salad with corn and green peas We are waiting for guests, and at home "roll the ball?"In the furthest corner of the refrigerator, a couple of cans of green peas, and canned corn, were littered? Well, your guests are lucky - they certainly will not only receive a warm welcome, but also a tasty, satisfying treat. Having such wonderful products as green peas and corn, you can prepare a salad from which saliva will flow even in the most fastidious gourmet. And if you think that you should not use these products in one salad, then you are very wrong. Corn and peas "in one bottle" - is not only a riot of colors in your dish, but also excellent taste. In the end, additional vitamins in the form of tasty peas and corn still have not been prevented! And the variety of recipes with these ingredients can only be envied: choose for every taste, color and purse!

Salad "Tenderness"

Its name was given to this salad not without reason - thislight and delicate taste is not easy to achieve. The combination of smoked meat with fresh cucumbers will not leave indifferent neither guests nor members of your family. Ingredients:

  • Fresh cucumbers - three or four pieces
  • One egg
  • Smoked meat (can be carbonated) - one hundred grams
  • Green onions - ten grams
  • Walnut - twenty grams
  • Green peas - half a jar
  • Corn - half a can
  • Mayonnaise

Preparation: Cucumbers, eggs and meat cut into small cubes, add peas with corn, green onions. We dress the salad with mayonnaise, salt to taste and sprinkle with grated walnut in the salad bowl.

"Willow" salad

This salad is not only very tasty, but alsois completely safe for your figure. Look at yourself: there are no potatoes, rice, mayonnaise in it. And one more charm of such a salad is that not only ladies who are dieting, but also quite strong, healthy men, are delighted with it - it is really tasty and nutritious. So you do not have to "stuff" a low-calorie food spouse and his friends - they themselves will gladly eat everything, until the last spoon. Ingredients:

  • One packet of crab sticks (large)
  • Two small salted cucumber
  • Two small fresh cucumbers
  • Half a can of green peas
  • Half a can of canned corn
  • One small onion head
  • Two eggs
  • Unsweetened yogurt

Preparation: Finely chop cucumbers and crab sticks, eggs and onions, add corn with peas. Season with yoghurt, salt to taste - delicate, low-calorie salad is ready! salad with green peas and corn

Salad "The Lazy Cook"

Long live the blissful doing nothing, but tohim - a delicious salad in addition! Finally, you can just open a couple of cans of canned food and proudly call yourself a cook, without going to the stove for a minute! And if you cook this salad for ten minutes - then you are not only lazy, but also a slow cook! After all, ideally, this dish will take four to five minutes to prepare. Well, shall we begin? Ingredients:

  • Bank of corn
  • A bank of peas
  • Bank of beans
  • Garlic - three or four lobules
  • Crackers - one pack
  • Mayonnaise

Preparation: So, we mix all this colorful beauty in one salad bowl, we add garlic and mayonnaise. Before serving, pour a packet of any crackers into the salad. That's all! Is anyone ready to argue that you are not a skilled cook? That's the same! And if you decide to disprove the name in the word "lazy" and work on a salad - you can add a little Bulgarian pepper to it, though .... Why ruin the philosophy of this dish ?!

Salad "Zaykin's joy"

Suggest you this colorful salad to anyonebunny - and he gladly wove the contents, but better keep this dish for yourself. In addition to the sea of ​​vitamins and nutrients that will benefit the body, this salad has one more important feature: it will help you to get enough, without causing any harm to the figure. So eat it on health - your hips and waist are safe. And it is called salad because its main ingredient is a carrot (however, it is also unlikely that the cross-eyed pea would refuse a pea with corn). Ingredients:

  • Carrots - four hundred grams
  • Half a can of green peas
  • Half a can of canned corn
  • Bulb - one piece
  • Vinegar 3% - three tablespoons
  • Light mayonnaise (low calorie)
  • Sugar - two teaspoons
  • Salt to taste

Preparation: Washed carrots cleaned and cut into small strips, put in enameled dishes and pour a mug of boiling water. We add vinegar, salt and sugar there, close tightly with a lid and boil for eight to ten minutes. Cool, throw back in a colander. We mix the resulting carrots with peas, corn, finely chopped onions. Season with mayonnaise and put in the refrigerator. After half an hour a delicious salad is ready! As you can see, peas and corn are just invaluable ingredients for the most delicious and varied salads. Eat for health, hit the imagination of your loved ones. Bon Appetit! We advise you to read: