economical hostess The arrival of the financial crisis, which entaileda decrease in income and an increase in prices in stores, reminded us of the need to save money; only how to do it right? Refuse to purchase essential goods, among which food, cleaning products and hygiene products come to the fore, is simply impossible, and without buying new clothes and shoes for a few years, any woman will lose its attractiveness. So on what can you save without unpleasant consequences for yourself and your family? After all, free money will never become redundant - they can be sent to another channel, for example, to arrange a joint trip to the ice rink or to the entertainment center. What are they, the secrets of an economical mistress? Maybe in the rational planning of the family budget, as in cooking, there are special recipes? Let's try to find out right now, and try to understand what exactly will allow us to become more thrifty and economical.

Basic principles of economy in the house

First, start a special notebook, similar toThe one where the family culinary recipes are stored. It is in it that you, as a smart hostess, begin to write down all the incomes of the family and even the smallest expenses. In a few months you will get a full picture of all the costs. So, no doubt, it will become easier to outline the main points for further savings. After all, the notes in the notebook will immediately indicate the expenses that were made without a specific need. A lot of advice that will not only allow a woman to become a thrifty mistress, but also involve all members of the family in the process of economy, deal with domestic issues. After all, a large part of the money goes exactly to the maintenance of the apartment and the compulsory payments associated with it. Therefore, you can save money here, and at the same time get a certain benefit. So, if among the main expenses of the family a significant amount is allocated for the payment of public utilities, each economical hostess will decide on the installation of gas and water meters so as not to overpay the communal services. To save on payment, do not waste resources in vain, do not leave the faucets open, repair the flowing sanitary devices on time, turn off the lights in rooms where no one is, install energy saving bulbs in the apartment. If you want to buy new appliances, it is worth paying attention to the class of this equipment, because the higher it is, the more economical is the cost of using electricity and water. If the cost of mobile communications and the Internet becomes a burden on the family budget, it may be time to change the provider or move to more economical packages that will allow you to reduce costs in the future. secrets of the economical mistress

How to save on nutrition?

Many useful tips for thrifty housewives inmainly include only the recipes of dishes, cooking which is unprofitable for the family budget, but the main saving is not so much in the ingredients as in the home cooking. Our compatriots have long been accustomed to buying in the supermarkets chopped salads, pizza, which is just enough to warm up in the microwave oven, packs with pelmeni and vareniki, other semi-finished products. But thrifty housewives know very well that such products are not expensive, and they are unlikely to benefit the body. Therefore, it is better to go on a weekend to the market or, at worst, to a hypermarket. To buy fresh vegetables, dairy products, meat and chicken, all kinds of greens, and then during a week to prepare from these products useful dishes, using old and inventing new recipes. Therefore, any economical and thrifty hostess needs to master the first rule of rational purchases: high-quality natural food is not more expensive than health! To work after the work, do not spend a lot of time preparing dinner, tinker with meat beforehand, cutting it into pieces, make semi-finished products with bits, which then will only have to be fried. It's also good to learn how to make an approximate menu for a week, taking into account the recipes of those dishes, which you can cook even after a busy day. Refer to the experience of more mature housewives and listen carefully to advice, for example, moms. Certainly, many tricks related to the question of economy are certain to her. Remember that a really economical hostess does not disappear, so you do not need to cook huge food pans, the remains of which will then be thrown away, and also fill the refrigerator to the top, since most of the products are spoiled during long-term storage. This is the second rule of how to become more economical: products with a limited shelf life should only be bought in the amount that your family can use on time. The properties of flour and sugar depends on the storage conditions of bulk products, so if you are buying up such products with bags for the sake of economy, ensure its safety. To do this, you need to create in a room, for example, in a pantry, ideal conditions where there is no dampness. But sunflower oil to buy packages is not worth it - you can always choose it in any store. Here is the third rule that should be remembered for any economical young housewife: long-term storage products are really more profitable to buy in bulk, but on condition of reasonable approach and availability of suitable storage conditions. To become more rational in spending, accustom yourself and the rest of family members not to go shopping, without having breakfasted or having lunch. Of course, there are force majeure circumstances when you need to go to the store after work. But at this time you usually hurry, so quickly take only what you need and go home. Tips to not shop on an empty stomach are related to weekly trips to the supermarket, which are often committed by the whole family. If someone is hungry, especially children, the variety of food temptations will quickly move into your cart, leaving no room for really important goods. And how do you be surprised when you analyze the purchases and find that the amount of money spent does not correspond to the fullness of your refrigerator! Rule five: a full meal before going to the store can be a good deterrent in trying to buy extra. tips for thrifty housewives

How to save in everyday life?

Any economical woman takes care ofthings, giving many of them the right to a second life. Even if you do not know how to sew, reworking an old coat in a fashion jacket in one of the sewing shops will cost much less than buying new outerwear, and from worn jeans you can make a mini-skirt, a creative beach bag and many other interesting gizmos. If your family spends a lot of money on clothes, then surely the situation when the cabinets are bursting under the weight of things, and to wear something, in fact, nothing, it will seem familiar to you. So first of all try to get rid of those toilet items that you have not needed for a long time (become small, large, worn out), and analyze the remaining. Determine exactly which new things and which family members are needed first. Distribute them in accordance with the urgency, and do not try to squeeze everything into the nearest salary. A very economical young housewife will be helped by very common advice that buying clothes and shoes is the most profitable for seasonal sales. Especially it concerns children's things, because they need a lot, and kids grow at times faster than we have time to update their wardrobe. Please note that the rapid loss of items of the original form, shapes, colors and textures can be the result of improper care for them. Remember that clothes are best stored on the trempel, and washed and dried in the manner indicated on the tags. Advice that shoes should be washed, cleaned and lubricated with protective equipment, will help to wear it longer. There are many ways that help to update the interior economically: for this it is enough to buy new curtains and apply in the design hand-made hand-made items. And even the old soft corner can be given a new life by changing the upholstery and using beautiful sofa cushions. If you are a creative person, love and know how to make something with your own hands, then apply these talents for the benefit of saving the family budget by decorating the house with your own creativity. Moreover, now it is considered a particularly fashionable and original solution. Take care of the economy in all seriousness! And over time, you will surely learn to save so that the apartment remains cozy, from the kitchen came the aroma of delicious food, and clothing matched fashion. It is not necessary to think that a wide range of food products and manufactured goods ousted from our life the habit of baking pies on weekends, and knitting, embroidery and sewing made the prerogative of women of retirement age. All this will never lose its relevance, because it is based on the principles of love and care. Here, perhaps, and all the basic tips that will allow every mistress to rationally approach the organization of the family budget and become more economical. Let not all of them come in handy to you personally, but the application of even a small part of the above methods will allow us to see in a couple of months the positive results in the form of a certain amount of money saved. And if you do not step back and turn this experiment into the habit of taking care of income carefully and carefully planning the expenses, then in a year or a year and a half you can completely unexpectedly strengthen the financial position of your family. We advise you to read: