How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy Very many women, in the period of waiting for the child,Ask a question about how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. And this is not accidental, because over half of all future mothers face this problem. What to do? Is it possible to just accept the changes that occur with the body of a pregnant woman? Of course no. There are several ways, if not completely eliminate the problem, then at least reduce it to a possible minimum. During pregnancy, stretch marks, formed in the middle layer of the skin, usually occur. And they are formed as a consequence of prolonged and active effects on the skin. Because of the sharp weight gain, microtraumas occur-skin cracks. And the body immediately begins to produce a huge amount of collagen, which, as it were, "repairs" the existing skin lesions. As a result, those same white scars, which were called stretch marks. Most stretch marks appear on such problem areas as the chest, hips and stomach. And pay attention - get rid of the existing stretch marks is very difficult, so it is much more reasonable to take all measures that will help to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. There are three "golden" rules that will make it easier for the future mother.

Exercise stress

The very first and basic rule is a future mothershould receive enough physical exertion. After all, we remember that pregnancy is not a disease, is it? Of course, we are not talking about heavy physical work. But if you were an active lifestyle before pregnancy, now also it is not necessary to completely give up lessons. And in the event that you have never been a fan of a healthy lifestyle, now is the time to start. The best way for a future mother is to take classes in the pool, fitness programs designed specifically for pregnant women. Yes, even the most simple walking tours will very effectively help prepare for childbirth and keep healthy and elastic skin, without signs of stretch marks. Yes, and after giving birth back to the habitual form of active mothers will be much easier. This is explained very simply - the appearance of stretch marks is provoked by nothing else but a sharp set of weight. And in the event that a woman receives regular physical activity, the weight is typed smoothly and distributed evenly over the body. By the way, if you are engaged, you do not feel excess weight for excess pregnant women. avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

Skin care

Another, no less effective rule issystematic and thorough skin care. And special attention should be paid precisely to problem areas. It is desirable to begin this care even before the onset of pregnancy. In your arsenal should be like a soft body scrub, and a good moisturizer, and also oil for massage. It is very important not to allow dehydration of the skin, and even a special cream against stretch marks will not be superfluous either. Which cream is worth buying for you, you probably will tell your gynecologist. Did he keep silence? Do not worry, ask it yourself. Doctors are also people, and they tend to forget about the little things. Apply this remedy on the problem areas very carefully, stroking the skin in a circular motion. Do not let it stretch. Any, even the most expensive tool will only benefit if you use it systematically. Therefore, apply it on the skin at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, preferably after a shower, after having wet the skin with a towel. Especially carefully watch this in the second half of pregnancy - it is during this period that the tummy begins to grow with special intensity. In addition to using various cosmetic products, it is worth paying special attention to the clothes that the future mother wears. The skin must be protected from contact with various coarse materials that can injure it. It is best to give preference to clothes made from natural materials - flax, cotton. Do not wear clothes with a lot of stitching and pinching your skin - it greatly increases the risk of stretch marks. stretch marks during pregnancy


And one more very important aspect is the correctfood for the future mother. It would seem, what is the relationship between nutrition and the appearance of stretch marks? It turns out that the most direct - in a number of products contain substances that actively protect the skin. So, the products that need to be included in the diet of the future mummy:

  • All without exception, types of cereals. And oatmeal and buckwheat - especially.
  • Any vegetables, except cabbage.
  • Any fruit other than very sweet - may cause heartburn.
  • Any fermented milk products, preferably without the addition of colorants.
  • All sorts of dried fruits.
  • Olive oil - in unlimited quantities. This oil contains a huge amount of vitamin E, which is extremely useful in the fight against the appearance of stretch marks.

All of the above products are also good,that they allow to normalize the process of digestion and prevent the development of constipation. But from all sorts of harmful products should be abandoned. In particular, it is necessary to completely exclude from the diet of the future mummy:

  • Salted, smoked and spicy foods.
  • Any fried dishes - cook better for a couple.
  • Any fast food.
  • Coffee, carbonated drinks, sweet fruit juices.
  • All kinds of pastries and white bread.
  • Mayonnaise, mustard and other sauces, except soy.

These foods provoke a set of excess weight. And the extra weight, in turn, is the main culprit in the appearance of stretch marks. Yes, and on the general state of health, all these products do not work in the best way. As you can see, avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy is possible. Although there will be some effort. But after all - as the old truth says - beauty always requires sacrifice. And in our case, these victims still benefit health. Be healthy and beautiful. Easy for you childbirth and happy motherhood! We advise you to read: