Each of us has a place in the world, What is beyond us for years and closer, and more expensive, There it is easy to breathe, there is peace in the world Fadeev L. 1 Beautifully sang Talkov, beautifully sang other proClean ponds. Prior to my acquaintance with the Clean Ponds, I represented a truly beautiful corner of historical Moscow. A place that brings to mind the purity of thoughts, inspires, makes you think about a mortal world. Although you have to be honest and this place, really makes you think about a world of corruption. About his vanity, dirt, humiliation, delusions. A place that is perfect in songs only, but in reality it casts a turmoil of thought and longing. Boulevard. For someone, you live a boulevard, how do you feel, how do you breathe in the stench of alcohol and the marsh odors of the fountain? What do you think, how do you cope with thoughts, conversations, smells and mountains of garbage? I know that you are made to cry stunted flowers, dirty and drunk people sleeping on benches. It's hard for you to look at that young guy who is trying to get to his feet, but all his attempts are futile. And, every drunken attempt is poured with a pile of vodka and a pickled cucumber from a jar that is attached to it like a native aunt. Boulevard, as you, probably, sadly observe the picture of squalor and triumph of human vices. Here's that guy, all in black and drunk, like a band-mate at a wedding. Wet near the bushes, in front of the public. Peeing and neighing like a horse in a pasture. Spinning his jet not only bushes, but himself. And, alongside on a bench friends of the same informal orientation. They chew and rejoice, every throat of warm beer. Boulevard, your fountain. He is handsome, but the smell of the swamp does not let him enjoy his beauty. He drives on in the hope of finding Clean Ponds. Clean and cool, which will give this hot day freshness and relief. Clean ponds. A mockery? Irony? Pond. When were you clean? When did the human hands free you from burdensome dirt? You are beautiful. But the squalor of garbage and drunken homeless people do not let you enjoy your beauty. Is everything so bad? People, really everything is so bad. Clean ponds, this is a monument to human vices. Satan reigns there. Clean ponds, you are dirty not only in form, but also in content. Apparently you are trying to justify your native name - the Pogany Ponds. (historical information: it has been known since the XVII century as the Pogany pond (waste of nearby meat shops and slaughterhouses was dumped into it.) The river Rachka flowed from the pond, flowing to the south and flowing into the Moscow River from the future Educational House.) At the beginning of the 18th century it became part of the Moscow estate of A. D. Menshikov, was cleaned and since that time received the name of Pure Pond or Clean Ponds) And, only light and clean, these are ducks. They are not afraid of people, they are posing for photographers, they trust people. So, it's not all lost yet? Hence, there is a hope that Chistye Prudy, at one time will become truly clean. 1 Author: