Fashionable dogs - yorkshire terriers Lovely dogs, comfortably settled on their handsmistress, gather in the street a lot of admiring and tender looks. The fashion for the maintenance of small decorative, almost plush, little dogs in the apartment, made the Yorkshire terrier one of the most purchased breeds, classified as "sofa". It's not even a dog, but a real decoration of the interior and the person himself, who proudly carries on his hands or leads on a leash this tiny miracle. Yorkies have become popular in the last fifteen years. On the territory of Russia, they have become widespread. This is explained by the peaceful nature of the dog, and its beautiful decorative qualities, and, of course, dimensions. You do not need to allocate a separate room for a york. He is quite a small house in which he will live, sleep and play. Today choose and not difficult. It is best to go for a thoroughbred dog to a professional club, where the breeders will not only tell you about the ways of keeping the new pet, but also provide all the information about the dog's pedigree, its possible hereditary diseases and give recommendations for care and feeding. Also later you can consult with experts who know this breed and will be able to recommend the best solutions for the education of these little dogs. Yorkie - in spite of everything a fairly unpretentious breed. But this does not mean that they do not need to be cared for at all. On the contrary, thick and long hair requires constant combing and creating different haircuts. Especially important is the well-groomed appearance for exhibition dogs. For them, the owners acquire not only special forages, but also professional cosmetics, which prevents the formation of collars and facilitates the combing of the wool. About the necessary hygienic procedures and preventive vaccinations, too, will tell the qualified breeders. It is best for a dog to choose one veterinarian, who will lead her from puppyhood. The vet in this case is easier to navigate in the appointment of treatment, if the dog gets sick. Any breed, and Yorki - is no exception, needs proper care. If you follow all the recommendations of breeders and a veterinarian, you can be sure that the puppy will grow up and become a healthy and cheerful dog that will please your owners for many years with a sweet and playful disposition. We advise you to read: