papillomas on the body Papillomas are some formations on the body,similar to pimples or moles. If they are not very many, the fair sex can not even pay attention to the problem in time. In most cases, outgrowths do not ache and do not cause any special discomfort, especially if they are located in closed areas of the skin. But do not treat this disease with condescension. Sometimes benign tumors grow into malignant ones. And when this happens - now or 20 years later, it is impossible to predict. Therefore, having found on your body papillomas, immediately contact a specialist.

Why there were neoplasms

HPV is a viral disease that can beeven through a handshake. It is enough not to wash your hands with soap, sit down at the table and take the dirty fingers of bread. Often, papilloma is transmitted sexually, from mother to child or when using carrier things. Penetrating through the tissues of the body, the virus may not appear for several years. But as soon as there is any failure, the papillomas immediately begin to cover the body of the girl. Therefore, before starting treatment for benign formations, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination. It is much easier to eliminate the cause, rather than fight the consequences. What could wake the virus

  • Diseases of internal organs. In this case, be sure to visit the gynecologist and endocrinologist. Hormonal disorder is one of the main causes of the manifestation of the virus.
  • Diseases of the stomach, intestines.
  • Incorrectly selected drugs. If you drink antibiotics, vitamins or medications, tell your doctor immediately about this side effect. He must prescribe other drugs.

After you find the cause and curefrom HPV, send for examination those with whom you have been in contact lately. If someone from your family is also a carrier of the virus, you can get sick again. Do not postpone the trip to the doctor, even if the body of the son or husband does not have papilloma. Do not forget that all processes can proceed without external manifestations. papilloma on body treatment

Types of papillomas and the location of their dislocation

  • Simple (vulgar)

In adults, these data are most oftenappear on the hands. The build is a small, slightly hard pillow. Usually they do not cause any special physical discomfort. However, fingers, strewn with papillomas, do not look very attractive. Note, if you find even 2-3 defects on the skin, immediately go to the dermatologist. The virus may not manifest itself at first. But if there is an exacerbation, the problem will spread throughout the body. And then to struggle with HPV will be much more difficult.

  • Plantar

Often such formations on the soles of the feet are confusedwith calluses and begin to fight them with folk methods. As a result, there is deterioration, itching and pain when walking. Remember once and for all, the papilloma is distinguished by a rough and rough surface.

  • Thread-like

This kind of papillomas is most often found inof women after 40. At first, a barely noticeable yellowish spot forms on the skin, which later begins to stretch. Acrochords can reach up to 6 millimeters in length. The main location is the area of ​​the neck, back, groin, armpits and eyes. Unfortunately, this kind of build-up does not pass by itself.

  • Flat

Light yellow formations may appear wherebut most often they arise on the hands and face. Neoplasms cause itching, redness, swelling, inflammation of the part of the body on which they are. In this case, the color of the built-up edge will not be different from the skin tone.

Removal of build-up in a polyclinic

To date, there are 4 ways to removepapillomas on the body. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with each method and consult with a specialist. And in any case, contact only professionals who understand this matter. Frozen: quickly, efficiently, inexpensively. Neoplasms are treated with a solution of liquid nitrogen, as a result of which the affected tissues begin to break down. The place where this remedy was used turns red, then becomes covered with a thin crust. After 2-3 days on this site there is only a pink speck that passes with time. Unconditional plus of a frost is that after it on a body there are no scars or cicatrixes. In this case, papillomas disappear from your skin after a week. And you do not have to go in bandages, plasters, hiding the problem under the clothes. This procedure is considered painless, therefore anesthesia is not applied. But sometimes patients still feel slight burning and tingling. Salicylic acid Despite the fact that this method is as effective as the previous one, the representatives of the fair sex very rarely resort to it. The fact is that the course of treatment takes longer. And not everyone has the desire or the opportunity to constantly go to the doctor in charge. So, salicylic acid has truly magical properties. It not only helps to remove build-ups and formation on the body, but also prevents inflammation. It is a rather good antiseptic, which is used for various skin diseases. But you can use this medicine only if prescribed by a doctor. There are a number of contraindications when it is impossible to remove papillomas by this method. If you have excessive dryness of the skin, scaling or scratches, you will also have to think about another option. Before the procedure, a specialist should test salicylic acid on a small part of the body. And if you immediately get irritation, swelling, itching, inflammation, then you have an allergy. Chemical reagents After the dermatologist inspects you and holds a couple of tests, he will offer you several options for removing the papilloma. But in this case you run the risk of your health. If the doctor makes a mistake, you will have to fight with allergic manifestations on the body. Therefore, it is so important to get into the hands of a real professional. Electrocoagulation: we remove by current For today it is one of the most popular ways of removal of outgrowths on a skin. A special device that reproduces direct and alternating current has a special effect on problem areas. In the first case, the device is used to combat acne, scars, pimples. In the second - to eliminate benign neoplasms on the body. After electrocoagulation sometimes there are scars, spots, etc. footprints. On a full recovery, you will take no more than two weeks (at least 8 days). If necessary (after 3 months), you can repeat the procedure to get rid of some skin defects. Please note, if you wish, you can send the papilloma for analysis to the laboratory. There I investigate these growths to determine whether they were malignant or not. The laser: the latest achievements of science and technology If earlier women were distrustful of this device, now they use it almost everywhere. In beauty salons, with its help, they struggle with excess vegetation on the body, they are removed by facial wrinkles. The surgical laser can easily cope with papillomas on the skin. As for the minuses, they are not so many. Before starting, local anesthesia is done so that you do not feel burning, discomfort or pain. Note that some patients may have an allergy to anesthetics. In addition, if the papilloma is large, there may be traces on the skin. In the postoperative period, you will have to limit yourself in some pleasures. You can not go to saunas, swimming pools, play sports, sunbathe. The main thing is to ensure proper care in order to avoid relapse. unpleasant papillomas on the body

Fight against papillomas by folk methods

Still some hundred-two hundred years ago there was nolasers, no chemical solutions, no electrical devices. Our great-grandmothers struggled with outgrowths with the help of products that were at their fingertips. In some cases, preparations at home have very quickly removed such formations on the skin. Treatment with celandine Take several bundles of freshly chopped celandine, chop on a blender and squeeze out the juice. Boil the liquid until you get a thick, monotonous mass. Daily lubricate each papilloma for 3 minutes with the product obtained. Do this until there is no new growth on the body. Be careful with such a tool - the celandine is incredibly toxic! After the procedure, be sure to wash your hands with soap. Do not take the dishes that you normally use to prepare the medicine. To avoid the occurrence of an allergic reaction, be sure to pre-test the liquid on the elbow fold. Herbal Tincture Mix in equal proportions dried leaves of nettle, plantain, dandelion root and lemon balm. Brew everything with cold water (3 tablespoons of herbs - 4 cups of liquid), boil for 10 minutes, then leave to infuse. After a couple of hours strain the broth through the cheesecloth. Drink 2 tablespoons of this wonderful drink 3 times a day. Preferably - half an hour before eating. The course of treatment is 7 days. Tincture of walnuts So, in the beginning you will need to find nuts, which have not yet fully ripened. They usually have a soft shell, and inside they have a mucous fluid. Grind them on a blender or in a meat grinder. The result should be 650 ml of processed fruit. Put everything in a jar, fill it with purified kerosene. Close the lid tightly and leave to infuse the mixture in a dry, dark and cool place. Be careful that children or pets do not get there before you. After three weeks, strain the tincture. Within 14 days, lubricate the damaged area with a cotton swab. If liquid gets on a clean skin, immediately rinse with plenty of warm water. Store the prepared mixture only in a dark bottle. In any case, before you decide to do self-medication, be sure to consult with a specialist. Do not use folk methods if the education increases, it hurts or itches. Also remember, to remove papillomas - does not mean to completely recover from HPV. The virus is not so easy to get rid of. So do not be surprised if after 2-3 months the whole body will again cover with growths. We advise you to read: