how to choose a used car You are already tired of riding the metro and freezing inwaiting for public transport? Not enough money to buy a new car? Have you just finished a driving school, and you do not have much driving experience? No problem. The most ideal option for you in this case is the purchase of a second-hand machine. How to choose a used car and not make a mistake?

What to do when choosing?

Price, model, technical characteristics,age, mileage. Where to buy - on the Internet, with hands or through intermediaries? All these questions just fall on you and give you no peace when you decide to buy a used car. Some, of course, turn to specialists, so-called, automotive brokers. They help to acquire a quality and reliable "iron horse", reduce the risk of fraud, but their services are not cheap. So think about it and if you decide that you are not ready to give too much, then there remains the option of buying a used car yourself. In order to make the right choice, you need to know a few nuances and take them into account when purchasing:

  • The cost.
  • Reliability and reputation of auto.
  • Estimated costs of operation in the future.
  • Availability of spare parts if necessary, as well as service centers when buying foreign cars.
  • Stability of prices for the selected model.

Armed with the knowledge of these five principles, you can safely proceed with the choice. And here the main thing is not to hurry. Have enough patience and self-control, and a cold calculation will not let you make a mistake.

Decide on the purpose of the car

So, a used car. How to choose it in such a way that you will not be disappointed then? Choose according to its purpose. If you want to buy a car in order to improve your driving skills and are going to use it alone, then it's better not to look at smart foreign cars. Why do you need them? In this case, the best option will be the domestic Zhiguli. And in a year or two, having perfected the skill and having learned all the intricacies that an experienced auto-lady should know, you with a calm soul will change your old car to a new foreign car. If you think that you know enough and you do not have anything to learn, then you need to look at the car not for one year, but at least for five years. And of course it's better to take a foreign-made car, let you pay more, but it will be more pleasant to drive on such a car, and you do not need to drive it off to the service every week. used car how to choose

Where can I buy?

How to choose and buy a used carcar and most importantly, where to buy it? Certainly, the most ideal variant, at friends, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances. Then it's easier with documents, with payment, and with confidence. But, let's say that you have already phoned all of your friends, and no one in the near future is not going to become a pedestrian. Then you have four options:

  • Order. You can order a foreign car from the drivers, that is, those who surpass them from abroad, then you can choose a model, color, configuration. In this case, as a rule, you need to prepay and you will need to wait a bit. But distillation minimizes getting a car with a secret history.
  • The car market. Here, at least, it is necessary to come with friends who are well versed in cars, since all cars look very decent at first glance, but do not be lazy to look under the hood and carry out diagnostics at the seller's expense. On such a diagnosis all the car's past should come up, whether it was in an accident, whether there were hidden defects, whether it was floating in a quiet backwater and so on. But be wary of cars that are on the territory of the Russian Federation in transit, this may not be indicated in the documents.
  • Motor shows specializing in salesused cars. There is often a service "to exchange an old car for a new one with a surcharge." A huge plus, we can say the advantage of the car dealership over other places, is a car check for hijacking, its full diagnostics, as well as an act of forensic inspection.
  • Internet, newspapers, magazines. Of course, the Internet, where without it? Here the search for a used car takes time and patience, numerous calls to potential sellers and trips to the location of the car. Therefore, it would not be superfluous to identify for yourself the questions that you want to ask the seller. For example, what is the owner of the account is the seller, because he can just turn out to be a reseller, who wants to make a profit, and completely disinterested in the good technical condition of the car. Pay attention to the ad text itself and if you feel that what is described there just can not be true (for example, the Ford Focus accelerates in a second to 200 km per hour), then do not even waste time.

Technical diagnostics

If of all the above places you have chosenit is the auto market, you will face the question of how to choose a used car, based on its technical characteristics and technical condition. After all, not every seller will tell the truth about his product. He is the main thing to sell, but what does not matter further. As already mentioned above, the best option is paid diagnostics of the car. But if, for some reason, make it impossible, prepare yourself to examine the "iron horse" yourself. And even if you do not know a bit about all these engines, bumpers and wings, the tips below will help you minimize the low-quality purchase. First, pay attention to such trifles as the inspection of serial numbers, comparing them with the data of the technical passport. Learn if there are any strange scratches or deformations. Secondly, the body. If there are gaps between parts, then there is a possibility that the car has been in an accident. Check for defects as follows. Step away from the car for about two meters and sit down while facing her. Your eyes should be at the level of the headlights of the car. In this position, carefully inspect the side of the surface for irregularities on the doors and wings. Do the same with the roof - walk on it with a look so that the eyes were at the roof level. Thus, you will notice irregularities and undulations. If they are present - the car has definitely been in an accident, and the defects have simply been tried to hide. The third is metal. As you know, any metal is prone to corrosion, which can be hidden with paint, so take a magnet and a blank sheet of paper with you. You can check the place that is confusing you by attaching paper to it and a magnet on top, if it keeps, there is no corrosion, and if not, then the body is rotten. By the way, when going to inspect the car, do not forget to take with you a rag for your hands, since today your hands will have to get dirty more than once. Well, the last thing, the motor should work smoothly, regardless of any weather conditions. You can get any information about the state of the engine without special diagnostics. Just slide your finger along the inner perimeter of the muffler, and you'll get your hands dirty, but this dirt can tell you a lot. If the soot on the finger is dry and not too dark - rather an ashy shade, then the engine in this car has not worn out and will serve the new owner for more than one year. If the plaque is both a fatty resinous mass and a kind and touch, you can not stay here any longer. This fact indicates that the piston engine system is completely worn out, and nothing more than problems such a car will not bring.


Finally, questions related to thecar. Passport of the vehicle and the seller's passport must be compared to find out whether he is the rightful owner of this car. If the seller offers you a deal with him at a time when he acts on a notarized power of attorney, then you better refuse, because there are too many nuances associated with it, in which in the near future you can stop being a bona fide buyer. Also, be sure to check the vehicle on the basis of the STSI, it can be done for free. All the tips and recommendations given above are just a small part of what you need to know, wondering how to choose and buy a used car. Read forums and feature articles. Analyze, involve acquaintances, consult and be extremely attentive. And then very soon you will become a happy owner of the car of your dreams! We advise you to read: