chocolate cake with condensed milk There is an opinion that the most advantageous combination inbaking - a symbiosis of chocolate with condensed milk. You will never be wrong if you add these two components yourself to your dessert. Or, look at the already prepared recipe, where these ingredients are successfully combined. The thing is that both chocolate and condensed milk are very versatile foods. They can be added to both the dough and the cream. And if you pour chocolate cake chocolate or sprinkle with fragments of chocolate, it will already become chocolate. Condensed milk, in turn, can be in two variations - natural white, or boiled with a deep caramel flavor.

Chocolate cake on yogurt

For making chocolate cakes more oftenuse cocoa powder. Also as an alternative, you can take a tile of dark chocolate. We suggest you master the recipe for chocolate cake, the key ingredient for the test is kefir. The basis of the cream is traditionally included condensed milk. This recipe is simple, it can even be called everyday, it does not require for its execution high costs and a lot of time. Ingredients: In dough:

  • half a liter of kefir
  • granulated sugar - 3 cups
  • soda - 1 teaspoon
  • cocoa (powder) - 3 tablespoons
  • 4 eggs
  • flour - 3 cups
  • salt

In the cream:

  • 1 packet of butter
  • 380 grams of condensed milk

For decoration:

  • nuts
  • chocolate grated

Cooking method: Pour kefir into a large bowl, in which you plan to mix the products for the dough, add soda. Kefir will increase in volume. In the meantime, in a separate bowl, whip the sugar with the eggs, adding a pinch of salt. Using a fine sieve, sift the flour and cocoa powder. Next, combine the yogurt with the beaten eggs, gradually adding cocoa flour to the mixture. Knead the dough. Divide it into three cakes. Oven heat to a temperature of 1800 C. Cover the form with parchment and lay out the dough. Baking takes no more than 20 minutes. Similarly prepare the two following cakes. The recipe for a cake cream is also quite simple: pour the condensed milk into a deep bowl, add butter, preferably soft. Beat the mixer until smooth. Then lay the cake on a flat dish, grease with cream. Do the same with the rest of the cakes. Top the cake thickly with cream and condensed milk, garnish with cracked nuts of any kind and grated chocolate. chocolate cake with condensed milk

Chocolate-curd cake with cherry note

With such an abundance of sweet ingredients appropriatewill add to the recipe fruit, preferably with sourness. Well with chocolate combine cherries and strawberries. For this dessert we suggest using cherries (fresh or frozen does not matter much) and a gentle curd cream. Complement the harmony of taste decoration with condensed milk, berries and coconut shavings. Ingredients: In dough:

  • 8 eggs
  • flour - 2 cups
  • vanillin
  • 4 tablespoons cocoa
  • granulated sugar - 2 cups

In the cream:

  • cottage cheese - half a kilogram
  • cherry syrup - 100 milliliters
  • white chocolate - 1 tile

For decoration:

  • cherries - 1 glass
  • coconut shavings
  • confectionery powder
  • 380 grams of boiled condensed milk

Cooking method: The recipe for this cake involves the preparation of chocolate-biscuit cakes. For the dough mix sugar with eggs and whisk in a steep foam. For a pleasant aroma, add vanillin and gently pour the cocoa powder. Enter the flour in the dough, previously sifted. When the mixture is homogeneous, shift the dough piece into a greased form and bake in an oven at 2000 ° C. When both cakes are ready, wait until they are cool, then with a sharp knife divide one cake into 2 halves, the other leave it whole. To make a cream, you need to grind the cottage cheese, and then grind it with a blender together with cherry syrup and melted white chocolate. Now go to the assembly of the cake: at the bottom lay a thick cake, soak with cherry syrup, grease with a cream of cottage cheese, lay some of the cherries without pits. The surface of the cake and its sides should be smeared with boiled condensed milk. Top nicely lay cherries, sprinkle with confectionery powder. It will not be superfluous to decorate the sides of the cake with coconut shavings.

Dietary cake with chocolate

People who adhere to a diet, or simplywishing to lose weight, also want a sweet. We offer a unique recipe for chocolate cake, which will not only not damage your figure, but it will also be a useful and delicious treat. The cake is cooked on a curd base with the addition of bran. All products in it are dietary, low-calorie. If you do not consume sugar, you can use its substitute. Dessert does not require special conditions and preparation, the cakes are baked in a frying pan, which is very convenient. Ingredients: In dough:

  • 20 milliliters of milk
  • 3 protein
  • half a pack of low-fat cottage cheese
  • bran - 2 tablespoons
  • milk powder - 1 tablespoon
  • 10 teaspoons of sugar (or 10 tablets of substitute)
  • cocoa - 1 teaspoon
  • cornstarch - 1 tablespoon
  • 0.5 teaspoon of soda
  • cinnamon
  • vanillin

In the impregnation:

  • 5 teaspoons of sugar (or 5 tablets of substitute)
  • 40 milliliters of milk
  • 1 teaspoon of finished chocolate syrup (or flavor - 2 drops)

In the cream:

  • 100 milliliters of milk
  • milk powder - 4 tablespoons
  • sugar - 4 teaspoons (or the same amount of substitute)
  • condensed milk - 4 tablespoons

Cooking method: Pound the cottage cheese with sugar, add a little whipped protein. Pour the milk into the mixture. All mix well with a mixer. In a separate container, mix all the dry ingredients: bran, starch, milk powder, cocoa and soda. Do not forget about cinnamon and vanillin. The test recipe is designed for 4-5 cakes. Each part roll out a rolling pin to make a round pancake, approximately the size of your frying pan. Bake each cake on both sides until cooked. To make the impregnation, mix the milk, sugar and chocolate syrup (flavor). When you can, every cake with a culinary brush thoroughly soak. Next turn after the cream: dissolve the milk powder in the usual, add sugar and condensed milk. After impregnation, apply a layer of cream on each cake. Coat the top and sides, decorate as desired. The cake is light and gentle. recipe for chocolate cake with condensed milk

Cake "Prague" with condensed milk

This chocolate masterpiece is a dark biscuit with creamon condensed milk, which is generously filled with glaze. Baking classic Prague cake is a rather complex and time-consuming process. We want to offer you a simplified variation of the famous dessert with cream with condensed milk. This recipe is useful for beginners, because bake on it cake will not be very difficult, and the result will be just great. Ingredients: In dough:

  • condensed milk - half a pot
  • 1-1.5 cups of flour
  • eggs - 2 pieces
  • granulated sugar
  • cocoa powder - 3-4 tablespoons
  • sour cream - 100 milliliters
  • 0.5 teaspoon soda

In the cream:

  • egg yolks - 2 pieces
  • cocoa - 2 tablespoons
  • Condensed milk - 190 grams
  • butter - 0.5 packs

For glaze:

  • sour cream - half cup
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar
  • cocoa - 2 tablespoons

Cooking method: To begin with, make a chocolate biscuit: in a deep container, mix the sugar with the eggs and beat until a magnificent consistency. The process will take approximately 10 minutes, the mass will increase significantly in size. Add 100 milliliters of sour cream, whisk. Open the jar with condensed milk and pour half of it into the dough, leave the second part for the cream. Re-whisk. In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients: sugar, sifted flour and soda. And gradually mix them into the dough in small portions. Divide the dough into three parts. One of them is transferred to a greased form and bake in a hot oven cake at 1800 C until ready. To make a chocolate cream with condensed milk, you must first soften the butter, then beat it, add yolks, cocoa and the remaining condensed milk. On each layer of sponge cake, apply a thick layer of cream with condensed milk, folding them on top of each other. To make the glaze you will need to mix in the proportions of sugar with cocoa, and only then add the sour cream, bring to a boil on fire and turn it off. When the glaze cools, apply it evenly on the surface of the Prague cake, cover it with her sides. Send your creature to the fridge so that everything is soaked and frozen. Such a cake is usually decorated with large chocolate chips or various edible petals. delicious chocolate cake with condensed milk

Cake "Sweet fantasy"

We all well remember this old, forgotten taste fromchildhood - chocolate with condensed milk. Moms themselves baked cakes, made homemade waffles, cookie figures, filled them with boiled condensed milk, dipped in chocolate and treated their children. Cake "Sweet Fantasy" for a few minutes will return you to childhood, when purchased cakes were scarce, and all the children enjoyed the taste of my mother's desserts. Ingredients: In dough:

  • 200 grams of butter
  • 2 eggs
  • sour cream - 200 milliliters
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 teaspoon of soda
  • sugar - 2 cups

In the cream:

  • chocolate black - half tiles
  • Nuts (peanuts) - 70-100 grams
  • 100 grams of butter
  • 380 grams of boiled condensed milk

Cooking method: Beforehand, take out the creamy butter from the refrigerator so that it is soft. Mix sugar with eggs, whip for five minutes, make sure that the sugar is completely melted. Combine this mixture with soft oil, add sour cream. Flour soda and soda, and gradually add to the dough. Well, mix it well so that there are no lumps. Then leave it in the refrigerator for half an hour. After cooling, remove the dough from the refrigerator and divide into pieces. Its volume is calculated on 3 cakes. In the original version, this cake is square, so we recommend finding this form. If you do not succeed, it will not be scary if you use a round one. Lubricate it with fat, roll out some of the dough into the shape of a baking tray, knit with a fork and bake at high temperature (2000 C) for no more than 20 minutes. In the same way bake 3 cakes. When they cool, cut off all irregularities and edges with a knife. All the trimmings are placed in the oven and dried to a rosy color. Then use a rolling pin to crush it into a crumb. Now you have the opportunity to take care of the cream: in the microwave oven, melt the chocolate cubes. In this cream, condensed milk is needed in a cooked form. Open the jar and send its contents to the melted chocolate. Fry the peanut kernels in the oven, chop them with a rolling pin and add to the cream. Nuts can be used and walnuts and hazelnuts, which you like. Collect the cake on a large flat dish, promazyvaya each cake with a nut cream. Top and edges, too, soak the cream, and then sprinkle the top with a small crumb that has remained from the dough. After the cake has spent some time in the fridge, you can try it. Make one of the recipes to life, and you'll remember how delicious and delicate can be homemade pastries with chocolate and condensed milk. Fantasize on the topic of fillings, add nuts, dried fruits. Any unsweetened fruit will make an excellent composition to these cakes. Decorate according to your desire, involve children in this process, they will be very happy and help and then eat their creations. And remember, the tandem of chocolate with condensed milk always remains tasty!