knitting of children's things All mothers want their children to bewell-groomed, well-dressed. As a gift for the baby, you can buy a new jumpsuit, sweater, scarf or cap. And you can connect all these things with your own hands. To do this, it takes quite a few skills, talent and materials - yarn, knitting needles or a hook, and a few free hours per day. And, of course, patience and inspiration - you can not do without them. After all, knitting of children's things takes time and labor, so this business is mainly engaged in housewives and mothers in a decree. But how happy it is to see on the baby a thing connected with your own hands, storing the warmth of your hands, kindness of thoughts, a reserve of positive energy that the daughter or son will have enough for one season. It's no secret that a knitted handmade baby item will be worn for a long time if you choose the right yarn. For children, it is better to choose natural threads - cotton, wool, etc., because synthetic materials can cause allergy on the delicate skin of your child. But the main thing is that the new thing looked beautiful, stylish and original, liked your child, carried with joy. Some needlewomen, before they bind something for the baby, look in modern magazines for needlework or realize their own ideas. Knitting of children's things (schemes) can be found in the worldwide network, because there are a lot of needlework sites on the Internet, shops where you can buy goods for handicrafts and sell handmade items. Here, for example, a set of hats and scarves, which you see in the photo. To create this masterpiece handmade, reminiscent of the summer sun, sea and beach, you will need the following materials: yarn (50% acrylic, 50% wool, 250 m / 100 g) - 100 g (for children's hats) and 200 grams (for children's scarf) yellow, needle number 3, 5, hook No. 3, 5. Main pattern: knit 2 facial loops, * 2 purl loops, 4 facial loops *, repeat from * to *, at the end, fasten 2 facial loops. In the purl strings, knit all loops according to the instructions. In each strip of 4 facial loops in each 4-th row, crosses to the left by removing two loops on the extra spoke before starting work, tying 2 facial, and then 2 more facial - with an additional knitting needle. Facial smoothness: facial loops crochet in the front rows, purl loops in the purlins. knitting children's things with knitting needles


Need to dial on the spokes 32 loops (2 edge+ 30 main loops of the pattern), tie the main pattern around 44 cm (head circumference). The part is steamed. On the long (upper) edge with transverse braids, tie chrysanthemum. Thanks to the pattern with elongated dense loops, you can achieve a "fur" effect. To do this, dial at the edge 52 face loops, tie 1 row of purl. Next, we knit like this: in the front rows of each eyelet we sew the faces. behind the back wall, without removing it from the left knitting needle, grab the working thread that runs in the direction from the index finger, and draw another loop through the eyelet on the left spoke. We remove the contoured front loop from the left knitting needle. Carefully ensure that all elongated tabs have the same length. Even rows are knitted with the wrong loops, and there should always be 52 loops on the spoke. Thus, 6 cm are knitted. Then, after every 10 loops, we loosen the loops until 10 loops remain on the knitting needles. In the last row, we sew all 10 loops together. We carry out the seam. Preliminarily retreating 3 cm left and right along the bottom edge, tying the "ears" of the children's cap. To do this, we collect on the spokes 16 loops to the right of the seam and we sew 7 cm with the facial surface, reducing one loop in each third facial row. Likewise, we knit the left ear. Then the bottom edge of the product is crocheted with a "shell" pattern (3 sticks with a crochet out of one loop, 1 pile without a crochet). Sewing the ties connected in the form of chains of air loops of small length.


We type on the needles 4 loops, we knit the facial surface,in each second row adding one loop from both sides until the number of loops becomes sufficient for the five braids of the main pattern. Then we knit the same pattern 1.2 meters. Next, we subtract 1 loop from each side of each second face row until four loops are left on the spokes. The remaining hinges are closed, and the ends of the scarf are decorated with brushes. To do this, cut 12 threads of equal length into 24 cm, add them together, bending half. Stretch to the end of the scarf so that an eyelet is formed, let the ends of the fringe pass through it and tighten it tightly. That's ready kit for your child, which is especially good for cold autumn weather - rain and slush. These cute scarf and cap will look great on your baby, raise her spirits every morning, before going to kindergarten. In addition, the child will feel comfortable and comfortable, and this is the best reward for her mother for her work, because knitting children's things with knitting needles and crocheting requires high dedication and patience. But the main thing is to knit children's wardrobe items with love, tenderness and warmth. Then, scarves, caps, coats, mittens and other hand-made things will warm your baby in winter cold, and in windy and rainy weather. We advise you to read: