Cranberry Sauce Correctly selected sauce will enrich the taste of meatdishes. Of course, in the store you can buy ketchup or mayonnaise, but if you want to surprise the guests with the original taste of meat or poultry, cook cranberry sauce. This sweet and sour dressing is very popular in America and the UK: for Thanksgiving, cranberry sauce is necessarily served to a turkey. It can be served also to another fried bird. With such fatty varieties of meat, like lamb and pork, the sauce also fits well. Vegetarians like to add it to macaroni, vegetables, baked goods. Cranberry sauce is able to give the dish a unique, bright and festive taste. Make a sauce of cranberries is not difficult at all, it takes no more than 15 minutes to cook it. Increasing the cooking time, you can achieve its density. Cook berries only in enamel ware, so that under the influence of acid metal does not produce harmful substances. Cranberries are better to use fresh, but if you do not get it, frozen will do. Take only the ripe berry of dark red color, since the unripe cranberries are bitter. To make the cranberry sauce for meat have the flavor you need, add lemon juice, ginger, pepper, cloves or other spices. The ready-for-use refueling can be stored, but not more than 2 weeks. To do this, pour it into a glass jar and place it in the refrigerator. different recipes of cranberry sauce

The most delicious recipes of cranberry sauce

  • Cranberry sauce in American style

This dressing is ideal for a turkey oranother bird. In a pan with a thick bottom, place 150 g of cranberries and 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar. Cook over medium heat until the berries burst. Brush a lemon and orange, dry, grind with a grater zest. From half an orange squeeze the juice, add a few drops of lemon juice. To cranberries add zest, pinch of young cinnamon, 3 buds of cloves, a little ground nutmeg and cook for 5 minutes. Pour in the citrus juice and cook for another 5 minutes. Once the sauce has cooled, it's ready. If you want the dressing to turn out thick, add a little starch to the cold juice of citrus, and then pour it into the cranberry. In the addition of starch, there is one more positive side: the sauce will need to be cooked quite a bit, only until boiling, so that the berries retain more vitamins.

  • Cranberry sauce is universal

So that any meat, be it lamb, pork orbeef, turned into a festive dish, serve this sauce. 0.5 kg of cranberries and 2 finely chopped bulbs, bring to a boil in a small amount of water. Then simmer the berries with onions in a well closed pan for 10 minutes. Grind mass in a blender, add 150 g of cider vinegar, a pinch of cinnamon, a little salt, black pepper, 300 g of sugar, half a teaspoon of celery seed and the garlic powder. Stew until smooth. Cool and serve any meat.

  • English cranberry sauce

Such a cranberry dressing will perfectly complementpoultry dishes. It can also be served to various desserts. 150 g of cranberries put in a saucepan, add water and bring to a boil. Peel and grind ginger on a shallow grater, add to cranberries. When the amount of liquid in the saucepan is doubled, put in it zest and lemon juice, cinnamon and boil for another 5 minutes. At the end of the cooking, add honey. Try the sauce: it should have a rich flavor and taste with an admixture of light bitterness. If necessary, you can add honey or lemon juice. Let the sauce boil for another 3 minutes. delicious cranberry sauce

Sample dish with sweet and sour sauce: tender meatballs

Cheese and cranberries give an original unforgettable taste. To prepare delicate cheese-meatballs with cranberry sauce, the following foods are needed: 250 grams of any minced meat, 250 grams of cheese, preferably a soft creamy, 2 eggs, a glass of cranberry, 0.5 cups of grape juice, sugar, vegetable oil, sesame, garlic, greens, breadcrumbs. If possible, grate the cheese. If it is very soft, mash with a fork. Mix stuffing and cheese with eggs. Add sesame, herbs and garlic to your taste. If you do not want the meatballs to turn sharp, you can do without garlic. From a cheese-and-meat mixture, make small balls and roll them in breadcrumbs. Warm the oil in a deep saucepan. Dip the balls into the pan, they should be fried in a lot of oil. In order not to burn yourself, put and take the balls with a noise. While fried meatballs, cook cranberry refueling. Mix berries of cranberries, grape juice and sugar, cook the mixture until thick, do not forget to stir frequently. For this dressing, you can use the cranberries rubbed with sugar. Pass the resulting mass through the blender. When the cheese-meatballs cool, spread them on a flat plate in 1 layer and pour the resulting sweet and sour sauce. The dish is ready!