Alcohol

The fact that alcohol is the cause of all ills, we allknow. And many are not hearsay. Try at least temporarily to abandon addictions. It is forbidden even a glass of wine or a glass of cognac. And the next time you get together with your friends to gossip about men and discuss women, drink only filtered or mineral water (but not carbonated).

  • Pepper and spices

From the spicy, abundantly sprinkled seasonings andthe spices of food will only make you worse. Such dishes are contraindicated even in normal life. Because of pepper, for example, irritation, inflammation will increase, and the infection will spread beyond the bladder. Agree, health is not the kind of payment that should be given for a moment's pleasure.

  • Vegetables and fruits

The first in the list of prohibited products aremelons, apples, plums, peaches, grapes, bananas, avocados. The same applies to juices made from the listed vegetables and fruits. By the way, with home compotes should also be cautious, since they are not safe for women who have experienced cystitis.

  • Ketchup and mayonnaise

From what is contained in modern ketchups,sauces, mayonnaise, even healthy individuals will have problems. Judge for yourself: dyes, stabilizers, emulsifiers, fragrances and other additives that only a chemist can decipher. And then, not the first time. But even if you decide to cook these delicacies on your own, you can not eat them either. Vinegar, eggs (taken for mayonnaise), pepper, onions (added to ketchup) with cystitis are also not allowed. Of course, the first time will be difficult without them, but then you can easily do without sauces.

  • Milk products

How would you not like cheeses, yoghurts, sour cream andother dairy products, it will have to say goodbye. As for fresh milk, it all depends on your condition and the tests. In the period of exacerbation and with chronic cystitis, it is worth refraining from.

  • Sweet

Baking, chocolate, sweets, condensed milk - allthe listed is under prohibition. The same goes for jam. But this does not mean that you will have to suffer because of a lack of glucose. If you want so sweet, eat the allowed fruits, both fresh and dried. Also allowed honey, which removes inflammation.

  • Vinegar

Both healthy and sick representativesIt is recommended to drink as little as possible vinegar. Perhaps marinades and salads with it will taste better, but cystitis will not take long. By the way, because of it you can have a chronic form of this disease. correct diet for cystitis

Permitted products for cystitis

Note: a diet for cystitis is a balanced and nutritious diet consisting of foods that have a special nutritional value for the human body. It is necessary to use not empty food, but one that contains vitamins, minerals and micronutrients useful for health. So, here is the list of products that will not harm the patient with cystitis:

  • Meat

Chicken, low-fat pork, beef meat can beeat both in boiled form and in baked. The main thing is not to use marinades, spices, sauces and other additives. Do you want the fillet to be softer? Add a piece of kiwi to it for a couple of minutes. He will add piquancy to the dish, and make the meat incredibly tender.

  • Vegetables

All except tomatoes, asparagus, beans, is allowedconsume with cystitis. But if after a dish you get worse, the stomach starts to hurt and other symptoms of the disease appear, it is better to exclude these ingredients.

  • Bread

Ladies who have a bread maker can eatfresh bread, but in small quantities (2-3 pieces per day). It is better not to buy shop goods. In extreme cases, buy rice or wheat bread. Categorically you can not eat rye bread.

Acute cystitis: what to eat during illness

As you know, the food we constantlyuse, in one way or another affects the mucosa of the bladder. During the exacerbation, you need to be more careful about food so that you do not injure inflamed walls. In this case, the diet for cystitis should consist of food that stimulates the lavage of the urinary tract. This is necessary in order to first reduce the number of bacteria, and then generally get rid of the causative agent of the infection. That's why with acute cystitis you need to drink a lot - at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day. If a sick woman has a raised body temperature, she will have to drink at least 2.5 liters per day. But, of course, you can not drink everything. Morse, juices from permitted products, cranberry and cranberry compotes (not very sweet), mineral water (without gas), teas (from pharmacy herbs, and not shop products) are allowed. In small doses, you can drink and ordinary weak black or green tea, only sugar in them should not be. Among other things, you will need to eat vegetables and fruits that have diuretic properties. This applies to fresh cucumbers, watermelons, zucchini. First, eat a little to make sure the safety and harmlessness of the ingredients. Then, when the period of exacerbation has passed, you can accurately and gradually introduce into the ration dairy and sour-milk products: fat-free cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, fresh cheese. useful diet for cystitis

How to eat with chronic cystitis

Chronic cystitis is characterized by completeinflammation of the walls of the bladder. In this case, the affected areas can become swollen, they appear jaundices. All this is accompanied by pains in the lower abdomen, discomfort during urination, tingling in the genitals, etc. Therefore, the first thing you need to get rid of the symptoms and inflammation of the walls, then - to destroy the infection. To satiate the exhausted disease of the body with vitamins, it is recommended to consume as many vegetable and fruit dishes as possible. Pumpkins, pears, sweet apples, watermelons, fruit drinks, stews - all this should stand on your table every day. And do not forget about curative herbal tea. Note: with chronic gastritis, you can not eat soups cooked on mushroom, meat or fish broth. It is better to cook vegetable liquid food. By the way, the first dishes should always be in your diet. Otherwise, on top of everything, you will also suffer from constipation. Thus, if you start eating right, you will soon become much easier. But remember, in order to avoid remission, healthy foods should be consumed in the future. Plus, getting rid of bad habits, you will always look young, fit and beautiful.