how to draw money into a house There is one desire in the world that unites90% of the world's population. Everyone wants to get rich. And quickly and without making any effort. The fact that money rain happens only in a fairy tale, and the inheritance can be obtained only after several years in a row you raise for an old cousin the ship, as a rule, no one thinks. Everybody wants money. Well, the desire is explainable and completely reasonable, since only free air in our life was left. Yes, and then relatively. For example, do you want to breathe the sea air? Be kind enough to get a ride on the trip. Do you want mountain air? Also have to pay. That's what the majority of the population think about is not about high matters, but about how to attract money into the house, and how to not let them out from there longer. We also thought about this issue, collected some information and prepared a small article on the topic of raising money. Therefore, we invite everyone who wants to learn the fineness of money management. Moreover, it is not difficult at all. how to draw money into a house

What you need to do to attract money

Agree that in any case there are secrets andfineness? Not without it and in the science of attracting money. Knowledgeable people allot a lot of rules, following which (according to their assurance) you can get rich. Well, we do not know how about instant wealth, but listen to the advice still worth it.

  • How do you pay in the store? Probably free from numerous handbags. It is understandable. It is more comfortable. But in order to attract money, you need to give the right banknotes, and take it with your left hand. Remember? Just do not forget to practice, otherwise the gestures will look unnatural (especially if the full-fledged right-hander tries in vain to stuff money into the wallet with his left hand).
  • By the way, about the storage of money. The banknotes can not be folded in half, so choose a purse for their full length. Crumpled money, too, do not bring luck to the house. It is much better if all the banknotes are carefully placed in a purse in a certain order. After all, money does not forgive careless treatment.
  • Do not take a loan. Quite a logical and justified rule. How can you become rich, if you distribute half of your salary to strangers, and again in two weeks you are recruited again? And do not need to assure that your salary does not allow you to live within your means, and you yourself do not voluntarily drag the trail of an eternal debtor. The ability to fit into the budget is always there. Remember at least your grandmother. Does she manage to live on a tiny pension? Of course, she does not go to nightclubs, but believe that drugs today are not cheap.
  • Always put off 10% of your income. Now many readers will sigh with a sigh. They say that they did not manage to learn to live without debts, so they make us tighten our belts again. Yes Yes exactly. Moreover, slender figures are rather good than bad. By the way, those who are not sure of their own willpower, we advise you to pay the saved money in dollars or any other foreign currency. The calculation is simple: while you persuade yourself to spend part of the deferred money and exchange them in the bank for national banknotes, it will take a while. Maybe it will help you to think better and not commit rash acts.
  • The fifth rule advises to communicate more often withwealthy people (although it does not specify where exactly the entire needy part of the population find wealthy citizens for communication). The explanation for this condition is simple. If a person has managed to get rich himself, he will certainly help you with advice. Just do not wait for a wealthy friend to take pity on you and bring a lot of money on a gold tray. Funds in the house will have to earn by yourself. But it's better to take advantage of other people's experience. Whether it is not enough that. Perhaps you will become a new millionaire.
  • But from a close relationship with forever aching andit is better to refuse cashless citizens. As well as not worth giving them in debt. First, they can not give. Secondly, melancholy is a contagious affair. So you can not attract money into the house for long. No, no, no one forces you to completely abandon friendship with people who are poorer (or much) poorer than you. It's just not worth talking about money. Collapse communication for discussion of the weather, the behavior of children in school or new government regulations. We are sure that you will have something to discuss besides the unpaid loan of an old friend.
  • Next went purely household signs. From them it follows that shoes from the threshold should be removed (so that money does not run away). Sweep the house from the window, not the threshold. And the current cranes are also worth fixing. This aspect will help not to attract money, but rather to keep them. According to our ancestors, flowing from the house into the canalization drain water from the house and money. Those who have a home on the counter for water, could see this on a personal example.
  • In addition, you can not take out the garbage after sunset, but also throw it through the window (this is at least a swinishness).
  • In order to attract money, knowledgeable peopleadvise to put under the tablecloth on the table a large bill, and under the threshold - a silver coin. It is believed that silver attracts well-being. But standing on the threshold is not worth it. This, too, somehow scares off welfare from your home. How? This science is unknown. But listen to the opinion of the experienced is still worth it. Whether it is not enough that.
  • And you know what method is guaranteed to helpto attract money and to fill your home with well-being? Stable work. The main thing is that it should bring pleasure and be well paid. Then you can choose a purse either, and throw out the garbage when your heart desires. So do not forget to work, and money will appear! We advise you to read: