knit crochet dress for girl All girls like to play dolls. And even modern children, famously controlled with a computer, have not lost the need for traditional games and toys. Only if the girls of the "pre-computer" era enjoyed the pleasure of sewing, knitting or cutting out of paper new outfits for dolls, then modern girls are content with virtual models. And, note, with age women do not lose interest in such disguises. Growing up and becoming mothers girls with pleasure continue the game in dolls, only models are already their own children, nephews and grandchildren. And this sphere is a real paradise for needlewomen. Especially when it comes to clothes for girls. This is where all mothers (aunts, grandmothers) enthusiastically indulge in handicraft frenzy, dressing girls in all imaginable and unimaginable clothes, making them glamorous women of fashion or fairy princesses. Do you want to join this "clan of initiates"? Want to make some kind of unusual outfit for your little princess? Then we suggest you tie a dress for the girl, using for this, for example, a crochet.

Dress for baby

If in the handling of the hook you are not yet a dock, butto understand a lot of sophisticated schemes you still difficult, then try to tie a very simple and elegant sarafan. Using cotton threads or silk yarn, you can knit a light summer baby dress. If you take woolen or half-woolen threads, you will end up with a sarafan that can be worn with a turtleneck or with a sweater. By the way, such a dress-sarafan will be an excellent option for changing clothes for a kindergarten. The pattern of this dress is elementary: a coquette, a skirt and shoulder straps. So even a novice needlewoman will be able to cope with such a model. We begin knitting with a yoke. For it we need a yarn of two colors, for example, white and pink. We take a pink thread and make first a sliding loop, and then five air. We make one cape and in a sliding loop we tie three columns with a crochet. We tied three more air loops and three bars with a cuff in a sliding loop. Once again, three air loops and three columns with a crochet. We finish the square with three air loops and two columns with a crochet. We tighten the sliding loop and connect the series into the ring. As a result, we get the base of the square motif, which we tie in a circle, alternating threads of different colors and preserving the shape of the square. We use for this purpose air hinges and columns with a crochet. Experiment with this simple framework, and perhaps you can come up with a new pattern. Ready-made squares, and we need six or eight of them, stitched or hooked first to the ribbon, and then to the ring. Next, take a white thread and, attaching it to the coquette, begin to knit a skirt. The skirt of a sarafan can be made straight or flared, and it is necessary to knit it with the simplest pattern - columns with a crochet. We knit the skirt of the sarafan in a circle to the desired length. On the hem of the skirt you can put two or three bands of pink. We tie the bottom of the sarafan with a shell pattern, tying out five columns with a crochet from one hinge. The same pattern we tie up the top of the sarafan (coquette). Now it remains to bind the lyamochki of the desired width and length (again, the columns without the crochet). From pink yarn we knit a cord with brushes and pass it under a yoke. Dress-sarafan is ready! how to tie a dress for a girl crochet

Dress with skirt

Such an elegant dress is also on the strength of those who withcrochet more at you. It fits easily, and elegant is obtained due to a lush skirt and decorative trim. Begin to knit such a baby dress you need with a flirt, a pattern for which you can make on any children's T-shirt. For a better contrast, you need to take white yarn (as the main color of the dress) and bright (red, blue, turquoise) yarn for finishing. And you need to choose some pattern for the skirt, which we will knit in a circle. So, having made a pattern of a coquette we knit two details on it - in front and the back of the bodice for the dress. These details need to knit with a dense simple pattern, starting with the bottom of the coquette. Knit coquette T-shirt is very simple. To do this, just loosen the loops at the end or at the beginning of the rows, keeping the shape and size of the pattern. A coquette can be made short, ending under the breast: this version of the dress will suit little girls. For school girls, it is better to choose a model with a long bodice and a skirt starting from the waist. Having tied before and back, we sew them or we connect by a hook and we start knitting of a skirt. The skirt of this children's dress is essentially a ring and it is knitted in a circle. First you need to tie one row to the bottom edge of the coquette, and then knit the canvas-ring (like the fields of the hat) according to the scheme or the pattern of the openwork pattern, making the necessary number of additions in each row. However, for a light dress made of cotton or silk yarn, you can use simple patterns or even tie the skirt with columns with a crochet. When the skirt is tied to the desired length, you can proceed to elegant trim. To do this, contrast the shell of the skirt, armholes and neck of the dress with a contrasting thread of shell (or other similar) pattern. Now from this yarn tie three flowers of the same or different size, decorate the middle of the flowers with beads and sew flowers to the bodice of the dress along an oblique line - from the middle of the belt to the shoulder. To emphasize the girdle of the dress for the girl can be threaded under the coquette satin ribbon of the same color as the finish, and also with a tied cord-belt (also from contrast yarn). Knitted florets can be replaced by three-dimensional embroidery of rococo or flowers embroidered with satin ribbons.

Motifs in the style of patchwork

Hook - an excellent tool for knittingpatchwork. And in the style of patchwork sewing, you can tie up the original baby dress. Pattern you can choose any, but it's better to stay on strict models. So, for example, tie a straight all-colored sarafan or dress with a flared or straight skirt of patchwork and a monochrome bodice and sleeves. For knitted patchwork can use a variety of motifs: square, hexagonal, triangular. And from round motives you will get an openwork dress for the girl. You can combine motives in a certain sequence or use the style of crazy-patchwork, which combines different in form and texture elements. In general, crochet is comfortable to knit any children's dress: light or warm, delicate or dense, elegant or casual. Hook you can master any style, because the crocheted canvas can easily be adjusted to any pattern. So do not waste time, choose a pattern and pattern, buy yarn and knit a dress for your little princess. You will certainly succeed! We advise you to read: