1 If you are expecting the first child, you can notrush. When the contractions begin to repeat, each at least 10 minutes, get ready to go to the hospital. If you are not the first child, the opening of the cervix occurs much faster and, as soon as the contractions become regular and rhythmic, you should hurry to the hospital. If you are overflowing with amniotic fluid, promptly call for an ambulance or go to the hospital without waiting for a fight. Before you leave, try to take a shower and do not forget the sanitary napkins. Plan ahead: whether you will call a taxi or you will be taken by someone from your relatives, you should not drive yourself, even if you feel fine. You have collected everything you need beforehand, but even if something is forgotten, your relatives will bring you everything that's missing. Do not forget washable slippers and documents: insurance policy, passport, exchange card. In the waiting room you will be offered to change clothes and check the documents, then the midwife will conduct an examination: how the cervix is ​​opened, whether labor activity has begun. You will see the skin for infectious diseases, weigh, measure the growth and external dimensions of the pelvis, measure the temperature and examine the throat. In the absence of any deviation, you will be placed in the ward for healthy parturient women. Do not forget to take off your jewelry at home, wash off the make-up from your face and varnish from your nails. This is not only a requirement of hygiene, your nails and lips will help determine your physical condition during childbirth. In the prenatal ward the doctor will get acquainted with your exchange card, ask how the pregnancy went. The doctor will perform an external examination to determine the position of the fetus, listen to the fetal heartbeat, and also conduct a vaginal examination to determine the degree of uterine opening. The doctor will tell you about the expected course of childbirth, will familiarize with the plan of conducting childbirth, will tell you how to behave. If you do not understand something, or for some reason the doctor did not cover all the questions, contact your doctor and midwife and ask all the questions that interest you. Express your wishes, clarify the need for certain procedures. In the normal course of labor, the physician repeats the external examination every 3 hours, and the vaginal examination - every 6 hours. Do not attach much importance to such unpleasant moments, as not quite a warm welcome. You must emotionally and psychologically obey the main task - to give birth to a healthy baby and to provide maximum safety for your health. Try not to talk too much with the doctor, do not argue and argue, be polite with the medical staff. At the same time, all the basic wishes should be stipulated in advance, and in the process of delivery all the recommendations of the midwife should be tried to perform clearly. We advise you to read: