new life to old things Pressed life circumstances, forcingpeople on something to save, sometimes lead to unpredictable results! For example, for reasons of economy, Italian pizza has emerged and become world-famous and unusually popular, and forced saving of fabric has led to the emergence of decorative and applied art of patchwork. Thrift (not to be confused with stinginess!) Has been and remains one of the valuable qualities of man, and the ability to give new life to old things allows not only to save money, but to realize its creative potential. Of course, today resuscitation and alteration of old things pursues both these goals. Someone is simply insanely sorry to part with old and sweethearted things, and someone really has to follow the saying "aim at the invention of cunning." But, regardless of the goals, there are only two ways to achieve them: either we restore the old thing, or we turn it into something completely new. That's it about the last one and we'll talk. What can be done from old things, breathing new life into them?

Old clothes

Of course, to make old clothesUpdate, it is necessary to be able to sew and / or knit. Here, for example, out-of-fashion dresses, skirts, trousers and izhe with them ... If they have lost only fashionable urgency, but have kept quite a decent appearance, then do not rush to throw these things away. First, they will serve as an excellent material for sewing children's clothing. Secondly, these things can be used as a basis for the manufacture of patchwork products, and this is not only clothing, but also all kinds of capes and covers for furniture, kitchen potholders, quilts and quilts. And thirdly, old things are quite suitable for making new clothes for them and for themselves: the trousers can easily turn into shorts or a skirt, a dress in a sarafan, and a jacket in a vest. Jeans - this is generally a separate topic. Denim fabric is so universal material that it can find a new life in the form of bags, bedspreads, covers for car seats. By the way, for quilting sewing jeans are also quite suitable. Just do not forget that all the things must first be washed and ironed, and then you already have to make something new from them. Old knitwear of home knitting. Again, if the yarn from which these things were tied is still strong, then it's enough just to dissolve the old knitted clothes, wash and straighten the yarn and use it to knit new things. Believe me, with due diligence the things connected with such threads will not look any worse than those made from brand new yarn. In any case, even if you do not risk knitting half-wool or sweaters from this yarn, then it will become a suitable material for socks and mittens. In addition, a new high-quality yarn is expensive enough that you are tempted by the prospect of getting free material for knitting. Stockings and pantyhose. As a rule, these wardrobe items are immediately sent to the trash as soon as they burst (sometimes even before they reach the first wash). And by the way, cut into thin strips, they become an excellent "yarn" for crocheted crochets or knitting needles, bags and sponges. And still old pantyhose you can stuff cushions or soft toys. They can be used for textile sculpture or the manufacture of artificial flowers. And also nylon pantyhose will perfectly cope with the role of a dressing material in the garden and in the garden, a paint filter for repairs, a blanket for storing blankets and pillows. old things a new life

Home textiles

Here, of course, the options are much less thanin the case of old clothes. However, home textiles can also find a new life in your able hands. Here, for example, bed linen. Qualitative chintz, satin and linen - fabrics durable and strong. The sheets most quickly wear out, and even then not entirely, but only in the middle. Cutting stripes from entire edges of sheets, it is possible to sew new complete sets of bed-clothes or at least new sheets or duvet covers. Bored blankets and bedspreads can also be updated by cutting them into pieces and sewing new bedspreads in patchwork technique. If it is difficult to sew thick plaids, then the flaps can be joined with a crochet hook and a suitable yarn. Terry towels. Wear, like the sheets, mostly in the middle. The edges, as a rule, remain whole and even soft and fluffy. Throwing such towels is a pity, but what to do? And you can do the following. First, you can give a new life to large bath towels by turning them into small kitchen towels. Secondly, from such towels it is possible to make a beach bag (or a bag for a pool), terry slippers or shorts or even a terry robe for children. And also - kitchen potholders, children's bibs, scouring pads and rugs. Tablecloths. We are talking, of course, about linen tablecloths. As a rule, they come into disrepair not because they wear out, but because they are "decorated" with practically unbranched spots, but the edges of the tablecloth are usually clean. And most often the edges of the tablecloths are especially decorative. Therefore from such beautiful, whole and clean edges it is possible to sew linen napkins or bags for storage of loose products, and also kitchen towels or potholders.


