herbs during pregnancy Pregnancy is not only the happiest andan exciting period in the life of every woman, but also the most responsible. After all, the future mother should now take care not only of herself, but of the new man. And during this period, very many women completely and completely refuse any pharmacological preparations. Of course, this is very commendable and quite justifiable, because any substance that gets into the mother's body penetrates through the placenta and to the baby. As you know, nature has provided that during pregnancy the immunity of the expectant mother is greatly reduced. This measure is necessary so that the female body does not begin to reject the fruit. Do you remember that the organism of the child is 50% of the father's merit? But the decrease in immunity has the reverse side of the medal - pregnant women become much more vulnerable to various viruses and infections. And in the end a vicious circle turns out - there is no way to help the future mother, but also to use medicines to get rid of the disease as quickly as possible, too. And how to be in this difficult situation? The solution is to seek help from nature. But remember that the herbs during pregnancy should be used very carefully. Some of the herbs can provide a truly invaluable help in the treatment of certain diseases. However, you can not underestimate the herbs and consider them as something like innocent vitamins - very many of them can cause irreparable harm to mother and baby. In order to avoid this situation, before using any herbs, consult your doctor. We also offer you a brief overview of the effects on the organism of the future mother of certain herbs. Of course, it's impossible to describe all the available medicinal plants within the framework of one article, so we will only talk about the most basic of them, which are found most often. And we will start with those of them that can be used during pregnancy. herbs harmful during pregnancy

Green light

Before the story I would like to remind once again -even in the event that you are going to use this or that allowed grass, consult your physician beforehand. We should not forget about this phenomenon, as an individual intolerance. That means, which will help one pregnant woman, for another can turn into very serious complications. So:

  • Ginger

Very many pregnant women do not hearsayknow that such a toxicosis is a constant dizziness, a feeling of nausea, and vomiting. But with this problem it is quite possible to cope with ginger. Ginger for these purposes has been used in folk medicine for many decades. Of course, there may be short-term side effects - mild drowsiness, heartburn. But these symptoms pass very quickly, so it's worth trying. After all, the health of the child ginger does not have any negative impact. Ginger is applied as follows. Get a pill or capsule in a pharmacy with a dosage of 2 milligrams. This dosage should be divided into two doses - in the morning and before bedtime, with plenty of water. Ginger tea is equally effective. And you can use ready-made tea, and you can make it yourself. To do this, put one teaspoon of grated ginger in the thermos and fill it with one liter of boiling water. To insist tea it is necessary about an hour. Drink is necessary during the day, in small portions.

  • Virgin witch-hazel

This plant is very helpful invaricose veins and hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, pregnancy often leads to pathological changes in the vascular and digestive systems. Constipation, pressure increasing in size of the uterus on the rectum - all this often leads to the development of constipation. Yes, and varicose veins on the legs are also a common occurrence. To solve this problem, get an ointment or gel containing witch hazel in the pharmacy. This plant not only eliminates unpleasant sensations, but also improves the condition of the vessels. The drug should be used once a day, at bedtime. As a rule, a noticeable improvement comes on the third day. Although the pain and burning sensation recede after the first application. But pay attention - with bleeding hemorrhoids, this means is better not to use.

  • Calendula

Calendula for a pregnant woman in general isthe most real "wand - zashchalochko, saving from a variety of misfortunes. So, for example, the infusion of calendula. It is very universal. In the event that the future mother began to bleed gums, which happens very often, she needs to rinse her mouth with infusion of calendula every two hours. To make this, pour five tablespoons of calendula with one liter of boiling water, wrap the pan with a towel and insist for two hours. After this, strain the infusion with gauze cloth and dissolve in it 2 tablespoons of honey. Honey perfectly removes inflammation. Also, the infusion of calendula is very effective for sore throats. Prepare it according to the same principle as described a little higher. But instead of honey add a few drops of iodine and one teaspoon of salt for every 100 grams of infusion. Kiss the throat every two hours, until the pain disappears completely.

  • Rosehip oil

What are stretch marks, know all future mothers. Moreover - the question of how to avoid their appearance, worries a woman quite strongly. And in order to reduce the likelihood of the appearance of stretch marks, you can resort to the aid of rosehip oil. In wild rose oil contains a lot of fatty acids, vitamin A and C. Regular use of rosehip oil greatly improves skin condition, increases its elasticity and the ability to regenerate. You can use the ready-made dogrose oil, but you can make it yourself. Take two tablespoons of rose hips, fill them with 0.5 liters of oil and bring to a boil. After the oil boils, turn off the fire and leave it for a day. After this, pour the oil into a glass container and store it in the refrigerator. The resulting oil must be carefully rubbed into the skin after each shower. Particular attention should be paid to the most problematic areas - the skin of the chest, abdomen, thighs. Ideally, this procedure should be carried out at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

  • Pharmacy Chamomile

Very relevant for expectant motherschemist's daisy. As a rule, it is her broth that is used for pregnant women. To prepare a decoction of chamomile, you will need five tablespoons of inflorescences of chamomile. Place them in enameled dishes, pour one liter of water, bring to a boil and reduce the heat. The broth should be boiled for about 20 minutes, then cool and strain with gauze. For the future, the chamomile broth is better not to do, since it retains its useful properties for only 24 hours. Pharmacy chamomile is very good for colds - it can be used as a means for rinsing your throat. To do this, add a few drops of iodine to it, and rinse your throat every three hours. In the event that a cold is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, you can take 100 grams of decoction every two hours - like tea. Be prepared for what will have to sweat very much. No less effective broth chamomile removes various inflammatory processes of the skin. Do you have any small inflammation? Compresses with a decoction of chamomile will come to your aid. Apply moistened in a decoction of chamomile napkin to the wound for 15 minutes twice a day - and in a few days the inflammatory process will disappear without a trace. herbs useful in pregnancy

Red light

There are also herbs harmful during pregnancy. Their application is inadmissible under any circumstances. There are three main groups of medicinal herbs that are contraindicated for future mothers, since they can lead to such complications as:

    Violation of normal placental blood circulation, which can lead to the development of hypoxia and a lack of nutrients in the body

Such herbs include:

  • Medicinal sage. It is a part of a large number of various intestinal and diuretic charges, is used to rinse the throat with tonsillitis, with stomatitis. By the way, pay attention - sage is often used as a seasoning.
  • Wild strawberry. It is very often recommended for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and beriberi. By the way, strawberries have one more negative effect on the pregnant woman's body - it substantially increases the tone of the uterus and can provoke miscarriage or premature birth.
  • The sequence that is used to treat various skin diseases. It can also lead to the development of a strong allergy in a future mother.
  • Severe nausea, vomiting, heartburn and flatulence

To herbs that can cause similar side effects, include:

  • Swamp lemon, which is most oftenused to treat bronchitis. It causes a very strong inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach in the future mother. In addition, it can significantly reduce the level of blood pressure.
  • Medicinal valerian. Very often it is advised to use it for future mothers to suppress emotional outbursts. But in fact, it is strictly contraindicated. After all, heartburn and vomiting are far from the only side effects - it can also disturb the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Donnik medicinal. He is included in various diuretics and expectorants. In addition, it can be used for flatulence, insomnia and abdominal pain. But not with expectant mothers!
  • Celandine. It is often recommended for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, in pregnant women, the effect will be directly opposite - strong vomiting and diarrhea are almost assured.
  • Increased blood pressure

Such a phenomenon is very dangerous for a future mother, since it can lead to very serious consequences. This group of herbs include:

  • Sandy immortelle, which is recommended for various diseases of the gallbladder and liver. In future mothers, it is possible not only to increase blood pressure, but also the onset of gestosis.
  • Saint John's wort. This herb is a part of a huge number of medical fees, so you need to be very careful. St. John's wort reduces blood vessels and increases blood pressure.
  • Other complications:

  • Wormwood. It is used both to arouse appetite, and as a cholagogue. But for a pregnant woman wormwood is extremely dangerous - it can lead to seizures, the appearance of hallucinations and other mental disorders.
  • Tree aloe. It is also used quite widely - both for colds and skin diseases. But in pregnant women, aloe often leads to the development of severe allergic reactions.


As you can see, herbs useful in pregnancy,there is. But there are also strictly contra-indicated medicinal herbs. Therefore, do not rely on the case and the eternal Russian "maybe". Be sure to consult your doctor before applying this or that herbal remedy. After all, the normal course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby is the most important thing that every woman wants. Is not it? We advise you to read: