Summer kindergarten in Moscow for junior schoolchildren Anyone feels great for a year,if he had a good rest in the summer. He has a good mood, increases immunity. For a child, summer vacation is of great importance. It is important at least for a while to leave the noisy dusty city, breathe fresh rest, spend time cheerfully and profitably. Unfortunately, not all parents can take the child to the resorts or at least to the village for a good rest. But this does not mean that the child should be deprived of such an important summer holiday, all his charms he will be able to appreciate with the help of our summer kindergarten.

How to organize a holiday for a child without leaving the city

Without leaving Moscow, you can arrange forthe kid is a fascinating and useful summer vacation. Kindergarten "Treasure Island" has developed a special program for the summer, and from June 1 we accept children who can have a great rest. Parents can not worry about the fact that the child spends summer in the city. Our kindergarten, is located in the park "Dubki", among the greenery and beautiful nature. For a child, this will not be just an ordinary garden, but a real summer camp for children, with various entertainments, useful developmental activities, and a carefully designed regime of the day.

What should give a child a summer kindergarten?

accepts children from one year. We guarantee the following:

  • professionalism and devotion to the work of all our employees, who give each child maximum attention;
  • security, which is provided around-the-clock protection of premises, territory for games, constant medical control;
  • an individual approach to each child, which contributes to the disclosure of all the abilities of the baby and its successful adaptation in the team;
  • An interesting program that consists of a large number of activities, games, theater visits, walks;
  • comfortable rooms for games and sleep, delicious food, well-equipped playgrounds.

Social adaptation

Social adaptation - in All parents know how important it is for a childsocial adaptation. A child feels protected in his own family, but at a certain age he must stay with strangers for a while, interact with other kids. It is impossible to avoid this, but it is important to adapt as softly as possible without hurting the child. In our kindergarten, this happens in the best way. Perhaps many parents are frightened by the summer children's camp, they are afraid to leave their child without their attention. But in our kindergarten, children feel fine, experienced teachers and psychologists take into account all the individual characteristics and help even very timid children to easily join the team. Thus parents can take away the child every evening, and can leave with spending the night. The advantage of our summer kindergarten is that you can pay not for a whole month, but only for a week or even a day in advance. This allows you to send the child to us for a period that is convenient for parents, without spending extra money.

Entertainment for every taste and with benefit

The main thing that children like that come tous, - all kinds of entertainment and activities. Children learn foreign languages, dance, sing, play small plays, draw, go on excursions and walks. But these entertainments are organized not only for a pleasant pastime, but for the all-round development of small personalities. You yourself will notice how many new things the child learns after every day spent in the summer kindergarten.