how beautifully to tie a scarf Elegant, irreplaceable, stylish, comfortable,sexual, eternal ... All these words you want to address the constant attribute of the women's wardrobe - a scarf. This cute accessory is able to turn the woman's most common everyday thing into a bright and stylish toilet item. Scarves come in a variety of colors and shapes, and the kind of scarf a person wears, says a lot: does this person like himself, does he appreciate himself, is accurate to his things, exacting to himself and others, etc. To your scarf looked like a luxurious accessory, harmoniously complementing the outfit, you need to learn how to tie it beautifully. Ways to beautifully tie a scarf, presented on our website, will help you create your unsurpassed image and make of traditional things glamorous outfits.

Several ways to tie a long scarf

Now it will not be about that beautifully tied upthe long scarf that the famous actor Jean-Paul Belmondo loved to wear in the 1960s, and not at all about the scarf with tassels that Janis Joplin preferred - these accessories even adorned the necks of national favorites, but were tied very simply. We will try to consider various variations with a scarf made of light fabric and learn how to tie a long scarf beautifully. So that it does not hang sadly and melancholy on your neck, you can tie it in a knot-loop. There are several ways to tie a scarf beautifully in such a knot. The first way: how to beautifully tie a scarfNode "Loop" №1

  • Fold the fabric in half.
  • Fold the scarf around the neck, and with the end on which the loop is formed, tie a simple knot.
  • Leave the hinge gently hanging along with the second end of the scarf.

The second way: how beautiful to tie a scarf around your neckNode "Loop" №2

  • Fold the two ends of the fabric together.
  • Half-folded scarf put on neck, and through the formed loop, thread both ends inside.
  • This will greatly reduce the length of your scarf.

The colors of neck scarves can bedifferent, and the coloring is brighter, so they will attract attention to themselves without much effort. But if your accessory is not among the "trendy", then the way to "weave the loop" will help give it charm. It is unlikely that you, charming and exquisite, with such a beautifully tied scarf around your neck in the form of a weaving loops, will be deprived of attention by others. We knit a weaving loop: how beautiful to tie a scarfKnot "Weaving Loop"

  • Fold the fabric in half.
  • Half-folded scarf put on your neck, and thenplace both ends staggered in relation to the formed loop (one end pass through the loop, and the second one is placed on top of it and withdrawn again through the hole).
  • Carefully adjust the fabric so that it fits smoothly on your neck.

For a modern woman, a scarf -an irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe, but it is better that these things were as much as possible. Do not rush to get rid of the old long scarves, which you simply tired of, pay attention to the following way how to beautifully tie a scarf with a braid "pigtail". This method is called Thumbelina. For him, you need to take three identical in length scarf and, preferably, harmonizing in color. Tie them together in a knot and braid a loose pigtail. The ends of the fabric, too, tie a knot. This newfangled accessory will help to serve not only with a neck scarf, but also a belt for your wardrobe.

Varied application of a large scarf

If in your closet there is a big beautiful scarf,then depending on which fabric it is made from, various ways of using it as an accessory are possible. For example, a fabric large enough and wide, then it can be safely worn as a sarong or cape, having fastened the ends with a brooch. It easily complements any of your costumes or dresses, and adds brightness and contrast. A large wide scarf is also suitable for decorating the head, as a headdress, both for the warm season and for the cold season. It will tell you how beautiful it is to tie a big scarf in the form of a headdress the following way. It's called Tango. There are various options and ways to knit Tango over your head. Let's consider some of them. The first way: how beautiful to tie a long scarf"Tango" №1

  • If your scarf corresponds to the size of 90x240 cm, then fold it in half along the length, and then throw it over your head.
  • Fix the ends of it on the back of the head so that it fits around the head.
  • Both ends of it twist into a bundle along the entire length.
  • Twist the bundle around your head.
  • The end of the fabric is placed under the bundle and leave the tip of the scarf in the free position.

The second way: how to beautifully tie a scarf shawl"Tango" №2

  • Take a scarf in the size 90х240 cm and fold it along, then wrap the head with it so that its ends are on the vertex.
  • Make a few turns and lock it so that it fits around the head.
  • Twist both ends of the fabric into a tourniquet and wrap the head around them.
  • Put the end of the scarf under the harness on the crown.

Beautifully tied up big scarf with freestraightened ends in the occipital part is still relevant today. It looks very refined and elegant, and maybe that's why the neck scarf, tied in this way, was called "Retro". Its dimensions may be slightly smaller than in the previous version, but still it should be large. Consider how beautifully tied a scarf, photo and instructions for the "Retro" model is attached. Knit Retro: how beautifully to tie a scarf photoThe "Retro"

  • Take a cloth the size of 90x180cm and fold it along, then wrap it around the head so that the ends are on the back of the head.
  • Pull both ends of the scarf as tight as possible.
  • Screw the ends into a bundle.
  • Tie this tourniquet into a knot at the back of the head and straighten its ends.

Nature has no bad weather ... This expression is wewe love to repeat when we inevitably realize that the warm season comes to an end and ahead of a rainy and windy autumn. This dull mood can easily be corrected in a very uncommon way: turning your old scarf into a turban. This beautiful wardrobe will serve as a good helper at the first cold breeze and will save you from the cold, because it will cover the head and neck at the same time. How beautiful it is to tie a scarf around your neck and at the same time close your head, one of the following methods will help. We knit a scarf-turban: how beautifully to tie a big scarfTurban

  • We fold the neck scarf, the size of 90x240 cm twice and put it on the head a little obliquely (in relation to either side of the head).
  • We will cross its ends on the back of the head.
  • The ends of the fabric will wrap the head so that they intersect on the forehead.
  • Then we start the ends to the back of the head.
  • We tie the ends of the scarf on the back of the neck and wrap our neck around them.
  • From one side you can tie a bow.

Many women often have to visitsecular events, but not all of them like to decorate their necks with jewels. To solve this problem will help beautifully tied scarf around the neck, which will serve as a worthy replacement for any costume jewelry. To do this, fold the fabric in a triangle so that one end of it is slightly on the other. Arrange the scarf at the largest angle on the chest and wind the ends of the neck in a crosswise direction. Tie the ends of the kerchief to the knot and hide them under the folds on the fabric.

Not all podium dresses color a woman the way a scarf shawl

A special love for such scarves is experiencedFrench women. They are ready to wear scarfs in winter and summer, no matter what! They know one small trick that gives a head start to handkerchiefs, even giving way to the most elegant outfits of the Parisian catwalks: they are able to radically change any outfit, and the costs made when buying a handkerchief will be minimal than, for example, a new thing in the wardrobe. A beautifully tied handkerchief speaks of a good taste and style, the presence of a person's sense of fashion. In order to make something interesting from the kerchief, it should be at least 80x80cm in size. Consider a few examples of how beautifully to tie a scarf shawl around your neck, and make this simple accessory flashy-bright. An example is a handkerchief tied around the neck in a cowboy manner. Of course, the cowboys themselves used it not as an ornament in clothes, but for more practical purposes: it protected the mouth and nose from dust, covered the chest with strong winds and even in some cases served instead of bandage, for bandaging wounds. In order to tie a scarf shawl like a cowboy, you need to fold it in half, in the form of a triangle, and attaching it to the neck, tie the ends on the back of the head so that the bulk of the scarf sagged in front. There are not enough hats! Handkerchief with buckle: Ways to beautifully tie a scarfHandkerchief with buckle

  • Tie the handkerchief around the neck and lower its ends down.
  • Thread the ends of the kerchief through any beautiful buckle.

A simple and everyday knitted cardigan canto decorate a scarf in the form of lapels. To do this, fold the handkerchief in half in a triangle and throw it over your shoulders, and tie the ends in a small short knot. Your jumper will look very much like a jacket with such an accessory, and if you attach a small brooch to the knot, it will resemble a button in shape. To help cover up the shoulders, for those who consider them ugly, there are many ways, but one of the most common is a scarf. The next method will not only beautifully tie a scarf shawl on the shoulders, but also help to hide the deep decollete. Hide the shoulders and décolleté:

  • Fold the kerchief in a triangle, so that the ends do not coincide slightly with each other.
  • Cover the shoulders with a handkerchief and connect the ends from behind with each other.
  • Bring the ends forward and tie them to a small bundle.

For those who like to stand out from others, there isAn unusual way to wear a handkerchief on one shoulder. To do this, any large shawl is suitable: put a scarf on one shoulder and gently lay the folds on it, and then tie both ends of the kerchief from the opposite side at the waist level. Perhaps, a beautifully tied scarf is suitable for an informal appearance. Today it is very fashionable not only to wear handkerchiefs, but also to collect them. What fashionista does not dream to tell her friends that in her wardrobe there is a scarf of such famous brands as Hermes, Gucci or Versace? And whatever number of shawls the woman had in her closet, she would always want to buy one more, because she had dreamed of such coloring for a long time! It is possible to tie a scarf as nicely as possible, a lot has been given, but it's not yet discussed how easy it is to have it with you. Sometimes, for the interest of others, it will be fine if the scarf or shawl is carelessly sticking out of your pocket, or can be tied, but not on the neck or head, but on the handle of your bag, or on the wrist of your hand. Countless ways to beautifully tie a scarf, photos of which you gave our site, useful for adjusting any wardrobe and will start work on a new way. After all, a woman who changes is always attractive and beautiful. We advise you to read: