how to clean fur Before preparing for warm days, you needtake care of winter things. After a cold season, fur coats, hats and jackets take their place in the closet for several months. But before you can store these things for storage until the next winter, they must be cleaned. Something can be washed, something you can give to a dry cleaner, but what about a fur coat or a fur hat? Natural fur was always equated with luxury items. But recently, fortunately, fur products are available to most people. And in the conditions of our winter fur, rather, not a luxury, but a vital necessity. And to make products from it - fur coats, hats - do not lose their appearance, you have to be able to take care of fur. Natural fur is quite whimsical in the care, therefore it is desirable to clean a fur coat from natural fur in dry-cleaning. But if for some reason you do not want to take your thing to the dry cleaning, then you can try to deal with this on your own. And how to clean the fur in the home, we'll find out. First you need to make sure whether your fur coat is currently needed for cleaning. This can be done with a conventional hairdryer. Direct the jet of cold air to the fur and look:

  • if the villi are free and easy to fly, forming a dimple, which with the termination of the supply of air disappears, hence, the fur is clean;
  • if the fur is dull, stuck together, when blowing it with a hair dryer it does not swell, which means that enough dirt and dust accumulated on it, and it is necessary to clean the fur.

In the old days, fur was usedpowdered small bran or sawdust. This simple method is still relevant today for cleaning fur at home. Moreover, it is also environmentally friendly. In order to clean the fur in this way, the fur coat is spread on a flat surface, a sawdust or bran is poured on it evenly, and then they are carefully ground. You can do this with a brush. Then sawdust or bran is brushed or brushed off. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Cleaning of light fur

Very often asked the question, what to clean the lightmink fur coat and white fur on a hat or collar? The question is not accidental. White fur with time turns yellow, and loses appeal. A light mink coat and any other white fur can be cleaned in the previous way, but it is better to use potato starch, wheat flour or semolina for cleaning light fur. By the way, this is the most ideal way to clean a light fur at home. They say that cleaning by these means will be more effective if they are preheated to 70-80 degrees in a frying pan. The main thing is to make sure that the flour, starch or semolina is not burned, otherwise your white fur will be cleaned and tinted at the same time. Then the prepared flour or groats are also scattered evenly on the white fur or on the spread fur coat and knead fur. From the weak yellowness of white, hydrogen peroxide will save. To do this, the fur is simply wiped with a three- or five-percent hydrogen peroxide solution, repeating this procedure several times. There is a more radical way that you can clean white or any other light fur at home. For this, the starch (potato or corn) is mixed with gasoline until a uniform consistency is obtained. This tool is used to clean small, but heavily soiled areas. It must be remembered that the gasoline should be cleaned. For example, so you can clean the greasy collar, stain from fat, juice, etc. To do this, the resulting gruel is applied to the contaminated area, gently rub it with a brush, and then brush the mixture off the fur coat with the same brush. After that, the thing needs to be hung up on the balcony, until the smell of petrol completely disappears. It must be added that gasoline not only cleans white fur well, but also degreases it and smudges, which also significantly extends the life of any fur product. How to clean fur at home

Cleaning of other types of fur

You can clean the old fur with potatocleaning. Rinse them well under running water, and then pass through a meat grinder with a fine mesh. Add a little bit of ammonia to the resulting slurry, apply it to a dirty place and thoroughly wipe it with a clothes brush. After that, rinse thoroughly and wipe the thing. Dry the coat after cleaning should be at home at room temperature, hanging it on your hangers. To clean a fur coat from a fur with a long pile, for example, from a polar fox or a fox, salt is recommended. Take the salt of fine grind, sprinkle the fur and walk on it with a brush. If the fur is heavily soiled, prepare such a solution: for half a liter of water, take three teaspoons of salt and a teaspoon of ammonia. Dip the dressing brush into the solution and gently walk through the fur in a delicate manner. Then let it dry. If there is a greasy stain on your coat, you can remove it with a solution of ammonia and table salt. To do this, stir in half a liter of warm water three teaspoons of table salt and one teaspoon of ammonia. Sponge soaked in this solution, gently remove the greasy stain from the fur. And how to clean at home artificial fur? It is easiest to clean with gruel and ordinary washing powder, diluted with water. By the way, most often artificial fur easily tolerates normal washing. Only before you wash the fur coat from faux fur, you need to turn the lining off.

How to make the fur glisten and not yellow?

If the mink coat does not need to be cleaned, and furon it just a little lost shine, try combing it with a frequent metal comb. If the comb does not, then fur can use another of the home remedies and wipe it with a solution of table vinegar or medical alcohol with a sponge. For the preparation of the solution, take in equal parts water and vinegar or alcohol. In this mixture, dab your sponge and gently walk it over the surface of the fur. In order to simply return the coat to its original shine, it must be very carefully discarded, and then walk along the surface of the fur with a clothing brush moistened with refined gasoline. In order not to yell white fur, they need to be wiped with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. For this, a tablespoon of peroxide is added to one liter of water. The same solution, only more concentrated, is cleaned yellowed white fur. In order not to damage the fur, fur is wiped with a solution only on top. In addition, in order for the fur coat to have a strong and beautiful shine, gently wipe the fur with a tissue napkin or sponge dampened with acetic essence. Remember that the essence is very caustic, so work better in rubber gloves. You can also restore the fur gloss at home with a walnut. To do this, crush the kernels of walnuts, wrap them in gauze, folded twice, and then wipe the swab with fur on the nap. Fur, absorbing nut oil, acquires a stable and beautiful shine. Fur coat for a long time will have a spectacular luster. After that, fur should be combed with a clothes brush with natural bristles. how to clean white fur

Tips for caring for fur products

If your fur coat dried up the leather base, itscan be restored. To do this you will need glycerol or vaseline oil and egg yolk. Pound a well yolk with one tablespoon of glycerin or Vaseline and add half a liter of warm water. With this compound, wipe the basis of the fur from the back. Then dry it, hanging it upside down. When the fur coat dries, stretch it and pull it in all directions. If fur coats are coarsened on your fur coat, then this defect can be easily corrected at home, as follows. Prepare a solution of acetic essence - two tablespoons per liter of water. Moisten the skin with this solution, then gently mash and spread the fur in different directions. Repeat this procedure two to three times every two to three hours. After that, dry the fur coat in stretched form, again smudge and grease the prepared emulsion: 15-20 drops of ammonia and 100 g of castor oil per liter of warm water. Fold the fur coat with masdra to the fungus and soak it for three to four hours. Then hang it and dry it again. If the fur is stuck, walk on it with a damp sponge to wet the pile. Then comb the fur in the direction of the nap and hang the fur coat on the shoulders to dry. When the fur dries, shake the coat thoroughly.

Storage of fur items

After you brought a fur coat in after winterorder, it's time to pack it for summer storage. To do this, dry it in a draft or in the air, but in the shade. After that, the fur coat should be gently shaken out and knocked out. Keep fur coats in summer is best in bags of thick paper or in polyethylene covers. If you put a polyethylene cover on the coat, ensure that it has air access so that the fur does not deteriorate. Do not forget to put a remedy in there for moths. Since we were talking about light coats, then we offer you a small secret for storing fur coats, so that fur does not yellow. Sew for a light coat a bag of blue fabric. If you believe in the effectiveness of grandmother's methods, it is the blue fabric that protects the bright fur from yellowing. A hat made of white fur can be stored by wrapping it in blue paper. You can protect your thing from moths with a dried orange peel, leaves of geranium or tobacco. In addition, the stores sell special funds from moths. Only in any case do not pour the fur on mothballs. This, of course, an effective tool, but you will not be able to weather the fur coat from him. Keep the fur coat in a wardrobe, but in such a way that it will not be cramped among other things. Otherwise, the fur will stop. Putting a fur coat in a cover, you can stuff her sleeves with fresh newspapers. Firstly, it will prevent the formation of wrinkles on the sleeves, and secondly, it will scare away the mole, because it does not tolerate the smell of printing ink. Newspapers need to be changed at least once a month. Never hang things near you from the dyed and unpainted fur so that the unpainted fur does not stain. You can not hang a fur coat against a wall, whitewashed with lime, because it spoils the fur. If you want to always smell pleasantly from the fur coat, when disposing it for storage, put a handkerchief or cambric napkin impregnated with your favorite perfumes into the pocket of your fur coat. The natural fur absorbs well and keeps all smells. On the eve of winter, when you take out a fur coat from the cupboard, it will look great and smell nice. We advise you to read: