dandruff treatment Dandruff ... It would seem quite harmlessphenomenon, but few people agree to just accept this phenomenon. After all, dandruff is not a very aesthetic phenomenon: white flakes in the hair, "priporoshennye" shoulders. The spectacle, I must say, is not pleasant. And the continuous itch of the scalp, which in most cases accompanies dandruff, is easy to tolerate. So people are allowed to use every possible means of dandruff. However, very often they encounter complete disappointment - they bought a lot of widely advertised and, notice, costly means in the pharmacy, they use them intensively, but they are still there. At best, there will be temporary relief, but for a very short time, unfortunately. And at worst you will not notice the slightest change.

Causes of dandruff

Very often dandruff is the work of the person. Therefore, before starting treatment, it will be superfluous to understand why dandruff in general arose. Perhaps you will not need special treatment, but it will be enough just to eliminate the root cause of the problem. But do not forget that you can only assume the cause - it's exactly the doctor who can determine it. And even then not always.

  • Means for hair

About a third of all cases of dandruffprovoked by means for the care of hair - shampoos, balms, masks, paints. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when you find such an unpleasant guest as dandruff is to remember if you have recently applied something new. Perhaps, so the scalp reacts to a new hair care product. Try for a time to abandon its use - if the dandruff disappears, the problem is solved.

  • Avitaminosis

In some cases dandruff may appear in thecase, if the body lacks vitamins or certain micronutrients. Revise your diet, diversify the menu, ask your doctor to choose a suitable multivitamin complex for you. If after a couple of weeks dandruff disappears, you are not mistaken with the cause of its appearance.

  • Decreased immunity

Much rarer, but still there are cases whenDandruff occurs as the body's response to the weakening of the immune system. So if, in addition to dandruff, you noticed that you became much more likely to get sick, go to the immunologist. The immune system will come to normal, and dandruff will disappear.

  • Exhaustion of the nervous system

The syndrome of chronic fatigue, lack of sleep,constant stresses - all this can not but affect the human body. And dandruff in this case is a completely predictable phenomenon. And to treat only dandruff does not make sense - treatment should be comprehensive. oily dandruff treatment

Kinds of dandruff

Before you start treatment for dandruff, you needunderstand with which of the two species you are facing - the treatment in both cases will be radically different. It is not difficult to do this if you carefully observe your hair. So, dandruff can be of two kinds:

  • Dry dandruff

Pay attention - after what time after washingyour scalp itch and dandruff begin. In the event that this happens after two or three days, you have dry dandruff. Another distinctive feature of this type of dandruff - it does not remain in the hair and immediately falls on clothes.

  • Greasy dandruff

In the same case, if in about two dayshair becomes very shiny, and dandruff appears two to three days later - it is oily. Such dandruff from the hair almost does not fall off and when looking at the hair, it seems that the egg white is curdled in the hair. It looks very, very untidy.

Folk recipes for the treatment of fatty dandruff

There are many effective recipes of the people'smedicine, which can help you get rid of dandruff fast enough and, importantly, for a long time. All recipes are completely safe, unless, of course, you have an allergic reaction to a particular component.

  • Sour-cream sour mask

This tool helps even in the most severecases, if you apply it regularly. To prepare a mask, you will need one tablespoon of sour cream, a teaspoon of castor oil and half a teaspoon of finely chalked chalk. Stir all ingredients and leave for about an hour. Peel two small cloves of garlic, thoroughly grind and mix with the present mask in such a way that you get a homogeneous mass. As follows, rub it into the scalp, put on a polyethylene cap and warm it with a towel. Then rinse the hair with plenty of water. Ideally, this mask should be done every evening for a month, and even if the dandruff disappeared much earlier. But remember that everyday use of shampoo can also provoke the development of dandruff. Therefore, after a day, rinse out the mask with water. And in order to get rid of the garlic smell, rinse your hair with a solution of apple cider vinegar, cooked in a proportion of one to one.

  • Tincture of hot pepper

If the smell of garlic is not for you - you can tryget rid of unbidden dandruff with a tincture of red pepper. You will need one pod of red hot pepper, a glass bottle with a lid, 250 g of vodka and a glass of boiled water. Put the pod into a bottle and fill it with water and vodka. Place the bottle in a dark place and leave to infuse for about 10 days. After the infusion is ready, use a cotton pad to wipe it thoroughly in the scalp and leave it for about 15 minutes. Be prepared for the fact that you can feel a slight burning sensation - it's not to be frightened. However, if it becomes too strong, immediately wash your head so as not to burn your skin - this remedy does not suit you. If everything is in order, the procedure should be done no more than twice a week, and the full course of treatment should last no longer than one month. As a rule, this time is enough for a long time to say goodbye to dandruff. In addition, this remedy has a very pleasant side effect - it perfectly stimulates the increased growth of hair.

  • Infusion of nettle

Nettle with dandruff - a tool in general practicallyirreplaceable. If dandruff is not very much, it is enough after each washing of the head to rinse the hair with a decoction of nettle. To prepare a decoction of a glass of dry nettle, pour one liter of water and boil for 15 minutes, then cool and strain. If you can not get rid of dandruff so easily, you can prepare the following remedy. Grind 100 g of nettle leaves, place them in any non-metallic container and fill with a 6% vinegar glass. Leave the nettles for about an hour, then add a glass of clean water. This mixture is applied to dry hair, covered with plastic wrap and warmed with a towel, and after 30 minutes rinse with cool water. Such a mask must be done every day, for seven days.

  • Infusion of tansy

Get a tansy at the pharmacy, chop it andplace in a thermos two tablespoons. Pour them a glass of steep boiling water and leave to infuse for about five hours. Then necessarily strain, otherwise you will wash the tansy out of your hair for a very long time. This infusion should be rubbed into the scalp three times a week, for one month. Ideally, the solution should not be washed off for about 24 hours - it will not affect the appearance of the hair in any way. dry dandruff treatment

Folk recipes for the treatment of dry dandruff

Dry dandruff requires a different treatment, but it is quite possible to cope with it even at home. We offer you some of the most effective recipes.

  • Barberry broth

This tool effectively removesinflammatory processes, eliminates dryness of the scalp and, most pleasantly, quickly eliminates itching. To prepare this decoction you can use berries, leaves, and even the roots of barberry. Three tablespoons of barberry fill with a liter of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes on the smallest fire. Let the broth steep for three hours, then strain it. Rinse your hair after every wash of your head - at least three times a week. The course of treatment should last no less than three to four weeks. Further, in order to avoid dandruff, do not forget about preventive treatment - do the procedure 4 times a month.

  • Cloudberry root

All in the same pharmacy you can buy a rootcloudberry and crush it thoroughly. Five tablespoons of chopped root pour a glass of steep boiling water and leave for five hours. Then strain the root with a strainer or gauze cloth, apply a lot of it to the scalp. Then cover the head with a plastic bag, warm it with a towel and leave for about an hour. After you wash your head - rinse it with infusion, which remained after percolation of the cloudberry root. Such a procedure should be done at least twice a week, for one month.

  • An icicle mask

To prepare this mask you will need onea ripe fruit of quince and three tablespoons of sour cream. Aveh grind on a fine grater and mix with sour cream - you should get a mixture without lumps. Apply it to the scalp, lightly massage and leave for about 15 minutes. Pay attention - in this case, polyethylene film is not needed. The mask should be done at least five times a week. A full course of treatment - no less than two weeks.

  • Apricot oil

One of the best treatments for dryDandruff is a mask with apricot oil. To make a mask, grind two teaspoons of this most apricot butter and two egg yolks. The resulting mass carefully distribute the entire surface of the scalp, be sure to cover the head with a plastic wrap and leave the mask for 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair very well with shampoo so that your hair does not look greasy. This procedure should be continued every day, until the complete disappearance of dandruff, but no longer than one month.

  • Oily mixture

Even if the apricot mask was powerless,It is worth resorting to "heavy artillery" - a special oil mixture. For its preparation, mix one teaspoon of castor oil and two teaspoons of almond. The resulting mixture rub into the skin of the head about 15 minutes before washing your head. And be prepared for the fact that the oil to wash off is very, very difficult - the head of the soap should not be one or two times. The duration of the course of treatment is about one month.

  • Kefir mask

A very good remedy for dandruff isthe most common kefir. On a water bath slightly warm kefir and apply it abundantly on the scalp, lightly massage and wrap the hair with a plastic wrap, top with a towel on top. Kefir mask should stay on the hair for at least an hour, after which wash it off with plenty of cool water. This mask will be effective only if you do it every day, for 10 days. Then you need to take a three-day break and then repeat the treatment. In addition to eliminating dandruff, your hair will look much healthier. As a rule, in most cases, get rid of dandruff with the above described tools can be done quickly enough. But in the event that within one month you did not succeed, it is best to stop amateur and go to the doctor - in some cases, the appearance of dandruff can be due to the presence of fungal disease. And treatment will have to be done with the help of pharmacological drugs. Which, by the way, should appoint a dermatologist. And about other possible health problems, which have already been mentioned above, you should not forget. And self-medication can turn into very serious complications. Therefore do not put experiments on your own organism and go to the doctor. To begin with, at least to an ordinary therapist. Your doctor will probably be able to understand the problem and, if necessary, refer you to a consultation with a narrow specialist. We advise you to read: