rice mushroom Recently, the hobby of folk medicinebecomes almost a pandemic. What is the reason, we will not find out. However, on TV screens, in magazines and in newspapers, there is more and more information about folk methods of treating all sorts of diseases and all new and new miracle cures that are not recognized by official medicine or, on the contrary, they find confirmation of their properties from professionals. One such means - sea Indian rice, or, as it is also called, rice mushroom. For many, information about this wonderful phenomenon is an opening, and the healing properties of rice mushrooms are simply amazing. Rice mushroom has such properties that it can rightly be called a panacea for all ills. He can treat a lot of diseases, among which there are very serious. And he not only heals, but also eliminates the causes of these diseases. Is not it a miracle? So what is this amazing tool for itself, and how to use it? Let's figure it out.

What is a rice mushroom?

Its name was a rice mushroom because of the similaritywith rice grains. The name of the sea, most likely, originated from the concept of the overseas, as it came to Russia together with the seafarers, who brought it from across the sea. It is believed that the first healing properties of rice mushroom found Tibetan monks, and therefore call it and Tibetan, Indian, Chinese or Japanese mushroom. The name "live" this mushroom has received thanks to the life-giving power of a drink prepared from it, and also the ability to live - to grow and multiply. In fact, the rice (sea) fungus is a living organism, or rather, a microorganism and is a kind of bacteria called zoolei. Other species known to us are tea gibi and milk fungus. Zoogloea looks like slime or mucous film, and in translation means "sticky substance". It appears as a result of fermentation of beer or wine and contains acetic acid bacteria. Of all the species, the rice mushroom is considered the most healing. mushroom rice

The Benefits of a Rice Mushroom

Rice (Indian) mushroom has a very wideapplication. His infusion is drunk in diseases of the nervous system, insomnia, stuttering, epilepsy, furunculosis, diseases of the cardiovascular and immune system, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pharyngitis, colds. He heals from gastrointestinal diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heals tumors, periodontitis, stomatitis and even restores potency in men! In addition, the Indian mushroom relieves fatigue, strengthens the immune system, increases tone, lowers blood pressure and rejuvenates the body. It replaces antibiotics in inflammatory processes and dissolves salt in the joints. In general, it is used for a hundred diseases. Such a natural pharmacy! Valuable infusion of rice mushroom and as an effective cosmetic. Not only that, in general, this drink has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails, it can be used instead of cosmetic milk. The infusion of rice mushroom perfectly cleanses the skin, removing dirt and grease from it, and also saturates it with vitamins and minerals. Masks based on sea kvas refresh the skin and increase its elasticity, and baths with the addition of this drink give an effect comparable to the action of sea salt. When adding sea mushroom to hair masks, their healing and regenerative effect is greatly enhanced. Such masks are used in the treatment of weakened hair and when they fall out. It is not for nothing that shampoos, balms and conditioners for hair, and also nourishing masks are made on the basis of sea rice. And what is important, unlike domestic use, Indian mushroom as an external therapeutic and cosmetic means is practically safe and has no contraindications. It turns out that the useful properties of the marine fungus are known to people for a very, very long time. A drink made from rice mushroom was produced as a result of fermentation, and it was used as a means of quenching thirst, both as a medicine and as a cosmetic and hygienic remedy.

Preparation and care of rice mushroom

Preparation of a drink from a rice mushroom is not difficult,and care for him is quite simple. To grow rice mushrooms at home, you only need a glass jar and unopened clear water. At will, dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, prunes) and a little sugar can be added to Indian kvass in small quantities. To prepare one liter of the drink, you need four tablespoons of rice mushroom. How to prepare a drink from rice mushroom (Indian kvass)? Two tablespoons of sugar are well dissolved in water at room temperature and put in a liter of cold water along with four spoons of sea rice. In the drink add a dozen highlights or a few pieces of prunes, dried apricots or other dried fruits. Care for the fungus is very simple. The bank with rice kvass is covered with gauze and put in a shade, it is better in the kitchen cupboard. Rice does not tolerate direct sunlight and heating, so it should be infused at room temperature. And still it is impossible, that on a mushroom the grains of sugar got, - he starts to hurt. The drink is infused for one or two days. It is decanted, then dried fruits are thrown away, and rice is washed with clean water and refueled. When rice kvass is ready, it is drunk ten to twenty minutes before meals three times a day. Positive changes in the body come in three weeks. If you decide to drink such kvass, it is better to consult a doctor first. Indian kvass has some contraindications, so do not treat it yourself. Otherwise, instead of using the drink, the rice mushroom will cause considerable harm, and it will take even longer to heal. If everything is in order, then drink it infusion every day for several weeks for prevention. The state of health will improve, fatigue will disappear and cheerfulness will appear. Indian rice mushroom

Cultivation of rice mushroom

How to grow a rice mushroom? To do this, you need to take two mayonnaise jars and two 500-gram cans. Two mayonnaise jars are needed for grains of rice, which will give an increase throughout the treatment. Rice in these jars should be replaced every two days. Two half-liter jars will be needed to make the infusion. The main care for the fungus during its cultivation is the need for thorough washing of grains, otherwise they will stop growing and die. Infusion filtered through gauze, drink only fresh. It can only be stored for a day in a warm place. Very good Indian mushroom for weight loss. In it there is an enzyme that breaks down fats. It is called lipase. It is in our body, and it is produced by the glands of internal secretion. If these glands work poorly and do not emit lipase, we accumulate fats and recover. The infusion of sea rice increases the amount of lipase, and it is enough for the splitting of all excess fats in the body. As a result, metabolism is restored, weight and blood pressure is reduced. In order for this to happen, you need to drink a glass of sea rice two or three times a day for fifteen minutes before eating. Well, and, of course, for a good weight loss effect, you need to do gymnastics and eat less. So, if you do not have contraindications (hyperacidity, stomach or duodenum ulcers, and diabetes mellitus), then drink it to your health! It remains only to buy a starter, grow a marine mushroom and enjoy its refreshing taste and healing effect. Care for him you will not be burdensome, and the beneficial properties of this drink will necessarily have their curative effect. Be healthy! We advise you to read: