Dmitry MalikovSelfies with a maestro for memoryPhoto: Lia Degtyareva "Music Lesson", in which a charity concert was held, was held at the Tsaritsyn Opera Theater. Children from music schools of Volgograd took part in it. To get to the master class with Dmitry Malikov and play with him at the concert, the participants passed a serious selection. The jury chose the choir of the children's theater "Gardens C-Mi-Re-Mi-Do" of the children's music school № 5 of Volgograd; a trio of students from the Central School of Arts VGIIK piano duet of students of the Volgograd Conservatory named after PA Serebryakova Nikita Melikhova and Anna Likhotnikova; students of the children's music school number 13 Ruslan Khokhlachev and music school number 2 Nikolai Zemlyansky. The main idea of ​​the project, according to Dmitry Malikov, is the transfer of knowledge from the master to future stars. Before the concert, each participant had the cherished 10 minutes with the maestro. - Nikita and I played with Dmitry Malikov in six hands the famous “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, - the young pianist Anna Lihotnikova shared with Woman’s day. - On the stage with Dmitry was very comfortable, still can not believe that we had such a chance.Dmitry Malikov in VolgogradDmitry Malikov, Music Lesson1 / 2Dmitry Malikov with pleasurePhotograph: Leah Degtyareva A fragment of a charity concert Photo: Leah Degtyarev Make them play the instrument a little bit every day. When my father went on tour, he put his belt on the piano so that I could remember the punishment for disobedience. I threw off this belt at the piano and didn’t try too hard to do it. Returning home, Dad already forgot about everything. Going to the next tour, he again left the belt in the same place. I threw it again. Everything was revealed only when the pope had nothing to belt the trousers. - Pay attention to the approach to teaching the children, the teacher to whom you give your child. He must be a rather diplomatic person, tactful, so as not to discourage the child from the desire to play music. - Give the children the opportunity to choose the musical direction in which they will develop. They should like what they do. - While the children are very small, include beautiful compositions at home so that the music is a pleasant home background. - Take the child to concerts and music master classes so that musicians can impress him with their skill. In my life there was one such concert in 1986. I was then 16 years old. An outstanding pianist Vladimir Horowitz arrived in Moscow. I managed to get to the rehearsal and the concert. After that, I looked at what I was doing in a completely different way.