jeans skinny Skinny jeans are called models that are tightThey fit a figure and look like a second skin. Change color, length, texture, and only one remains unchanged - the concept of super-sexy. This thing has become popular among fashionistas due to its functionality, because it really is all-season. With a whole set of advantages, they have one significant flaw: they go exclusively to owners of flawless proportions and slender legs. Any shortcomings of the figure such jeans are underlined with cunning cynicism. At various fashion forums on the Internet, which are a series of interesting discussions, you can read about who in the first place fit jeans skinny. The majority of participants advises to start to engage in fitness before acquiring such things, since such a style, from their point of view, is unacceptable for neither full, nor for too thin women. Female representatives recently began to try on themselves skinny. Last year, the most sought-after details of the women's wardrobe were elongated monotonous models, as well as popular "varenki". Blue, ashy and white were the most popular colors, and the effect of shabby became the most fashionable decor. skinnie jeans

What is popular in 2012?

  • For several seasons in a row, a model narrowed downwards remains in demand.
  • In the current year, women's skinny jeans are popular in"Ragged" version, which reveals the knees or shows the upper fragment of the thigh: grunge style does not want to leave, giving way to more accurate models.
  • The universal model, which is characterized by an overstated waist, is perfect for women of any age. And to wear skinnies with a low waist is more a youth privilege.
  • Some well-known brands advise the girls to choose this year skin colors of predominantly beige tones, models of dark blue and black in the summer will not be as relevant as delicate light colors.
  • Among the famous fashion houses there is no definitearrangements: some prefer models, made of denim with a sophisticated fiber finish, the rest - jeans without special delicacies and traditional colors.

Women are unusually comfortable in the cold seasonzapravlyat such jeans in high shoes, and in the summer they are perfectly combined with high-heeled shoes. Such a thing successfully harmonizes with almost any kind of footwear, with the possible exception of a powerful platform. Skinny jeans visually stretch the figure, giving it slenderness. They open a wide field for creativity in the sense of selecting accessories. When choosing jeans skinny make sure that their size really suits you. You do not need to buy a larger model, or, conversely, a smaller size, as this will simply cause discomfort. Try on and choose those jeans that suit you in size. This original model occupies a leading position among similar things over the past few seasons. Among the fairer sexes, a narrow style is particularly in demand today. To pick them up according to the figure, moreover, it is not so easy to choose the other details of the wardrobe to them. Thus, if you decide to give your choice to narrow jeans, then first of all pay attention to models with a uniform texture. A monotonous material without scuffs helps to hide some of the imperfections of appearance. women's skinny jeans

How to supplement the skinnies?

They are first-class harmoniously with free clothes: T-shirt or shirt, made in a style more suitable for men. As for shoes, then almost any model is combined with them. Maybe it will sound contradictory, but if you want to hide some of the shortcomings of the figure, then you can not do without bright shoes and properly selected accessories. Of course, they can not hide their tummy by themselves, but they can distract attention from the problem zone. Nowadays, it seems, every woman in her fashionable arsenal has at least one pair of such jeans. They are quite comfortable to use, so they are worn by all women, regardless of age and physique. The more so that finding the right size jeans is now very simple. But only with the onset of the new season, you need to be prepared for various surprises, to learn about which you want before all. Changing their appearance in favor of fashion, skinny jeans are the founders of a new style. So without them in the new season just can not do! We advise you to read: