decorative articles from dried gourd Nothing so animates the interior of the house, asdecorative ornaments and cute trinkets. It is thanks to them that any cold interior gets individuality, it becomes warm and cozy. Having made these decorations with your own hands, you will bring a piece of your soul into the interior of your own house. And this will make it not just individual. It will become unrepeatable.

Pumpkin in the interior

A lot of opportunities to decorate your homegive you a pumpkin. It's best to make crafts from a decorative pumpkin. Its form will give you a greater choice of variants of those ideas, which even beginner handmaker will be able to implement. But an ordinary pumpkin can also be used. Decorative crafts made from dried pumpkin are very interior, bringing home warmth and comfort. Its coloring - juicy yellow or orange in all shades - will fit well into almost any interior, enlivening it and bringing joy to the house. The bright color spots of the pumpkin crafts immediately attract attention to themselves, and if it is also a decorative candlestick with a candle burning inside, then the room will become especially cozy and cheerful. Everyone knows about the effect of different colors on a person. The orange color of people is associated with a soft gleam of the setting sun, warmth and bliss. This color always pleases the eye and increases the mood, having a beneficial effect on man. He keeps any person on his toes. Therefore, crafts made of pumpkins can bring inexhaustible energy and strength to the interior of the house. Crafts can be made as from a regular pumpkin, which you can then use for its intended purpose, and from dried. If you are an inveterate salesman and brought a pumpkin crop to the house in the autumn, then, in the sense of a pumpkin, you can "revitalize" it - to make of it with the use of a mask, headdress and marker charming muzzles. And you can decorate a pumpkin with twigs, spikelets, decorative leaves and branches of mountain ash, creating a decorative composition in the autumn spirit. Bring the children to the creative process. They will like this activity very much. They, on the other hand, will help you to think up something of that kind, for the irrepressible childhood fantasy has no boundaries. If you are ready to sacrifice a couple of pumpkins from your harvest, then from them you can make excellent decorative crafts that perfectly fit into the interior of your home. From dried pumpkin you can make a wide variety of decorative crafts. Pumpkin is dried outdoors or in the oven. In no case can you dry it on the battery - it wrinkles and becomes unfit for crafts. crafts from pumpkin seeds

Candlestick and pumpkin vase

Look great from pumpkins candlesticks and vases. You can make a real decorative composition. Dinner by candlelight is so romantic! And if you still have an orange pumpkin vase on the table with your favorite autumn flowers, then the mood flies just to the clouds! To make a candlestick you will need a pumpkin of small size, and for a vase you can take it and larger. In addition, for decoration you will need beads of different sizes, beads, braid, various ribbons and other decorative elements of your choice. Also it is necessary to prepare in advance decorative pumpkins, dried flowers, a knife, pins with multi-colored heads and wax. For the manufacture of hand-made articles, cut off the top of the pumpkin, clean the core and leave them to dry for a while. Then decorate a large half of the pumpkin as your imagination tells you. Use for this purpose prepared decorative elements - beads, beads, dried flowers, tinsel and other miniature jewelry. In a pumpkin prepared for a vase, secure the water tank inside. A hat for a candlestick too decorate. For these purposes, you can take a bright braid, beads and silk or metallized threads. To fix a candle in a candlestick of a pumpkin, use wax or paraffin. It is very good to use for these candlesticks flat candles in a foil stand. crafts from decorative gourd

Other ideas

From pumpkins of different sizes you can make funorange family - mom, dad and little children. Children will just be delighted! This will require dried flowers and herbs, colored paper, markers, pins, colored ribbons and braid, beads and beads, wire. Beforehand it is necessary to select pumpkins of different shapes and sizes and to dry them in the oven. And then start creativity. At this point, who is in that much! Eyes can be made from buttons, pins with black heads or beads. Daddy mustache can be made from grass or jute fiber. There will be a bunch of grass on her hair. Eyebrows and cilia can draw a felt-tip pen, or you can glue false eyelashes. The mouth can also be drawn or put out of the beads. Mom can be "dressed" in an apron, carving it out of colored paper, and decorate the pope with a bow tie. Puckkin-kids can also get with your help gay clothes. You can make great crafts from pumpkin seeds. It can be a beautiful thematic panel for the kitchen or funny pictures for the children's room, which can also be done with the participation of children. There is also a lot of ideas. Dare! And do not deny yourself anything. We advise you to read: