correct symbols of feng shui Mysteries of the East and corresponding exactly thisparts of the world of philosophical and religious trends are increasingly attracting from all corners of the Earth those who seek the meaning of life. This is not necessarily disclosed and carried out physically, materially, most people feel and develop the spiritual connection with this or that category of the world view of the Eastern wise men. One of such trends, which has been gaining more and more fans for several decades, is the practice of mastering the surrounding space, known to everyone as Feng Shui. Most often it is resorted to in order to build a house in the right place, it is energetically correct to arrange furniture, symbols of feng shui in the room, or even to plant a plant in the garden.

Qi as a category of Chinese philosophy

The main purpose of the study of Feng Shui is the search forQi energy and the use of its favorable flows for the benefit of mankind. It is impossible to give an exact definition of this category, since it is determined by several concepts at once: breathing, air, air and others. Many believe that it is the Qi that is the "great beginning" of everything that exists, this is the first phase in the development of the universe. Qi is only a Chinese category, however in more than 40 countries and cultures there are similar categories. But in the European civilization such a world view is not observed. red color attracts wealth and good luck to you

The history of the origin of the teaching and practice of feng shui

Perhaps, it is because the Qi categoryit contains an air essence, it is the most fundamental in Feng Shui. The theories that served as the basis for the emergence and development of this teaching were formulated by the Chinese master Jan I. In his teachings that adhered to the definition of "find the dragon where it is hardest to find," the "breath of the dragon" occupies a dominant position. According to the master, this is exactly what is needed for housekeeping. In his works he even described the places that rose and developed thanks to the "breath of the dragon." Some of his books are devoted precisely to the search for the dragon and ways to introduce it into perplexity. Not all of them are available to the theory. And this fact led to the fact that an American of Chinese origin, Thomas Lin Yu, suggested his own version of Feng Shui, which was based on symbols and corresponding to each feeling and element of the world zones. According to his theories, any space can be divided into several zones, into which the corresponding symbol can be placed. This is what will activate this or that spectrum of your life (health, love, career, etc.). The true current of feng shui does not use any material images and symbols, for the energy of the Qi flows is constantly in development and nothing can imprison it in matter.

Basic concepts of Feng Shui practice

As already mentioned, Feng Shui provides forflows of all kinds of energy. It is capable of permeating everything that is in its path, and passes through certain routes through forests, rooms, houses, plots and even through a person. It is also not denied that the Qi energy can carry a negative charge, which will lead to absolutely opposite desired effects. However, this can be corrected by placing everything so that objects, plants or some structures do not fall into the flow of negative energy. Change "no-happiness" in an already created in an unfavorable building is possible only with the help of positive energy. You can take it from a person who lives in this or that house, but only if his energy is enough for him and for the whole room. If it is not enough, completely outsiders can share it. In this case, all kinds of amulets, amulets are created, in different countries and for different religions they are icons, pictures. Feng Shui Frog

Interpretation of time and space for Feng Shui

The practice of feng shui is also capable of determiningtime and space for the movement of energy. There are a lot of questions about how you can "catch" the flow of positive Qi energy. For this, there is a symbol of its movement - a figure eight lying on its side, symbolizing the transformation of yin into yang. The movement of energy in space is measured with the help of a compass, and in time - using a calendar. On the Chinese compass, you can find several hieroglyphs that symbolize the movement of energy in one place or another. Each character (and from 4 to 360) has its own properties. With the help of this compass, the direction of energy movement and its quality in a specific place or even in a person is determined. Chinese sages did not resort to the personification of elements of animate and inanimate nature. They were able to summarize all the available knowledge in the field of astronomy and created their own system of divisions, which was indicated by symbols in calendars. These symbols are the "earthly branch" and "heavenly trunk". According to this calendar, in nature there were up to 24 times a year.

The main symbols of the practice of feng shui

Despite the fact that in communication we usespeech, language, everything in our imagination is built on symbols. They become much closer to achieving any goal and dream than any words. They are also popular because many use them to attract wealth and luck. Most often these symbols are brought by travelers from trips to China as souvenirs and gifts to friends, relatives and acquaintances. In most cases, feng shui is associated with a variety of animals that are responsible for some aspect of life. But mostly these symbols are not the embodiment of the classical theory of Feng Shui, they have only been imposed on people for several years. Symbols that bring luck and wealth There are also symbols, the image of which are people or any household items. So, in the Chinese philosophy on feng shui there is a special bag of power. He is able to attract to his master not only some material values, but also develop in him such qualities as courage, courage, strength, health. Such a bag can be a kind of amulet for the one who wears it. A pouch should never be empty. In it you need to put a coin in order to always have money in the purse of his master, a bean that is a symbol of abundance, a magnet that will attract opportunities, a pumpkin seed is a symbol of increasing prosperity. Activate the ability of the bag as follows: on the growing Moon, take all the items intended for the bag in your hands and try very hard to see everything that every element has to do for you. At the same time, you make a wish, and you should not be modest, since you will not get more laid-off, but if you make a guess about something small, you can miss what you really owe. After that, tighten the knot very tightly, do not forget that all your thoughts should be focused on exactly what will happen in the future thanks to this bag. It is necessary to wear it so that it as often as possible contacts with you, in your pocket, in a bag, put on as an amulet around your neck, and attach it to your car or workplace. Similar in effect is a symbol such as a pot of wealth. To create it you will need a small vessel, reminiscent of old pots. Only it should not be too small. It is necessary to fold gold into it. And since not everyone will be able to fill it up with natural gold bars, all possible imitations of precious metal can be used. As previously mentioned, as symbols accumulating energy, all kinds of images and pictures can appear. The symbol of support of all your undertakings, as well as the amulet from professional failures will be the image of the mountain, placed on the wall behind your workplace. Swans - a symbol of romantic and love luck The most romantic symbol of feng shui is an image, a statuette or an amulet in the form of two swans. It is not only beautiful, but also attracts to you romantic luck, a happy and long marriage. After all, the swan is a unique creation of the Lord, who chooses his only one and dies if separation occurs. These birds are also a symbol of conjugal fidelity. So, if you are afraid of the problems associated with the unfaithfulness of the future spouse, be sure to hang this picture at home and do not forget to tell us what it symbolizes to your partner.