jelly from sour cream If you plan to organize a family dinner ordecided to get together with her friends, we recommend that instead of the traditional cake or ice cream, serve jelly with sour cream for a dessert. This gentle and airy dish will be an excellent end to a merry evening in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We will share the secrets of his preparation, giving to your court a few simple recipes.

Prunes plus sour cream

This recipe for jelly from sour cream is very simple, and you can prepare the dish in just a few minutes. So why not try it? Ingredients:

  • one liter of fresh sour cream of medium fat content
  • half a glass of sugar (however, be guided by your taste)
  • prunes - at your discretion
  • one package of instant gelatin

Cooking method: To begin with, rinse prunes under running water, and then pour boiling water - then it will be soft and not dry. Now pour the gelatin into a small bowl, pour out warm water there. You can wait about fifteen or twenty minutes while it swells. But if time is short, put the dishes in the microwave, hold for three minutes, take out and mix well, then send it back to the microwave for 120 seconds. Now gelatin is ready for use! Mix in a separate bowl of low-fat sour cream and a half cup of sugar. For this you can take a special whisk, but we recommend using a blender or a mixer - the mixture will turn out to be airy and homogeneous. Pour dissolved gelatin into it and stir it a few more times. Then pour off excess liquid from the prunes and cut it into small cubes, add to gelatin-sour cream mass, mix well with a spoon. Now put the jelly in the molds and put it on the topmost shelf of the refrigerator. After four or five hours you can put the dessert on the table. If desired, decorate it with several leaves of fresh mint. recipe for jelly from sour cream

Gentle jelly with chocolate

There are a huge variety of jelly recipes. It is prepared with cream, with fruit, with the addition of white or red wine. There are lots of options! We offer to combine delicate sour cream and sweet dark chocolate in one dessert - believe me, the taste of the dish is amazing! Do not be too lazy to cook such a dish, and you will get an unforgettable pleasure. These products are enough for six servings. Ingredients: For jelly:

  • 400 milliliters of fatty sour cream
  • two tablespoons of sugar (you can add more)
  • 30 grams of gelatin
  • one glass of hot water

For chocolate sauce:

  • two tablespoons of fruit syrup
  • one tile of dark chocolate
  • half a cup of water

Cooking method: This jelly with sour cream is not just poured hot chocolate - it consists of two layers, which, mixing in the mouth, create a fabulous taste. So, we pass directly to its preparation. Pour half a glass of water into a deep bowl, then place the chocolate that has been broken into small pieces and put the bowl on medium fire. When the sweet product begins to melt, stir the mixture constantly, and as soon as bubbles appear on its surface, pour in two spoons of syrup (we used orange) and hold for about another minute. Then remove from the plate and set aside. Now pour the instant gelatin with hot water and leave for about fifteen minutes. After it completely dissolves, stir with a spoon and enter half the portion into a slightly cooled chocolate mixture. Pour it over the kremankami. Put the forms in the refrigerator and hold them there until the future jelly completely solidifies. For this dessert, we recommend using sour cream with 25% fat content. Whisk it with sugar using a whisk or a mixer until it is airy with a homogeneous mass. Then add the remaining gelatin and mix well. Thick sour mixture, applying spoons, spread in the crockery second layer on top of the chocolate. Send to freeze in the refrigerator. When the jelly is completely cooled, you can decorate it with coconut shavings, mint leaves or whipped cream. jelly from sour cream recipe

Jelly from yogurt

This dish will be an ideal dessert for your baby. Ingredients:

  • gelatin packing
  • 100 grams of fatty sour cream
  • 200 grams of cottage cheese
  • three tablespoons of sugar
  • 250 grams of natural yogurt

Cooking method: Pour the gelatin into a bowl and pour it with warm water, let it brew. Then put the dishes on a weak fire and cook the mixture until it boils, remembering to stir it. Then leave it and let it cool. Rub the cottage cheese into small crumbs and add sugar, mix until homogeneous. Then pour the ready-made gelatin, sour cream and yogurt. Stir with a spoon and pour into small cups or special kremanki. The jelly freezes in the refrigerator for about three hours. Despite the fact that the recipe does not say this, it will be very tasty if you supplement the dessert with fresh fruits, such as raspberries or blueberries, red or black currants. The above recipes are just a small part of what can be prepared from sour cream. Use it in cakes, jellies, creams and other desserts. This product gives each dish a delicate, juicy taste. We advise you to read: