Design of curtains Many believe that the phrase "design curtains"- this is the right selected materials, completely in harmony with the rest of the interior of the room, and the most effectively used fabric footage. But behind these words there is a huge amount of nuances that the customer is not obliged to know and understand when referring to the services of the curtain designer, so that his wallet is not emptied, and the textile design of the room pleases the eye. If you do not want to study the tissue market on your own, look for textures and ornaments that suit you, calculate the yardage, come up with a design and lay out patterns, then you can not do without a qualified specialist's help. The specialist will easily select quality fabrics that are resistant to fading and wear. The specialist will be able to take into account the type of room and the function of the curtains. Designers on the curtains cause, in the last place, after finishing all the finishing works and preferably with the furniture already available, so that he can accurately pick up the texture and color of the fabric. Therefore, "wonder designers", ready to start work on one design project from the architect, you definitely do not fit. Hurry in this matter to anything. The designer should not only represent the project, but take into account and calculate all the details so that during the execution of the order the customer does not receive new or revised estimates. After agreeing the project, a contract is signed, where the sum of the finished products is clearly indicated. If the designer missed something, for example, did not indicate pick-ups, it would be solely on his conscience and at his expense. You can not speak of any surcharges on your part. After signing the contract and making an advance payment your order goes to work. This is already behind the scenes of any curtain salon or textile design studio, because you will never see or know who will lay out and sew your fabric. Many fabrics are very difficult to sew, and then a handyman who will repair clothes, and shoes will return to the old form just does not fit. Therefore, self-respecting firms have their own sewing shops or seamstresses, in the quality of their work they are confident and can vouch before the customer. Also, the designer always tells you how to take care of a new piece of interior: to take off, hang, wash or clean. So, on the readiness of the products, the designer comes to hanging curtains, if this service was provided. When the new curtains have taken their place, you need to accept the work done. What you should pay attention to:

  • Length of curtains. If the design is selected to the floor, then the bottom edge should be flat and rise above the floor to a height of 1.5 -2.5 cm.
  • Top edge. Pay attention to how the curtains are attached to the cornice, whether there are any crooked seams.
  • Examine all fabrics, tk. with improper ironing or stripping - the fabric is very easy to spoil.
  • If you are satisfied with everything, and there are no shortcomings in the technical part, then we congratulate you on the fact that the order was executed by a professional designer on curtains. Vyacheslav Akulov, interior designer