Disappeared or out of fashionfurniture, is usually sent to a landfill or, at best, to a dacha. However, it is also possible to give new life to old furniture. And even if gentle female hands can not cope with such a task as furniture restoration, here are some examples of non-traditional use of traditional furniture. What do we get rid of, as from having lost its former attractiveness and chic? Out of fashion walls, which replaced all sorts of fashionable slides and modular furniture. However, removable mezzanines from such walls may well continue their life in your home, turning, for example, into a shoe box or into a large and roomy bedside table in the children's room. The bookcase from the wall will easily become a hanger in the hallway if you remove the doors and shelves from it and fasten the hooks for clothes. By the way, having placed beside this closet another mezzanine (a shoe box), you will get a ready-made hallway. If you are confused by the unpresentable appearance of such a "new" furniture, then simply update the hardware and use a self-adhesive film. By the way, for ladies who own the technique of decoupage, it will not be difficult to update any furniture at all. It can be an old grandmother buffet or chest of drawers, a kitchen set, a piano, and children's furniture. And the facade of the furniture can be updated by covering it with a cloth or simply by painting with acrylic paints and varnishing. As for the upholstered furniture, here, a completely new life, probably will not work. Having set a goal to put in order the old upholstered furniture, you, most likely, will have to restore it and repair it. You can, of course, try and do it on your own, but it's best to turn to specialists. And often buying a new sofa costs even cheaper than its restoration with repair and constriction. Although, if you do not spend on the new upholstery fabric, and sew a patchwork for these purposes, the old unpresentable furniture will really look like a new one, and most importantly - it will be unique, since you will not find anything like it in other houses. And the basis for such a cloth can serve as a dense and durable fabric from any old clothes or the same jeans. old things a new life


In fact, it's better to throw out old dishes immediately,especially if it has cracks, chips and dents. However, there are also options to give new life to old things. For example, plates and dishes. They can be hung on the wall, previously decorated with decoupage napkins or painted with acrylic paints. Wall decorations for the kitchen will also be painted covers from pots or old forms for baking. Cups. There are not so many options: you can, for example, use them as miniature flower pots. And faience and ceramic cups, saucers and plates will serve as an interesting material for ceramic mosaic. However, for this you will have to break them first, and then take the most smooth pieces from the fragments. As for the metal dishes, she has only one chance to find a new life - to go to the country house as flower pots. But spoons and forks may well serve as a material for decorative panels in the kitchen or original hooks (if they are pre-bent). But this idea is suitable only for especially creative hostesses who value originality and are independent of someone else's opinion.

Other ideas

In general, I must say that a new life is capable ofto find almost any old thing, unless, of course, it is not yet at death. And lovers of homemade creations so that you simply marvel! The course is all (or almost all). Judge for yourself. Old fibre suitcase turns into a vintage coffee table or in a stylish and comfortable couch-sofa for pets. Old tennis rackets can become a new frame for the mirror. A hopelessly broken umbrella (or rather, the top of it) will serve as material for a shopping bag, kitchen apron or school bag for change shoes. Gramplastinki become new flower pots, and burnt out electric bulbs - painted Christmas-tree toys. CD-disks are used as a decorative coating for walls, make them lampshades and photo frames. The inside of the door from the old fridge is used as a hanging shelf for the bathroom. Even the toilet bowls and washbasins, having moved to country sites, turn into creative garden pots or simply serve as the basis for a flower bed. In a word, the imagination of the little man knows no bounds in his desire to give new life to old things. However, creativity is creative, but you still need to know the measure. Sometimes people try to create something new from frank trash, which is more like a painful condition than thrift and creativity.


If for you in the foreground there is still thrift and the desire to preserve or revive old and expensive things for you, then decide what is more suitable for you:

  • Repair (elimination of breakages and damages, updating of a thing with preservation of its purpose);
  • Restoration (restoration of the original form of a shabby thing);
  • Alteration (changing the function of things);
  • Use as a material for a new thing.

If none of the above points foryou do not fit, then there is only one way out - recycling. This means that the dear thing to you just outlived its time, turning into a hopeless junk. And with such things you need to part mercilessly! Sometimes the new life of old things turns out to be unnecessary not only for you, but even for these things. Do not be frugal beyond measure!