1/3Фото: InstagramФото: InstagramФото:The second son was born on January 26 and is already making his first successes: he rolls over on his own, laughs loudly and makes the first sounds. Maria seems to be happy, but she complains that time flies too fast. “Our Maksimushka is 4 months old! And you know ... I don't even know how to write ?! Already 4 months or just ?! - says Kozhevnikova. - On the one hand, it is ALREADY suitable, since we have learned to roll over, laugh loudly, smile, pronounce different sounds and much more! On the other hand - ONLY, since we still have so much ahead of us! Maxim, I am immensely glad that you were born in our family! Your adult look is sometimes discouraging, and your masculine character makes me proud! I am so happy that even alone with myself I mutter under my breath that you are my son! Maxim, my chick, be healthy and happy! "