Milla Jovovich: photoPhoto:A happy event happened in the family of actress Milla Jovovich and her husband, director Paul Anderson ... Milla and Paul became parents for the second time! Actress early in the morning on April 1. “We are proud to announce the birth of our second daughter Miss Dashiel Eden Jovovich-Anderson. Her weight is 3 kilograms 300 grams, and her height is 50 centimeters. We love you, Dash! " - Milla immediately shared the news with fans and published a photo of the baby. By the way, Milla kept the diary of her future mother on Facebook during her entire pregnancy. At the end of March, the actress joked: although it’s time for the baby to appear, he “does not give signals of readiness to go out.” All 9 months of her pregnancy, Milla was actively involved in sports, every day she ran along the sea. And curiously, she even developed her own diet, which consists of fruits, vegetables and grains. By the way, this is not surprising. The actress has already begun to think about how to quickly get in shape. In a couple of months she will have to start filming the last part of "Resident Evil".Daughter of Milla Jovovich: photoMilla called the little girl a Russian namePhoto: sotsseti