1 Feeling of discomfort and pain duringCritical days are familiar to many women not by hearsay. About 50% of representatives of the weaker sex experience constant or periodic, pulling or cramping pain. According to doctors, the causes of painful periods are in two spheres: psychological and gynecological. In the first case, menstrual pain can be caused by increased anxiety, anxiety and stress, and dissatisfaction with the sexual life. It is very difficult to name the exact reason in the second case. Only a doctor can make the correct diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment. You can relieve your condition without waiting for the results of the tests and the verdict of the gynecologist. Use non-traditional methods, which in any case will not cause you any harm. An uncomplicated diet and special exercises will help you to think positively.

Diet for critical days

During menstruation hormones cause reductionmuscles of the uterus, so the organs adjacent to it often begin to contract. As a result, in most women during critical days, the functions of the digestive system are disrupted. Therefore, menstrual pains are often accompanied by flatulence, diarrhea or constipation. What is possible and what is prohibited? Can:

  • chicken and fish
  • chamomile and peppermint with lemon and honey
  • porridge on the water (preferably without salt and sugar)
  • any fermented milk products
  • vegetables that have been thermally treated


  • milk and eggs
  • fruit
  • salt
  • carbonated drinks, tea, coffee
  • vegetables that have not been thermally treated
  • red meat
  • very cold food
  • use of oil and fats to minimize
  • alcohol

Tune in for the best

The knowledge and application of these techniques is not capable ofonly help in combating the psychological causes of pain during critical days, but also make every woman more calm and happy. However, the exercises should be performed daily, regardless of the critical days of the cycle. This is the main condition for success. 1. Three reasons for joy

  • Ask yourself before going to bed three questions:
  • Who gave you a pleasant surprise today?
  • Why do you say "thank you" to yourself?
  • And what made you smile during the day?

To consolidate a positive attitude, it is enoughremember even minor trifles, but they must be at least three. 2. "Drown" your sorrows Sit down, take a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now imagine a bath. In this capacity, do not hesitate, drain all your negative thoughts, which in your mind imagine in the form of dirty water rusty or black. When the bath is full, pull out the cork and watch it empty: the level of the negative decreases and decreases, it is already twisted by the funnel and finally disappears completely. But this is only the first part of the exercise. Now you have to imagine how you fill the bath again, only this time with clear, clear water of your positive expectations. You can open your eyes only after you fix this image in your thoughts. This exercise is enough to do 2-3 times a week, but it is not forbidden to do it every day. 3. Create a gallery of personal achievements In a free minute, sit down and make a list of your personal achievements. Ask yourself the question, in what situations and how often did you show your dignity to others? In doing so, try to remember everything to the smallest detail: when and where it was. Do not regret time, at least once a week, browse your gallery, supplementing the list with new achievements. 4. Personal oasis for happiness Find in your dreams a place where you could feel confident and calm. Describe your oasis of happiness in the smallest detail, while your task is not to create a flat picture, but a three-dimensional image. Everything is important here - and smells, and sounds, and colors, and objects that surround you in this paradise. For example, imagine yourself on the beach of an ocean on one of the exotic islands. What do you hear besides the soothing beating of the waves? Is the breeze blowing? Imagine the pleasant coolness of the rounded pebbles under your feet or the sand that has been warmed up for the day. What are the sensations of your skin from the affectionate touch of sunlight? Fix the image you created! Now, during the day, go back to him several times. Know, the more often you do it, the calmer and more confident you will become. 5. Five Steps to a New Life As a rule, in order to start a new life you need to finish the old one, and first of all, get rid of all the accumulated negative. Feel free to express all your hidden emotions. Confess to yourself in your own fears, grievances and pain. Do not be shy in the expressions, write a letter in which you describe the feelings you are experiencing towards a person or situation, because of which you had to suffer so much. Do not hold back, otherwise you may later face depression or other problems. After all, this letter still does not reach the addressee, just get rid of it: rip it into small pieces or burn and develop the ashes in the wind. This is only the first step to a new life. Now boldly make four more steps:

  • Check your balance: how much effort and time you give to work and the sphere of contacts, and how much remains on the inner world, hobbies and body.
  • Ask yourself, why do you need changes right now?
  • Decide with all your desires.
  • Figuratively, colorfully and in details imagine your happy future and tune in to the very best.

You'll see, you will succeed!