feng shui one-room apartment Surprisingly, one-bedroom apartmentis considered the most successful option in terms of creating a harmonious space by the rules of feng shui. Judge for yourself: here everything is compact, the living space, as a rule, has the form of a rectangle (without any branches to unnecessary sides), and the Bagua grid is the best tool for feng shui. So feng shui one-bedroom apartment is quite feasible in its small residential space. So, let's start in order.

The Bagua grid

If you already know how to use this simpletool, you know how to determine all the zones of influence in your home. If not, proceed as follows. Draw a plan for your one-bedroom apartment and determine its location relative to the sides of the world. Take the compass and find out which windows are facing North. If the compass is problematic, then just look at which side of your windows the sun is setting - there is the West. And further already will understand. So, having found the North in your apartment, mark it on the plan and put the Bagua grid on the plan, aligning its northern zone with your North. Further - it's easier. By overlaying the grid, you will immediately see which zones of influence in which parts of the house are located. And there are as many as nine of these zones:

  • The center of the house is the Health Zone.
  • North - the Career Zone.
  • The South is a zone of Glory.
  • The West is a zone of Creativity.
  • East - the area of ​​the Family.
  • Southwest is the zone of Love.
  • South-east - the zone of Wealth.
  • The northwest is the area of ​​the Assistants.
  • The north-east is the zone of Knowledge.
  • Now it remains only to post allFunctional zones of your home in accordance with the zones of influence of feng shui. You can, of course, start urgently moving furniture, rearranging the "bed of love" in the romantic zone, and the desktop in the career zone. The option is not bad. If there is an opportunity, then it is worth doing. But you can do less sacrifices, retaining the functional concept of the interior.

    Clean the house energy

    First you need to clean your house of everythingnegativity. First of all, we get rid of junk: unnecessary and unnecessary things. The apartment is not that big, so why bother with it? Look carefully around: is this shelf that you rearrange from corner to corner, you really need? And the old reproduction on the wall, which you received in school? And the empty flower pots, lonelyly bent on the windowsill? Everything - overboard. You do not need extra things in your "right" apartment. And now look in the closet. Have you looked? And what did you see there? Remember the golden rule of women of fashion: if the thing has hung in the closet never worn for over a year, then you will never wear it. Throw away (or give) all such wardrobe items! Well, after the cabinet go through the audit on all shelves, side tables, drawers and tables. Are junk much warmed up? That's the same. He does not belong here. Next, proceed to destroy the second enemy of positive energy - debris and dirt. Purely washed floor, lack of dust and soot, free of spider web corners. Is everything the case with you? Then free circulation of the positive energy of your home is nothing. Namely, this is required by the rules of feng shui. feng shui in one-room apartment

    We activate zones of influence

    If you are already clean, the trash is kicked out of the house andbreathes freely and easily, then try to activate the zones of influence found on the Bagua grid. For areas of Creativity and Assistants, this "activator" will be metal: metal pieces of furniture, figurines, souvenirs, located in these zones will have a beneficial effect on your creative energy and contribute to help from outside. Water (aquarium, fountain) in the Career zone positively affects career growth and salary increase. Flower pots with earth in the zone of Knowledge and Love activate mental abilities and love passions. The tree (in all its forms) is the element of the Family and Wealth zones, and the fire (candles, for example) is appropriate in the zone of Glory. In addition to the symbolic elements for each zone, amulets are not out of place. For luck - a horse, a sunflower, a dragon fish, a cat with a raised paw. For love - any paired objects, swans, hearts, dolphins. For wealth: coins, a horn and a cup of abundance, a monetary toad (fish). For protection - a turtle, a lion, a rhinoceros. Place the amulets in the zones, which in your opinion are "inactive", and you will be happy (feng shui).

    Suppress the conflict of elements

    The most conflict room (in terms of hair dryerShui) in a one-room apartment will be a kitchen. It is here that there are two conflicting elements: water and fire. Therefore, try to "dilute" them from each other as far as possible: a sink and stove, microwave and refrigerator should not be near. And if you can not do this, then at least create a barrier between them in wood (boards, wooden shields, cork panels). Another possibility of a "spontaneous" conflict is the proximity of metal and wood. Try and settle this conflict, but the neutralizer for such enmity will serve the earth: plant indoor plants growing in the ground and use flower pots in this capacity. The Earth is generally a non-controversial element and can successfully neutralize not only metal and wood, but also water and fire.

    We bring the "sleeping" in order (feng shui)

    A separate bedroom in a one-room apartment,Of course, you do not organize. Therefore, we have to use "furniture" reserves. Furniture in such a house in general - the headache of the owners. You can not put much, but a little - can not suffice. Therefore, one-room apartments often use furniture-transformer. But feng shui this approach is not welcomed. But if there is no place to go, then at least follow the rules: Do not leave the sofa (on which you sleep) decomposed: let it stay in your house only at night. However, turning the sofa into a bed, make sure that the headboard is not next to the room colors, at the entrance door or near the window, and even more so, at the computer and TV (even switched off). Do not hang mirrors in the room so that they reflect the sleeping person (any part of the body). To protect the sleeper, use screens and partitions: between the sofa and the window, the sofa and the door. If you have a small child and, accordingly, a cot, do not put it at a window or at a door and move it away from the desktop. In extreme cases, build a canopy over the bed and hang on the side walls of the curtains.

    Looking for a compromise

    A successful compromise for the organization of housingspace one-room apartments will be its design in accordance with the date of birth, or rather, with the elements of birth. To find out your element, you just need to look at the last digit of the year of birth:

    • metal - zero and one;
    • water - two and three;
    • tree - four and five;
    • fire - six and seven;
    • The land is eight and nine.

    Strangely enough, but in the design of the apartment on the hair dryershui in accordance with the elements of birth, the rule "from the contrary" operates. That is, neutralizing colors and amulets should be used. Elements of fire Colors of wood and earth: all shades of green, brown, wheat, muted yellow. Accessories and interior items made of wood and metal. Images of landscapes (photos, reproductions, view from the window). Books (also a tree, by the way). But remember that only in a moderate amount all this can strengthen your "fiery". Earth Style Elements of fire and metal are welcome. Water and wood are undesirable. To activate the elements of the Earth you can use white candles or a wall lamp with milky white shades. Colors - light, golden, silvery, red, yellow and orange. Element of metal Balance the elements of water and earth, as well as a tree in moderate quantities: an aquarium, books, wooden furniture. The colors are blue, blue, azure, black, brown and ocherous. Seascapes, "water" patterns, glass, amber, seashells: all this will balance and soften the metal. Water element Beneficial to this element are wood, earth and metal. Stone souvenirs and interior items, rock crystal, gold (brass, copper), wooden sculptures, green plants, "wind music" and sounds of wildlife - that's what activates your element. The color scheme must include shades of lilac and turquoise, orange and red. Element of the tree It is activated by fire: candles, images of fire, sun (sunsets and sunrises), bright lamps. Water is also necessary for energetic recharge of the trees born under the element: fountains and aquariums, seascapes, glass. And, of course, all the colors of water and fire: blue, blue, black, red, orange. Remember only that to activate your element you need to choose only one (maximum two) elements that do not conflict with each other: either fire or water. Mastering and implementing the feng shui one-bedroom apartment, do not follow blindly all the rules and recommendations. East is in the east, and a harmonious living space can very well be organized according to European rules. The main thing is that you feel comfortable. A compromise always has a place and time. We advise you to read: