We will spend New Year's holidays with advantage Soon before us will open their doors magic andlong-awaited 10 days of the New Year holidays. There is a natural question - how to spend these days so that to receive from them a maximum of advantage and pleasure? Of course, you can buy a ticket and go to a ski resort, or vice versa to bask in a warm place like Israel, the Maldives, the Arab Emirates or Thailand. Many of our compatriots like to have an active holiday in Northern Finland or the Alps. Even beginners skiers return satisfied, because this time is the peak of the ski season. The easiest way to go to Finland is with friends or with your family. It is convenient - in this way you can rent a cheap and comfortable cottage. Low prices and comfort can be found in other resort areas: in Egypt, Turkey, the Baltics and the Czech Republic. But what to do for those who are not even an expensive vacation abroad does not fit into the family budget? How to organize upcoming holidays competently? And what do we actually imagine by the word "rest"? To our great regret, the majority of Russians spend New Year's holidays on the couch watching TV shows and eating festive delicacies. At the same time, no one thinks about the fact that such pastime is detrimental to our nervous system and the organism as a whole. This kind of "rest" can only exacerbate depression after a long string of working days and worsen the state of health.

Where is the "useful" rest?

We hope you have already realized that it's not hidden in the couchour health, so lying on it should be canceled along with stupefying in front of the TV and gluttony. Try not to overeat and move more, try, if the weather allows, most of the day to be out in the fresh air. Some of our recommendations can cause rejection, because people have been waiting for this vacation for so long to calmly relax, watch your favorite programs and sleep! You can not afford such a rare opportunity to spend on incomprehensible campaigns - where and why, if you do not have to work? However, experts have a different opinion. They are sure that the best holiday is an active pastime in nature. If at least an hour to spend in the park on skis, then the body will relax and rest much better than for the whole day spent on the couch. The same tool will be true if you are fatally tired and do not want to move. Doctors and psychologists unanimously declare that the hour of walking in the coniferous forest brings invaluable benefits to our body. In comparison, rest in front of the TV is only able to load even more congested psyche. The body is able to relax physically, psychologically and emotionally exclusively in the fresh air. Do not kill your precious time and make the New Year holidays as useful as possible! We will spend New Year's holidays with advantage

Active rest is the guarantee of health!

We are well aware that after the meeting of the Newit is unlikely that someone will get out into the woods for a walk, unless you celebrate the holiday right in the woods. But in the days that follow, everything is in your hands! The simplest option is a sally to the rink. Another simple option is to get together with friends for a walk to the nearest park. And even better - at the recreation center. The lack of a car is not a problem, the train is an excellent transport for such a case. If you have no base in the district, arrange an independent trip. Do not forget to take with you to the nature things necessary for full-fledged winter entertainment - a video camera, skis and sleds. You will have unique frames that will cheer you and your whole family throughout the year! By the way, sport activities in the forest are better spent on special wide "forest" skis. Naturally, they will not allow you to rush through the breeze, nevertheless it is very convenient for them to move through deep untouched snow. For fans of speed there are other options - a place where a large number of people skate. Slides with rolled mountains are perfect for experienced athletes, as well as for those who have climbed for the first time. Such places are also convenient for sledging, ice caps and other shells. For the desperate, decided to get to the recreation center, we recommend to take enough money with you not to worry about using the lift and for renting equipment. It hardly makes sense to take animals to the recreation center. At the ski base the dog can injure himself if he gets under the feet of a skier swiftly rolling down the slope. Where freer your four-legged friend will feel in the forest. Organize yourself several such trips during the New Year holidays, and you will ensure a long time of good mood from the feeling of a holiday and a good rest. After all, all this time you can play snowballs, ride, participate in winter games, just flounder in the snow for your own pleasure, and then eat a potato baked in ashes, and drink hot sweet tea. Is this not happiness? Positive impressions in adults and children will leave photos on which near your parking lot will be elegant trees, decorated with balloons, rain and tinsel. The main thing is to eliminate the remnants of the fire behind you and take the garbage out of the forest so as not to spoil the magic of the winter fairy tale. Think about the fact that many people want to relax in the forest, and they also like you want to fully experience the fabulous splendor of winter.

Winter vacation in a camp or village

Another option for rest in the New Year holidays isthose who were fortunate enough to have relatives in the countryside. Going to visit them is a wonderful choice! Pleasant it is possible to combine in that case with useful. For example, plenty of breathing in fresh air and at the same time help your relatives in the household. A charge of good mood and cheerfulness will be provided to you. If there is a sanatorium or a children's health camp in the neighborhood, then you can rent skis and ski regularly. Many children's camps now benefit from providing such a service to residents of cities. Do not miss the opportunity to ride in your own fun and improve the body. However, such an option may not be viable in some cases. Then you can just take a sled and arrange skating with the slides along with the guests at home. Such cheerful festivities will be a wonderful continuation of the holiday. We will spend New Year's holidays with advantage

Set the rules for the New Year holidays

Let the basic rules for you become - freshair, movement, activity and a positive attitude. And our children will be an excellent incentive for this. How often we are busy with work, and constantly postpone the opportunity to communicate with them "for later". Play and have fun together in nature - this time has already come! Often there is such a situation that children spend time watching TV or at the computer, and parents encourage this activity in view of the fact that this way the child does not distract them from the cases. But such negligence does not pass by and affects the behavior, education of the child's health and in many other areas of his life. Therefore, we should use the New Year holidays to its fullest - running, playing, lying in the snow, laughing with the children. Blind together some little man, a snowman, a snowman, do in your yard a hill or a fortress. Bring your children and their parents to friends. Time spent together for one thing, will help you to get closer and give an excellent charge of energy until the summer.