gift for 1 year child On the eve of the birth of the baby avoid fussunlikely to succeed. And, as a rule, the most time is spent on gifts. And to be more precise - to their search and acquisition. This is not surprising, because you can not know exactly what should be a gift for 1 year child. And if an adult is still forgiving a mistake and an unsuccessful choice, the child can not spoil the holiday in any case. So, what to give to children and how to choose this gift? This will be discussed in today's article.

Features of the psyche "govadovika"

In order to choose the right gift for 1year, you need to know and understand the features of his thinking and perception of the world. Many parents note that the first birthday is associated with the so-called "one year crisis". This is the time when a child rises to his feet, begins to actively explore the world and meets with various obstacles and bans from adults. He reacts negatively to them and learns to be more independent. Parents should take this into account when interacting with the baby, and also choosing gifts for him on the first birthday. At the age when the child is 1 year old, he already has the ability to concentrate attention, albeit weakly expressed. He can observe with interest something for a short time. But we need to understand that the attention of the child is unstable and easily switches, and its small volume allows one to do something - either to roll a machine or listen to my mother's song. Therefore, gifts for the yearling should not simultaneously overload all perceiving systems and instantly switch attention. A kid at 1 year is also able to remember some events, so games involving this process may be of interest to him. He has the most developed motor memory, so the actions are remembered most easily. The child has a more adequate and objective idea of ​​space, because he actively explores the surrounding things. A kid at 1 year becomes available perception of colorless contours, and that's why it becomes interesting to look at pictures in books. This also contributes to the development of the imagination of the child, which is just beginning to form. Be sure to consider these features, choosing a gift for a little man! gift to the child for 1 year

What is the best gift?

Of course, very young children are not yetrealize that this is such a holiday - a birthday. However, the decorated room, the elegant cake, the smiles of adults and the good fairytale atmosphere and, of course, the gifts can not remain unnoticed even for such a crumb, no matter how old he is. He will necessarily understand that something good is happening, and, to the best of his ability, will take part in the general merriment. And the culmination of this will be positive emotions from a new thing. Choose a gift for your baby for 1 year is not so difficult. For example, if your child does not yet have a developing mat, he can be a great birthday present. And you can buy it, and you can do it yourself - it's quite simple, and it will not be worse than the one bought. The only negative - this is free time, which on the threshold of preparation for the first birthday of the baby is extremely small, so take care of its production in a timely manner. In addition, almost all children, without exception, with pleasure and for a long time play with designers from large blocks. The main thing that needs to be checked at the time of purchase is that the package indicates the age category of the child for whom it is intended. Such gifts are very useful for the development of the child - they develop the logical thinking of the baby and his small motor skills. In addition, a good gift for 1 year will come from a hanging swing that will take the child for a long time, and on the development of the vestibular apparatus will have the most positive impact. When choosing a swing, you should check for strength all the parts of the parts and fastenings - the safety of the baby above all! Do not forget about the soft toys, because they can become a true friend to your child at this age. A girl as a gift for 1 year you can choose a bright and elegant doll, and a boy - a teddy bear. Be sure to study the materials from which the toy is made: they must be eco-friendly and free of harmful substances (bisphenol A, formaldehyde and others). A separate item should be mentioned cars and other vehicles, which small boys like to roll in 1 year. And the child needs them in various sizes and shapes: large - in order to walk behind it and slowly roll it ahead of you, small - to quickly move quickly from one point to another, the truck - to put all sorts of "important goods" in it - details of pyramids and designers. Surely you have already noticed that boys from the earliest childhood are interested in cars - so why not satisfy their interest? By the way, children in 1 year are interested in a variety of transport, and not just cars. A good gift for a kid is a railway with an electric train, wheels turning around on it. Just remember that you will probably play with it with the child, because there are full of small details, as well as switches that can only be used by adults. But your baby will definitely love the buzzing and lit up train that drives his favorite toys. The musical abilities of children need to be developed from childhood, and this will help you singing and playing songs gifts. For example, a musical suitcase with slots for various figures. When an object, for example, a square, falls into the corresponding hole, it emits a certain sound, which leads the child to indescribable joy. Gradually, the child will remember which forms the slits correspond to, and will cease to make mistakes in playing with the suitcase, which, by the way, contributes to the development of visual-efficient thinking. The sea of ​​delight at the kid in 1 year will cause such gift, as a musical phone. It looks like an ordinary, but bright and large device, only when you press the buttons he pronounces letters, voices colors or names figures - this is his developing function. Some phones "know how" to sing songs and flash lights - it depends on the specific set of functions in the toy. There are generally terrific interactive centers that combine a platform on wheels, singing songs, various sounds such as meowing and wailing, sets of rattles, and even some tactile "entertainments." Do not doubt, this center will be able to occupy your baby for a long time. Choosing gifts for a one-year-old child is a serious matter. Take it with all responsibility, but remember that even in the best and brightest toys the child is the most fun to play with loving his parents, and he will not want to be left alone. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that by giving the child his gift, you yourself will need to show him how to use it, and also try it out together in new games. We advise you to read: