how to save on products If you want to learn how to save family moneyon products, then it is necessary to approach the solution of such a difficult problem wisely. Rather, with clear and specific plans that you, as a hostess, will have to make up not only before every visit to the market or supermarket, but also thinking about what your family members will eat during the week. It is planning that will help you learn how to spend less, but buy more. Otherwise, you will not be able to save money, because you do not want to put your family on a diet? Therefore, one solution is a rational approach to purchasing products. how to learn to save on products

Ten tips for saving on food without harm to the stomach

The most interesting is that you willpleasantly surprised how much, despite the savings, varied, tasty, and, most importantly, healthy will be the new diet of the family, if you take advantage of the tips described below and take the path of literate savings on products. Moreover, in this process there is nothing particularly difficult or difficult - just you will have to reconsider your habits and establish new rules according to which from now on your family will make purchases of food and eat. And, of course, you should not be lazy and prepare yourself. So, here they are, 10 tips on how to save on products with benefit for your wallet and stomach:

  • Compiling a menu and a list of products should becomeyour habit Before you go to the supermarket to buy goods for the next week, think about what you plan to cook. Make an approximate menu for the next 7 to 10 days. So you will make it easier for yourself, planning a list of necessary food for a trip to the supermarket or to the market. After all, if you know in advance what you will be feeding home, there is a chance to save a certain amount of money on hasty purchases in the middle of the week. Perhaps, initially this approach to buying products seems too burdensome, but if you do not retreat, in the near future you will be able to appreciate its undoubted advantages. Making a shopping list, do not take a credit card with you - give preference to cash. And try to keep their quantity in the wallet just above the approximate total cost of the purchased products. This method will allow you to learn how to buy only what is listed, and not to put in the cart various useless goodies, without which you can not just do, but also do it with health benefits. Some particularly economical people collect checks from grocery stores and do an analysis of their monthly purchases. This option can not be recommended as a universal and permanent means of saving, but in the first month of life, according to the plan, you can use it to assess which products lead to the greatest costs. This will help not only reduce costs, but also will show the deficiencies in the diet. Perhaps your family consumes a lot of pasta and almost does not eat porridge. Or you buy a little fish, eating only meat dishes. In any case, the product analysis will be useful.
  • Buy food on a full stomach Before goingon the market or in a supermarket, you must eat something. After all, a hungry customer is often ready to put half of the assortment in his cart, and there is not a list. And in the end, after evaluating purchases and calculating the remaining money, you can come to the disappointing conclusion that nothing useful was bought, although they spent a lot. So do not go to the store hungry and do not turn the purchase of products into entertainment weekend. For those who want to learn how to save, you should shorten the stay in the supermarket to 20-30 minutes. Believe me, this stock will allow you to buy everything you need on the list and leave room for the temptation to purchase something other than planned. If in the store you come up with the idea to change the ready-made menu in favor of another dish, do not do it - better postpone this decision until next week. Another important point is not to include children in the purchasing process. They should be left at home with someone from adults. After all, it is sometimes very difficult for parents to refuse a beloved child in a regular chocolate, sweets, cookies and so on. And rarely a child is able to confine himself to something, because in the supermarket full of temptations at every turn. Yes, and advertising, in which modern kids are perfectly oriented, is not at all an assistant in the economy.
  • Use coupon codes and sometimesrefuse carts. How often in our mailboxes we find bright prospects with an assortment of various products that are offered by big supermarkets, and immediately throw them into the garbage. For those who want to learn to save on food - this is not trash, but a guide to action. You need to carefully study the products and prices for them in these prospectuses, choose the most profitable offers and cut out the discount coupon. Now you can not only buy the necessary, but also do it with financial gain for yourself. It happens that the products purchased on the day off are not enough for the whole week. And nothing remains, as again to go to the store. But in fact now you do not need to get a lot of things - often only products like milk, butter, bread, sour cream are finished. And it is in this case, take only a shopping basket, because it does not fit much. Such an act will allow you to avoid the temptation to buy anything more than the required set.
  • Do not buy washed or already peeled vegetablesPrefer the whole chicken to ready-made chunks. And do not buy the tenderloin on dumplings! Of course, any hostess knows very well how much time it takes to pre-clean and chop the vegetables or disassemble the bird before preparing any dish. However, saving your time and getting it all ready, we spend extra money. After all, the manufacturer took care of himself, significantly raising the price of such products. And no matter how attractive you seem to wash carrots or potatoes, do not buy them. This should not be done also for the reason that in this form the vegetables are stored much worse and deteriorate more quickly. As for meat products, buying a whole chicken in the end will be more profitable than several cut parts of it. And although you have to tinker with its cutting, but at your disposal will be kits for cooking several dishes at once. Hips, shins and wings can be baked, from the chicken breast you will get useful and dietary cutlets, and the remaining parts and bones will become a good basis for the first. Do not forget that the most expensive part of pork and beef is a tenderloin. This is an excellent meat for cooking chops, but if in your menu home made dumplings, then give preference to a cheaper option, for example, the back or the shoulder blade. Believe me, the taste of the dish from this will not suffer at all, and you will spend less money and thus you will be able to learn another way of saving on products. The market traders have a popular trick: they often offer to buy from them a piece of meat with bone, motivating the benefit at a lower price. At first glance this really seems like a cheaper option. However, you should also think about the fact that the bone also has weight and you will be judged at the price of meat. Therefore, before agreeing, estimate its size: some artful sellers sometimes manage to sell to the unlucky buyer supposedly two kilograms of meat, one of which consists entirely of bones.
  • Each vegetable and fruit on your table shouldto match the season of his maturation Of course, this advice does not apply to the so loved by us exotics. We are talking about traditional apples, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and other gifts of fields, orchards and gardens. If you follow this advice, you will not only be able to save money, but you will also bring a lot of benefits to the body, because in that case, vegetables and fruits grown in our climate zone will fall on your table. And buy them best in the market, because there sellers often make discounts, especially in the afternoon. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, as a rule, are much less exposed to various kinds of chemical fertilizers and stimulators of maturation and therefore can be considered safe for the human body. Yes, and the price for them in the season is very acceptable. Those who at least once bought imported strawberries in December, will understand the meaning of the above, because, in addition to the kind and color, nothing resembles a fragrant and tasty summer berry from the garden. And the price is ten times higher than the seasonal one. So instead of sweet soda or juice for a whole year enjoying the taste of fresh home compote and at the same time saving, freeze for the future the same strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apricots and other berries and fruits that are always useful for baking fragrant pies. Do not leave unattended and dried apples and pears. They can also become an excellent basis for a healthy compote, and you do not have to spend money on buying ready-made sweet drinks, so beloved by our children.
  • One day a week eat vegetarian foodAgree, most of us just can not live without meat or fish dishes. Of course, they are very useful for the body, because they supply the necessary proteins. But still does not prevent for a change and unloading one day a week to make a vegetarian. Prepare vegetable dishes, and to replenish the supply of proteins, use beans, eggs, tofu and beans in the diet. If you add boiled beans to the salad, then a simple salad turns out to be a very satisfying and tasty dish. Eggs - in general, the product is universal, so an omelet or fried eggs for dinner, sprinkled with herbs and grated cheese, are a worthy alternative to a pasta cutlet.
  • Go around the counter with the ready-made confectioneryproducts and do not buy semi-finished products Cakes, pastries and cookies purchased in the store are quite harmful products and are worth a lot. In addition to the fact that they contain a large amount of fats and "light" carbohydrates, in summer these products can cause poisoning due to violation of storage conditions. But without a sweet it's difficult to manage, especially you can not deprive his children. After all, if an adult is able to heed the arguments of reason and replace the cake, for example, with a banana, then it is rather difficult for a child to do it. Therefore, the best way out of the situation will be baking your own cooking. Moreover, there are a lot of simple recipes and step-by-step instructions, and it is not very difficult to learn how to prepare sweets. Especially remembering that mom's pies are more delicious than any others. The same can be said about semi-finished products. Dumplings, dumplings, ready-made cutlets, pancakes and all similar products of the food industry are best excluded from the ration of your family, thereby saving money, and sometimes health. After all, the nutritional value and qualitative composition of these semi-finished products can not stand any criticism. Therefore, make such popular and loved by all the dishes themselves from good products and with the help of their family members. In the price aspect, it will be much more profitable than buying store analogs. Yes, and for health do not have to worry. You can even create a small, so-called strategic stock of your own cutlets, ravioli and vareniki, storing them in the freezer. Very convenient for preparing a delicious dinner in a hurry after a busy day.
  • Remember that any product has its own termstorage Before you put any product in your cart, do not be lazy to inquire about its freshness. After all, sometimes in a hurry the bought milk or cottage cheese is sent to the garbage the next day because the storage period has expired. Remember that along with the expired products, you throw away the money spent for their purchase. So look at the dates. There is one more thing that allows you to learn how to save money. Perishable foodstuffs need to be purchased with an eye to how much your family can eat or drink before the expiry date of their expiration date. This applies, in the first place, to sour-milk products, fruits and some vegetables. Therefore, no matter how profitable in terms of saving money, the buying of a box of persimmons or bananas seemed to you, think about not having to discard some of them because of spoilage. Another thing is if you buy pasta, cereals, sugar and other products of long-term storage. They are really more profitable to buy in bulk, because the price in this case is often lower. The same can be said about potatoes, carrots and onions. However, vegetables are more whimsical to storage conditions, so large purchases are worthwhile if you have a basement, cellar, garage or a spacious balcony.
  • Pay attention to what lies in the package, andnot how beautiful she is. Take, for example, such a popular product as milk. It is loved by many as an independent drink, used for cooking children's dishes and so on. The mistake of many housewives is that, trying to buy the most useful products for their family, they prefer milk in cardboard packages or bottles, although the same manufacturer offers a cheaper version of the packaging - cellophane. But no, the principle of buying more expensive, and, therefore, better quality, firmly sits in our minds. But it's enough just to look at the composition, which is indicated on both packages - it will be identical. Although the expiration dates may be different, but milk usually does not buy milk, and it is quite possible to boil it for safety. Therefore, look not at the packaging, but inside it. And then learn to save on products without compromising their quality.
  • Conduct a small price monitoring in largeSupermarkets, where usually you buy Indeed, often at first glance the difference in prices for standard foods in different large outlets turns out to be a penny. And if you just need to buy a loaf or a package of milk for dinner, you can not choose where it's cheaper. But when it comes to buying a weekly supply of food, then the sense to go to the supermarket, where prices are lower, still there. So pay attention to such nuances - they too will help you learn real savings.
  • how to save on products correctly Here, perhaps, and all the basic advice onthe way in which you can reduce the costs of any average household for food. As you can see, there are no special tricks or secrets in them. The main recommendations are based only on one rule: it's not how much you buy, but what foods make up your diet. After all, healthy food is much cheaper than it might seem at first glance. This is true, because kilograms of purchased dumplings or cutlets often cost more than regular chicken fillets. So does it make sense to pay more? Therefore, it is useful to save on products even for those who do not have financial problems and are accustomed to not denying themselves, choking the refrigerator with smoked foods and other food with questionable benefits for the health of the body. Do not forget that our eating habits with you are an example for children. And so that they do not suffer from problems with excess weight, as it is happening now in the US and a number of European countries, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at what we eat. This, oddly enough, will allow us to significantly reduce the cost of food and eat healthy and healthy food. Bon appetit and thrifty shopping! We advise you to read: