how to succeed Why some people are successful in everything, and others are not into achieve what you want? In order to understand how to succeed, let's first determine what it is. Success is when you get what you want. This gives you the opportunity to realize that you have achieved your goal and fulfilled your plans, and you feel yourself a winner, and not a defeated one. Success gives you confidence, and you straighten your shoulders, feeling happy and satisfied. Contrary to popular belief, there are no lucky people and losers. But there are people who have a high potential for success and who do everything in order to use this potential. And there are people who have the same potential, but they do nothing to implement it. That's the whole difference! The only thing you need to do to succeed is to do the same as all successful people do. When you learn everything about what is said in our article, you can change your attitudes to the mentality of a successful person, which means that you will always achieve the desired. succeed

What can make you a loser?

If you really want to succeed, thenmust have a solid understanding of what could limit your potential and lead to failure. So to speak, the proof is from the opposite. So, successful people reject:

  • False beliefs These are misconceptions aboutexternal factors or about yourself. An example of a false belief is the situation: a person does not allow himself to set a goal - "do the best work!" Instead, he thinks: "I will never be able to find a good job, in our time!" False beliefs act as a stop true potential, and hence your success. They can not only limit your opportunities, but even destroy your life. For example, some women after parting with their loved one all their later life suffer from loneliness only because they have developed false ideas about love under the influence of the information they received from mass media. The consciousness of such a woman will not perceive from the reality surrounding her the signals of a new possible love, since she has made herself an internal orientation to the fact that she will never seek a substitute for the man with whom she parted. "All men are theirs ...", she is convinced, and thereby cuts off her path to happiness with a wonderful, kind and caring man who has long looked at her with sympathy.
  • External control locus This is a way of thinking,which makes a person think that everything that happens to him depends not on him, but on some external factors. For example, when a girl says that the teacher was too picky about her when she could not pass the exam well; or when your friend says that she can not find a good job because there is unemployment in the country - these are all examples of an external locus of control. The flip side of this way of thinking is the internal locus of control - a way of thinking that makes you believe that your destiny is in your hands and you are able to control everything that happens to you. None of the successful people has an external locus of control; so if you are serious about being successful, then try to change your mindset to the one that fits your goal.
  • The lack of durability What's good is thatyou have many virtues and valuable skills, if you lost hope after the first (well, in extreme cases - the second) failure? Those people who achieve the best results are also the most persistent among all. They continue to work until the very end, until they get what they want, even if everything was initially against them, and even if the failure has overtaken them many times. Do you want us to remind you of the famous inventor Thomas Edison? That there were more than a thousand explosions in his workshop before the light bulb that he invented got its start in life? That's where the example of fortitude and, as a result, success!
  • Lack of Flexibility Flexibility is the abilityman to adapt to external conditions. It is an opportunity to try to do something in a new way, when the old, habitual way turns out to be ineffective. The more flexible you are, the more you can adapt to the new conditions, and the higher your chances of success.
  • Lack of planning If you do not have goals orplans, then you allow yourself to become part of the plans of other people. If you do not plan to become a leader at work, then someone else will become one, and if you do not plan to get this high-paying job, then someone else will take your place. If you do not plan anything, you will be removed from the path of motivated people. They will occupy all the prestigious places, make money and get famous, while you will be just a spectator, a witness of their success. Therefore, planning is the most important item in the toolbox of success!
  • Lack of self-confidence If you are not surein itself, then, most likely, you are afraid to follow some of your ideas and will be able to give up your dream, as soon as someone tells you that it is impossible. You will avoid any possibility of risk, and thus ignore the many opportunities that could lead you to success. If you want to increase your chances of success, you must literally build a brick on your self-confidence.
  • Fears Types of fears that can materiallyaffect your ability to be a successful person, are a fear of failure and a fear of success. While they seem to be the complete opposite of each other, both of these fears can have such an impact on you that they prevent even trying to do something. And who does nothing, he, of course, is not mistaken, but a successful person never happens.

how to succeed correctly

Way to success

And now it's time to find out what the path tosuccess and what unexpected "surprises" along this path should not catch you unawares. The road to success is likely to be full of hard work, pain, bans and many other discouraging things, but when you reach the ultimate goal, you will feel really happy, you will feel like a winner. You will be proud of yourself - in fact you could overcome all these obstacles, striving for the set goal, despite the many obstacles that stood in your way! You will be extremely happy and satisfied with yourself, and will experience the feelings that we mentioned at the very beginning of this article. In short, you will receive rewards for your success. Secrets of Success So, what do you need to know in order to become a successful person? What secrets do you need to comprehend for this? Sometimes ignorance of elementary postulates prevents us from doing the right actions. So, if you do not know which way to push the door so that it opens, then you can not open it. People constantly, they say, try to push the door in the wrong direction, and then wonder why they can not pass through it. The reason why most people never get anything is that they have misconceptions about success that prevent them from following the right path. Below we give the keys to success that will allow any of you to understand how to succeed. Moreover, you will learn to achieve your goals and will really be successful if you use these keys:

  • Number of attempts Babies learn how to keepin the hands of any object, only after they try out a lot of wrong ways. Every time a kid tries to take something into his fingers and then drops an object, he learns something new about the correct way to hold it. After enough attempts, the child learns to finally take and hold the object correctly. The same applies to any learning process, and actions to achieve success. If you want to be successful, you must understand that you need to overcome failures until you find out which action will work as you want.
  • Be flexible When you can not act likeusually, apply a different approach and try something new. Try to find out why you did not manage to take into account and correct your mistakes on the next try. Every time you discover something new and learn to overcome another obstacle that stands on your way to success, you will make a big step forward along this path.
  • Be sure of yourself one hundred percent: you will certainly achieve your goal, otherwise it just can not be! When Edison was asked how he managed, without losing hope, to try and try to make the light bulb invented a thousand times to glow, even though they exploded one after another, he replied approximately like this: "Every time a new bulb exploded, I told myself that found another way, how not to invent it! "He was just one hundred percent sure that he was going to make this invention, and so he knew that it was only a matter of time and number of attempts.
  • Learning to learn Most people who do notare successful, very often feel helpless in some situations. They simply do not know what they need to do in order to set a goal, to reach it and thus to come to success. After the first setbacks or even after the very first misfire, they just get frustrated and drop their hands, and this instead of studying the cause of the fiasco. Whenever you can not understand what went wrong, contact more experienced people in this field. You can read the necessary literature, enroll in the training courses of the profile you are interested in - there are many opportunities. The main thing is to learn to understand well your topic and find out how you can overcome certain difficulties. And then you will not feel helpless ever!
  • Be psychologically ready for any obstaclesThe people around you will criticize you, maybe even laugh at you, try to shake your faith in yourself, and maybe even begin to reject you. But, if you really want to be successful, do not let your dream fall and do not turn off your chosen path.

Stick to our advice, and you, of course,will be a successful person. It will not happen overnight; success requires dedication and hard work, but in the end it will come to you! We advise you to read: