long gloves The coming season tells us that stylishlook'i can not do without interesting accessories. And one of the most popular details in the women's wardrobe promises to be long gloves - this "chip" will definitely be accompanied by success. The reasons are clear: this accessory is quite an independent subject of outerwear, and at the same time it impresses with some of its extravagance. Such long gloves perfectly match with elegant evening dresses and decorate cozy and practical look'i in Casual style - this season they should be in the wardrobe of every girl who follows fashionable novelties. But which model to choose, what to focus on in the spring of 2012?

World of fashion gloves: an overview of the latest fashion

long leather gloves First of all it is necessary to say about the richfinished models - many girls will give preference to accessories, elegantly decorated with rhinestones, artificial stones, fringe or fur. It is clear why, because such long women's gloves are an excellent option for going out - they will make the look really luxurious and aesthetically complete. But the classic should also not be forgotten, especially since in the spring of 2012 it will be as relevant as possible because of the elegance and elegance that it can give to the female image. So boldly choose long leather gloves of black, brown, terracotta color - these colors are always in fashion. Actual will be also accessories, executed in a sports style - they will decorate the handles of active and active girls. By the way, color combinations in this case can be the most daring - even yellow, light green or corn silk women's long gloves will look appropriate. Their positions will be preserved and mittens, that is models without fingers - their sweet immediacy impresses many girls. Yes, and the material for them too can be anything: such long leather, suede, knitted gloves - this must have come season. Naturally, when choosing specific accessories, these women of fashion will not only be guided by their own taste, so let's look at the solutions of famous couturiers.

What are the fashion collections of gloves 2012?

long gloves Without superfluous words we will pass to decisions of design houses, to those trends on which they have made an accent.

  • Ann Demeulemeester offers us accented long-fitting gloves - they will make the girl's handles even more elegant and elegant. This is an accessory for sophisticated women, to create gentle look'ov.
  • House Carolina Herrera focused attentiongirls in suede - made of it as gloves winter long, and in the spring. This is a classic option, which will be relevant not only in the 2012 season, but also in the following years.
  • Louis Vuitton presents long leather women's gloves in the style of the 50's. The collection includes both classic black or terracotta, and bold red and burgundy models.
  • Lacoste focuses on bright colors andsaturated shades - the brand presents us with pink, cornflower blue, green gloves long. Derek Lam, or, for example, Paul Smith - the legislators of the sport style dwelled on bold blossoms in the same accents.
  • Long gloves from Emporio Armani are decoratedinserts under the skin of a snake or crocodile. They look classically refined and at the same time rather predatory - such an accessory is ideal for a lady who is accustomed to winning the hearts of men.
  • The brand Caste offers us to choose gloves,short and long, in the tone of handbags - this is a feature of the upcoming season. You can choose as a classic model, and with decoration or decorative elements - the main thing is that it is in harmony with other accessories.

It should be noted that most trendsis designed for the future - the fashion for the above-mentioned long gloves will be transferred to the next season. So girls can choose models with confidence for 2013. It is important that the new fashionable gloves long should be in the women's wardrobe - with them the spring of 2012 will be stylish. We advise you to read: