where to invest money According to the Bible, only beggars are blessed. But people who have accumulated with righteous works even a small capital, are constantly worried about the problem - where to invest money. And not just to invest, but with minimal risk, and so that they bring a stable profit. Times when it was "fashionable" to keep money under a mattress or invest them in bonds of the only existing and most "reliable" State Bank, have irretrievably passed. The investment market has expanded considerably, but it turned out that a great choice is not always a boon. "Lost" in this abundance of banks, firms and mutual funds, offering to triple your capital - is quite simple. And the risk of losing their own investments, entrusting them to the next financial pyramid, is frighteningly high. And such a serious step as investing own capital requires a thorough, detailed study of the investment market. First of all, it should be clarified which types of investments are the most reliable for today. Knowing this, it will be easier to determine what is right for you. So:

  • Banking investments
  • Investments in real estate
  • Investment in education
  • Investments in own business

Let's look at the types of investments in more detail and in detail. Each of them has both pluses and minuses.

Banking investments

To date, this is the most commonway of investing money. What is it? You invest funds in the bank for a certain period, and the bank pays you for this interest, established by the contract. An important role in this investment is the amount and duration of your contribution. The larger the amount and the period for which you entrusted your money to the bank, the higher the interest rate. The most common types of deposits:

  • Poste restante. Provides the lowest percentage, but you can at any time get your money back.
  • Savings. You invest your money, and after a certain period you get the accrued interest.
  • Urgent. At the end of the contract period you can receive your money and accrued interest. If the term is not met, the interest is either not paid or paid in a smaller amount.
  • Estimated. This is a contribution that can be replenished; it involves periodic payment of interest. But in case you want to withdraw the invested funds, without closing the account, the amount specified in the contract should remain on the account.
  • Accumulative. The purpose of this contribution is the accumulation of funds on the account for a large purchase. If you accumulate a certain amount, the bank can offer you a loan.
  • Multicurrency. With this deposit you can store money in both currency and rubles. But it is worth considering that keeping the funds is best in the currency in which you then are going to spend it. Otherwise you will lose some money when converting.

In our turbulent times, anything can happen. To avoid risk, you can insure your contribution. And if an insured event comes, you will be paid the full amount of all your deposits in the bank. But only in the event that the total amount of deposits does not exceed one hundred thousand rubles. If the amount is more than one hundred thousand, but less than four hundred thousand rubles, you will be paid 100% from one hundred thousand and 90% from the amount exceeding one hundred thousand rubles. Not so long ago a new type of long-term investment appeared on the Russian market of bank investments. The so-called "General Fund of Banking Management". In fact, it's the same deposit. You trust your money to the bank, but the interest rate in this case is not fixed. The Bank invests at its own discretion. And you can find yourself in a solid win, as well as suffer crushing losses. But to choose you. We will consider the following possibility of investing money. where to invest in order to earn money

Investing in real estate

I want to remind you that investing inThe property has nothing to do with the ivy-twisted little house of your dreams on the outskirts of Provence or the chic bungalows on the Pacific coast. After all, you are worried about where to invest to earn money, and not how best to spend an amount and then regret about missed opportunities. Therefore, approach this issue not as a consumer, but as a business man. If you expect from your investment of momentary profit, then investment in real estate - most likely not for you. This is not the sphere of investing money, which already tomorrow will bring you profit. Moreover, as of today, property prices are catastrophically falling, both in Russia and abroad. Real estate is considered a long-term investment of funds, which brings a constant income, and most importantly - it saves money. It is not so prone to price fluctuations as securities. You can earn not only on the growth of prices, but also on rent. There are several ways to invest in real estate:

  • Investing in commercial real estate

Various entertainment, shopping and business-centers will be a good investment for those who hope to profit from their investments for many years. And, if you believe the experts, in this case you can count on the fact that such an investment will start to make a profit quickly enough, because even during a crisis people continue to go to shopping centers and spend their leisure time in various places of entertainment.

  • Investments in residential real estate

As the classic used to say, "the housing issuespoiled Muscovites. " This statement can rightfully be attributed to the inhabitants of all major cities. Despite the fall in property prices, the housing deficit in Russia remains high. And the cost per square meter of living space on average is tens of thousands. This is in a typical standard apartment, not to mention the so-called elite housing. In addition to the fact that the purchased apartment can be profitable to sell, it can still be leased for many years. You keep your initial investment and profit from it.

  • Investing in land

This investment market suffered the most from the global crisis. And to date, investing money in land is not economically profitable.

  • Investing in real estate abroad

Will the funds invested inreal estate abroad, directly depends on the economic stability of the country where you are going to buy this property. Consider the financial benefits of such an investment from the point of view of a tourist is not just unreasonable, but also detrimental to your well-being. With such an investment, the economic and political situation in the country should be studied in detail. To study the real estate market, the subtleties of legislation and be sure to take into account the level of inflation. It is possible that rising real estate prices are the reverse side of growing inflation. In case you still decided to invest your money in buying property abroad, it's best to turn to specialists. Remember, you invest your money and have the right to expect profit. And this is possible only with a thoughtful approach.

Investments in self-education

Investments in self-education, according to estimatesspecialists, are the most profitable investment of funds. It provides such opportunities for profit, like none of the other investments known to date. The holder of unique knowledge always stands several steps higher than possible competitors, whether you choose for yourself the field of profit from investment activity or decide to implement the acquired skills in another area of ​​business. If you carefully read the article, you noticed that any activity aimed at making a profit requires deep knowledge. Currently, there is a huge selection of educational institutions, seminars, trainings, business schools and elite consultations of practicing specialists. You can only choose the direction in which you will be educated.

Investments in own business

In the title of the subtitle there are no typos, and attachmentsin own business too can become a good subject of investment. In some cases, it is preferable. The main criterion for choosing if you decide to start your business from scratch is for you the scope of your knowledge, interests, as well as the choice of such a niche in the provision of services or the release of goods that are not yet occupied or poorly mastered. Find a way to implement your own skills is simple enough. Suppose you are well versed in wines, with an accuracy of a minor shade can "decompose" a bouquet of collection wine. So why not apply your unique ability in practice and create your own collection wine store? Some rare varieties of wine - in themselves already a good investment of money. If the funds for opening your own store are not enough, start with wine online auctions. You will get pleasure from doing what you love and earn good money at the same time. If you know how to work with the skin, well versed in the latest trends in Paris fashion on bags, realize this skill. Even without an in-depth study of the prices of branded collections of bags from famous couturiers, you will understand that not every woman can afford such a "gold" handbag, all the advantages of which consist in the "promotion" of the brand and in the uniqueness of the model. And the products of enterprising Chinese "designers" that have flooded the market do not differ either by good quality or uniqueness. Offer women an alternative to the goods described above. And after a while you will get your regular customers and grateful connoisseurs of your talent.

Making the right conclusions

These are just examples of what you can do,deciding to invest in your business. Whichever question you ask (where to invest money at interest, how to protect your own funds from inflation, how to wisely dispose of free capital), remember the famous proverb - do not put all the eggs in one basket. The same can be said about investing funds. The economic situation today is so unstable that it is impossible to predict what the most profitable way to invest money in is not an expert. Therefore, the best way for you will be a competent allocation of investments. In economists, this distribution of funds is called diversification. And, most of the money is invested in a company that does not bring you big profits, but will have a low percentage risk of losing them. And the smallest part is where you have the opportunity to get the so-called "quick" profit, but the percentage of risk is higher. But in general, your money will be invested sufficiently reliably. Take thoughtful and well-considered decisions, but do not be afraid to make mistakes. And then even the most difficult economic times will become for you a springboard leading to new achievements.