sex of the unborn child Many future parents want to know in advance,they will be born a boy or girl to equip the nursery and pick up things of the right color. Medical methods (ultrasound and other tests) allow you to determine the sex of the child only in the late stages of pregnancy. But there are other, less confirmed methods that will help calculate the sex of the child by the date of conception. Moreover, having studied the proposed tables, you can plan the best time for conception of the child of the desired sex.

The Journey of Sexual Chromosomes

It often happens that fathers blame mothers forthat they can not give birth to the desired boy. But, if we consider the process from the point of view of biology, then the sex of the future child depends entirely on the man. The matter is that at conception two sex cells merge (men and women, respectively), and in each of them there is only half of the genetic heritage of an individual. That is why each cell contains two chromosomes that are responsible for a single sign (two chromosomes for the color of the eyes, the length of the hair, sex, etc.). Sometimes they are the same, and sometimes they are different. For example, a situation is possible in which the child from the brown-eyed father will get the gene responsible for the blue color of the eyes, because in fact he was in the father's gene pool, but successfully hid before the moment of conception. And if in the case of other symptoms it is difficult to say whether the chromosomes are different in the cell or the same, then it is known about the sex chromosomes to mankind reliably. A woman has two identical X-chromosomes, while a man has different X-chromosomes. One X, another U. Depending on which chromosome separates from the male cell, a certain sex of the child will be obtained. Accordingly, all calendars suggesting the planning of conception time for obtaining the desired result take into account the phases, when the separation of the desired chromosome from the DNA of a man is most possible. principles of child planning

The basic principle of planning

All manipulations at the time of conception lead to,To give the spermatozoa of a certain type the first to reach the ovum. Scientists have found out that those that carry the male chromosome are more mobile and quick, but less tenacious. Spermatozoa with female chromosome, on the contrary, are heavy and slow, but can survive longer in unfavorable conditions. Our task is to make sure that one or the other is the first to reach the finish line. If you want a boy, then you need to strive to ensure that spermatozoa quickly meet with the egg and that those who are quicker survive. This will help deep penetration and powerful ejaculation. If you want a girl, you need to provide spermatozoa enough obstacles on the way to the goal. At the time of conception, you should not penetrate well and it is best to have sex regularly so that the sperm resource is depleted. Just want to say that no method gives a 100% guarantee of the result, it is only a generalized, centuries-old experience. If you want a guarantee, you better use IVF.

Tips for Chinese Traditional Medicine

Already in ancient times people knew how to determine sexa child by the date of conception. And the people's methods were all of their own. Basically, they were based on observation and analysis of the data obtained. And, nevertheless, the effectiveness of these calendars and tables was very high. Consider the Chinese table of conception of a child of a certain sex. It is based on two indicators: the age of the mother at the time of the alleged conception and the month in which sexual contact will be made. There is a small subtlety in determining the age of the mother. Within the framework of this conception calendar, it is not the number of full years of a woman that is important, but how many years ago she was conceived. Therefore, for an accurate calculation, add to your biological age 9 months - this will be the final figure, which should be guided in the table. Find the cage at the intersection of the mother's age and the month of conception. If it is pink, then you will have a girl, white - a boy. This method of determining the sex of the future baby has not too high accuracy of the forecast. And, nevertheless, they are still successfully used in China, trying to invariably give birth to a boy in the context of the "one family - one child" policy. However, there are some scientific confirmations of this method. It is known that younger moms often give birth to boys, as the table shows. different ways of determining a child's sex

The Japanese way

To calculate the sex of a child using Japanesecalendar, you have to work a little and carefully examine the two tables. In the first table, you need to match the birthdays of future mothers and fathers and find the number at the intersection of these data. After that, proceed to the next table. You should consider a column with the number you defined earlier. In this column, all 12 months are vertical - these are the potential months of conception. And in the middle of the table the scale of the probability of the birth of a boy or a girl is shown. The more signs "x", the higher the probability of conception of the child of the sex.

Astrological forecast

Another method that helps to reasonably approachconception, is the lunar calendar. It lists the best days for the child's creation of the lunar month. Note that the cycle of the moon consists of 29 days, and they do not coincide with the usual Julian calendar. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what day of the lunar calendar is in the specialized sources. The lunar calendar has helped people in many ways since ancient times. For example, it is widely known and confirmed empirically that plants are best planted in the initial phases of the moon. Determine exactly the gender of the baby such a calendar can not, but it points to many other factors important for the child. So, the table below shows the days of the lunar calendar and describes what kind of child will be born.

  • If you conceive a child on that day, he will leavea trace in society. Among such children there are many great scientists or politicians. All children conceived on the first day of the lunar calendar are distinguished by great willpower and spirit, so they easily cope with difficulties and never give up. Their lives are full of bright events and impressions.
  • On this day, the probability of a girl's conception is high. But no matter what gender you have a child, he will walk through life easily, protected by higher forces. Such children are fond of fortune, and all of them are obtained without much effort.
  • Parents who want to get obedientchild, it is better not to have sex on that day. Children, conceived on this day, grow up as rebels. Of course, such a child will have a strong character and healthy obstinacy, helping to achieve the goals set, but to get along with him will be extremely difficult not only for you, but also for his potential partner, since such a child is uncontrollable and reckless.
  • The child, conceived on this day, will be extremely infantile. It will be difficult for him to encourage at least some activity and, most likely, he will sit on his parents' neck until the last, not wishing to work.
  • This day will give you a bright personality. He will be smart, almost genius. But where he will direct his talents, depends also on your upbringing. He can benefit society or become an outstanding criminal.
  • Such a child will be a creator by nature, he will love to travel and fantasize. Perhaps his dreaminess and curiosity will lead him to a scientific breakthrough.
  • Children conceived on this day receive a stronghealth and optimistic about life. They show great social activity and like to be the soul of the company. They are waiting for a career of fighters for justice: in science, society or another field.
  • Such a child will not feel anywherecomfortably and happily. It seems that misfortune will haunt him wherever he goes. But in fact, deep sorrow is hidden in his soul and does not allow him to know the pleasures of life. He will travel a lot, trying to escape from anguish, but this will not help him much.
  • Stars are not advised to plan conception on this day, because the child is waiting for severe trials, after which the society will either rank him as a saint, or call him a villain.
  • It is believed that the children conceived on this day, for life will help all the departed ancestors in the world, so the day is extremely favorable for the emergence of a new life.
  • On this day long-livers are born. The stars promise them a bright life, preserving activity and health even in old age.
  • Such a child will be born with God's gift of healing and foresight, he will have a great destiny, consisting in helping his neighbors.
  • A man, conceived on this day, learns both black and white stripes. In his busy life will be full and happy, and unhappy moments.
  • The stars promise that the child conceived on this day will be guarded by the guardian angel, who will give him the ability to foresee the disaster.
  • Parental influence will be especially important forthis child, because he will get fighting qualities and a sharp sense of justice. Whether he will direct it for good or not depends on his upbringing.
  • On this day will be conceived a classic melancholy, subtly feeling someone else's pain, quiet and empathetic.
  • Such a child can get addicted to alcohol and gambling, he will be carefree and frivolous.
  • The child will become an excellent member of society: hard-working, intelligent and rich. But, perhaps, lonely because of too high self-esteem.
  • Risky, but hardworking, honest and very active child.
  • It is believed that the child, conceived on this day, fully reflects the karma of the parents. He can be expected as a series of failures, and a happy and full life.
  • This child will be everywhere trapped by dangers with which he will successfully cope, accomplishing feats and gaining fame and recognition.
  • The child will grow up as an exemplary family man, able to make his partner happy and take care of future offspring.
  • Stars warn against conception on this day, as the probability of unpleasant mutations is high.
  • A strong child, a favorite of the whole family. Honest and kind, although a little lazy and, perhaps, rude.
  • Very wise child with excellent intuition, hiswill protect the higher forces. It will be a long time to decide and think about everything before making an action, because of which it will seem to others that it is too slow and secretive.
  • The child will receive great ambitions and skills. He will easily achieve both wealth and glory, but inability to care for loved ones can destroy his life.
  • The baby will easily meet people and evoke sympathy and trust in them. He will grow up as a protected pet in any company, which will allow him to be happy in any field he chooses.
  • These children are fond of success in any endeavor,because of what they can forget how to work and get lazy: everything is done by itself. Therefore, such a child should be taught to work from an early age.
  • It is better not to try to conceive a child on this day, unjustified suffering and loss await him.
  • A little infantile child who can becomea good family man. It is hard for him to be among a large number of people, but with close people he will feel comfortable and be able to open.