The small hotel KERIYA lurked in the forest, on thethe first coastline. Here, guests will not be troubled by crowds of tourists, extraneous sounds and loud music - only the rustle of waves, the sound of wind in the crowns of trees and a cozy atmosphere of tranquility. The mood of this family hotel is supported by natural home food from its own farm and the hospitable hosts of the establishment.Hotel KERIYAPhoto: archive of press services

Who will like this offer?

KERIYA is an ideal choice for those who:- goes to rest with a large family with children of different ages - plans a quiet rest together with the child. For adults, there are regular gatherings on a regular basis, and children will certainly find entertainment for themselves at numerous master classes, creative groups and classes with coaches. true professionals in their field: artists, ceramists, theater and film actors, theater and dance teachers, professional sports coaches. They can become your guides to the wonderful world of creativity and give an opportunity to harmonize the internal state with the help of swimming, yoga and respiratory gymnastics Qigong.Photo: archive of press services

Creative workshops

Creative workshops for children and adults infamily camp - these are classes and master classes in drawing and painting, ceramics and modeling of various materials, graphics and sketch, felting and wool watercolor, linocut, weaving, painting and decoupage techniques.

Theater Shows

Theatrical changes are actor's skill,plastic, the production of diction, the theory and history of theater, the creation of costumes and theater posters and many other knowledge from theatrical practice. And, of course, the guests are waiting for the lessons of imagination and imagination: everyone will have a unique opportunity to compose their stories, and - who knows! - perhaps they will be the first step of the child in the theatrical world.

Dance Shows

Dance Shows are dances for everyone at the sea! Children and adults will learn to listen and hear music, feel it, understand and love. It is here that you can discover your own potential, developing in dance and free plastic.Photo: archive of press services

Sports and games

I want to return from vacation tanned andfit? Here it will be very easy! In the hotel you can learn to swim with a professional trainer, do aqua aerobics, yoga, pilates and face fitness, and also attend family exercises and listen to lectures on the physical development of kids.

Tune in to a common wave

Hotel KERIYA is a special place where you can notjust perfect rest, but also tune in to the family wave, find common interests with your relatives, meet new people and learn to feel the beauty of this world more sharply.Photo: archive of press services