The birth of twins For many women, the birth of twins is naturalthe way it goes without any complications. However, the risk of termination of pregnancy by caesarean section increases with the number of fetuses. Simultaneously, the likelihood of complications increases during pregnancy and childbirth. This, of course, does not mean that births of twins or triplets must necessarily end badly, but during pregnancy and childbirth, more careful monitoring of the condition of both the mother and the fetus is necessary. In case of multiple pregnancy in the first stage of labor, the weakness of labor pains often develops than in single-birth labor. After the birth of the first child, the contractions cease for a while, as the volume of the uterus is reduced by half and it takes some time to acquire the necessary tone for reduction. During this time, the doctor constantly monitors the heart rate of the second fetus. Then open his fetal bladder, after which the child quickly appears in the light, even with pelvic presentation. This is understandable - the birth canal is already prepared (expanded) by the birth of the first child and, in addition, children with multiple pregnancy usually do not have a large mass and body size. In multiple pregnancy, children often experience the effects of intrauterine hypertrophy and hypoxia. Especially often in the state of hypoxia, a second fetus is born. It is usually recommended that an anesthetist be present when giving birth to twins in case there is a need to resort to caesarean section, although most of the twins can appear naturally by natural forces (sometimes with forceps to prevent them from excessive bruising). A pediatrician or a neonatologist should be present nearby, ready to assist, if necessary. In the case of twins, you should always be prepared for the unexpectedness that may occur during childbirth. It may happen that during the birth of the first child, the natural way, the second, lying across, and which can not be turned, will have to be assisted by caesarean section. It is also possible, although amniotic fluid leaves on its own during the birth of the first child, the fetal membranes will have to be broken artificially. In most cases, the second child is born after the first. If this, the second, is born slowly, the doctor can recommend the introduction of oxytocin or apply forceps, or make a partial cesarean section. After the birth of a child, a child's place usually goes out quickly. However, sometimes it happens so slowly that you may need the help of a doctor. We advise you to read: