gleaming with my own hands In the seventies it was fashionable to have ormake threaded curtains with their own hands, decorated with beads, beads and even bells, they were also called muslin or rope. Many still experience pleasant nostalgia when they remember them. But today it is also possible to get hold of such a product, and also to make original curtains of threads on its own.

Advantages of curtains made of yarn

They are easy to use, simple andoriginal, will please both their hosts and their guests with attractiveness, beauty and unusualness for quite a long time. Due to their unusualness, such curtains can perform not only their direct purpose, but also be used as an interior partition. Also these curtains can cover up not very favoritious areas in any room. Moreover, the original mitten will add brightness and unusualness to the decor. Having a translucent, airy and light structure, the curtains of the filaments do not interfere with the passage of fresh air and light, but the room can still be protected from direct sunlight. If you really want to make thread curtains, then, first of all, you need to collect the material necessary for this. choice of threads for curtains

What is necessary for work

The base can be made from both conventionalfabric, and be woven from the same yarn that goes to the thread, such a base looks much more interesting. It is necessary to choose the material for the threads themselves, and decorations to taste: beads, beads, small toys, badges, buttons, figures made by your own hands, and what your imagination is capable of. Bells will also become an original decoration, in addition to their pleasant ringing. But you need to choose bells with a hole, so that you can attach them with a thread and a needle. The yarns themselves can be made not only from ordinary yarn, the most popular for the manufacture of such curtains are smooth threads, they have a shine and remarkably flow. In addition, it is possible to weave yarns for muslin from textured and fluffy yarns or simply to thread beads of different shapes and colors on the fishing line. For each kind of decoration that will be attached to the threads, you need to choose both a needle and a thread, depending on the color of the decoration and the width of the hole. For each thread is attached about 8-10 ornaments. And the thicker the weave of threads, the more reliable the ornament must be attached to it.

Calculations for work

The width of the fabric base should be eitherdoorway, or window, or other space, which is scheduled for thread-blinds. There is an option to use the cornice and rings for conventional curtains, then it becomes possible to move the rope curtains, and in order to maintain a certain gap between the threads - through the rings you need to skip the rope and attach the rings to it at a given distance. Another variant of the base under the muslin is a wooden bar with holes, a similar method is good where the curtains are constantly touched by the hand, pushed, for example, in the doorways. Then it is necessary to decide how much to put parts of the woven threads on the base. For example, for a standard-size door, 15 pieces of threads are usually taken, but you can take both less quantity and more, here, too, only your own desires and fantasies play a role. In addition, you need to decide on the length of the future curtains. It does not have to be in the floor, the length of the muslin can be as high as the middle, or higher, and whatever. And the variants of the edge of the curtain are plenty: both in a semicircle, and with bevelled edges, and waves, both straight and combined. care of the muslin

Use and care

A variety of ornaments for curtains made of yarngives an advantage in their application: decorated with bells, buttons or homemade figures of the curtain will look very good in the nursery; monochrome fit for the parents' bedroom; beautiful curtains of large sparkling beads or bugles the very place in the living room. And if you make the curtains combined, from beads and beads, they will be a worthy decoration for the room in the oriental style. The finished product, if desired, can be subjected to various transformations interweaving or tying some of the threads together, or simply tie them up, shorten them, thus creating a certain pattern. This will give your interior an individuality and a special "highlight". It is quite easy to take care of curtains made of yarn. Before any kind of washing, it is important to twist the strands between each other in a braid, fix it for reliability and put it in a cloth bag. Kisei does not need drying and ironing. It is enough to hang it in place and under their weight they will straighten themselves. Made by hand rope curtains or curtains will be an exclusive thing, the second such will not be anyone and never.