what to give to dad The more mature we become, the harder it is for uschoose gifts for your parents. After all, I want so much that the gift was not just an expensive trinket. I want it to be useful to look at it, parents remembered about us. To pick up a present for the mother to a woman is easier, because there are some common interests and hobbies. But with the father the situation is much more complicated. It's good to be a little girl! You do not need to collect ideas for gifts. It's enough just to make something with your own hands, everything - father in the seventh heaven with happiness! At a more mature age, we want to give our parent a real pleasure, to emphasize his status and position, to show his love and care. This is where the problems with choosing a gift begin. We are ready to run around all the shops of the city, because a gift to the Pope must be really worthwhile! And what in the end? And in the end - nothing suitable and we do not find .... And here it would be desirable to give one advice: if you doubt what to give to the daddy, well study its interests and hobbies. In this article we will describe various ideas for congratulations, and you will only have to choose one of them and present the original gift to the Pope.

Defender of the Fatherland Day

No matter how strong and serious a man yourDad, he has his weaknesses. Someone likes to read, someone - fishing and hunting, and someone, oddly enough, prefers cooking to all this. Just for these hobbies is best to bet, especially if it is not a very important event, for example, the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland. What gift to choose on February 23? Many women on this day give their close men shaving accessories or toilet water. However, it is not worth following in their footsteps. It's not original! Try to break out of the platitudes and come up with something more interesting, based on the passions and predilections of your father. The best gift for a lover of literature, of course, is a book. Here the ideas can be very different, the benefit of the modern market offers a lot of printed publications of a different nature, quality and price category. The only thing left for you is to pick up a publication that will be of interest to your father. If he likes the classic - buy a special gift edition. If among his hobbies are fishing, hunting or gardening - buy a colorful glossy book or make a selection from relevant magazines for any period. Looking for ideas for an exclusive gift? Order a book in an elite book. In case you want to bring your creativity to the publication, you can participate in the development of the cover design. Such a gift will be doubly pleasing to your father. Many men are fond of hunting and fishing, and after retirement this hobby can grow into a real passion. Ideas for such gifts are so diverse that you can easily find exactly what your father needs. Any accessory that symbolizes his hobby will be an excellent present. For example, lovers of hunting will like knives with a handle made of deer horns. Men, as a rule, enthrall and carpets from the skin of a bear or a wolf. Such a trophy can push them to new records and achievements. Another weakness of many men is cars. As a rule, representatives of the stronger sex of virtually all ages can spend whole days in the garage, repairing their favorite car. If your dad is one of them, feel free to buy him a car accessory. Of course, to begin with, carefully discern what car accessories he already has. So, for example, you can present covers for car seats with heating and massage function. gift to dad


Dad's birthday gift should not beso expensive, how many memorable. If your father is a solid person who occupies not the last place in society, choose an accessory that will emphasize his status. For example, a holder for a tie or cufflinks. At first glance, it may seem that these are quite commonplace gifts, but many men appreciate such accessories. You can present and quality smoking accessories, because they belong to the class of elite gifts. If your parent still could not give up bad habits, an ashtray or a lighter made of precious metals, real Cuban cigars can conquer his heart. The status of your father is emphasized and the branded watch with engraving. The main thing is to decide on his favorite brand and wrist size, and you will be engraved in any specialized center. And its application does not take much time. But the girls, whose fathers are close to the latest technology, incredibly lucky. They can give their father any modern gadget: the latest model of a mobile phone, a fashionable tablet, an exclusive flash drive. Such presents will surely please even an elderly man. After all, he so wants to feel younger and stay abreast of all the latest technologies. If your parent has a dream that he could not do, help him realize it. This can be a trip, a subscription to a gym or swimming pool, dinner in a restaurant, where he can try some exotic dish. It all depends on your imagination and material possibilities. Do you still think that you can give your dad? And nothing significant has ever occurred to you? Try to consult with your mother on this issue. Parents spent many years together and perfectly studied the habits and interests of each other. Mom can always tell you the idea for a gift or delicately find out from his father what a gift he would like to receive for his birthday. gift for dad

Gifts for New Year's Eve

New Year and Christmas are family holidays,so the gifts should be appropriate, reminiscent of home comfort and comfort. If you do not know what to give your dad for the New Year holidays, feel free to go to a clothing store or home textiles. Look closely at warm flannel pajamas or terry dressing gowns. An excellent option will be a warm sweater made from natural wool. Here the main thing is not to lose with the size. If your father can not deny himself a beer mug for watching a football match, give him a beer glass. They can be bought in almost every dish or souvenir department. You can also choose the original mug, decorated with a family photo. A nice gift for dad - a set of beautiful handkerchiefs with his initials. Embroidery can be assigned to a professional, but you can make it yourself. Some men after retirement are addicted to cooking. Common situation? Well, this is an excellent excuse to choose a gift to dad in the appropriate store. For example, a set of kitchen knives or a special cookbook for men. Believe me, the father will be given such a present and will certainly treat you with his own dish. The main thing - remember, choosing a gift, you do not need to look at the price. After all, they say without a reason - "money is not happiness." And the happiness of your father will not depend on the value of the gift. He will rejoice you just like that, simply because you do not forget him. And a gift .... This is a pleasant accompaniment to the holiday, nothing more! We advise you to read: